Best Capsule Hotel in Mumbai, India | Budget Pod Hotel 🔥

Hello! Friends, Welcome in your own youtube channel “Abhi Prash” Friends, Today I’m in Mumbai and friends, the place I’m stay today This place is best for solo travellers and this place is budget friendly too so, I’m staying here in a pod I’m staying here from last four days and for staying here for four days costs me around 2600 indian rupees I booked this hotel online, I will tell you the process of booking as well as I am showing you this pod properly and also tell you the loctaion of this hotel you can see that there is also a television inside the pod so, you will not get bore If, you are travelling alone. you cannot get any better place than this This is so close to the airport, airport is approximately 2 kilometers away from here So, Lets start the vlog but first like, share this video and subscribe my channel I am always make this kind of videos So, Lets start the vlog….. So, as I show you I entered in the pod from outside and I touched the card on outside panel and here I inserted this card you can see that the indication lights are glowing and Now, I can power on the lights this is our mirror light firstly, we have to entering the pod by this card with relevant pod number here the number is eleven and also we saw the this number on outside we have already power on the mirror light you can also power on the backlight given above all can control from there see mirror light is controlling similarly, backlight also I closed the backlight here you also get two reading lights here these are we can also controls their intensity you can see firslty, talk about here you also get a charging point over there which is a 220 volt power socket two reading lights one air outlet switch, I have closed this. Now, I’m turning it on Sorry, It was closed Now, it is open, you can see air is coming I’m closing this because its noisy usb port, plug are here, plug means 3.5 mm audio jack here a sleep switch, usb port and a plug sleep switch work, if I clicked this then all lights gets off it will go into sleep mode, if we want lights on I need to re open the lights here is mirror, looks good here you get hooks for hanging something you will get headphone too and here our AC inlet it is good and space also single person will not get any problem here Now, Lets talk about this television here is TV you can see that here it is opening, and this is our set top box and also here is our remote controls this is TV remote, power it on Now, TV is powered on this is satellite TV you will not get all the channels you can see sports channels, entertainment channels some movie channels our set top box is powered on this is do not disturb mode, when I will on this then there is DND light outside will lights up, no one will disturb you this is door lock switch I can control door from this button you can assume the per day average cost approximately 650 to 700 rupees lets see some channels…..135 you can see some channels are available for the TV sound you need to use that headphone or any other in this plug also you will get a locker for storing money or anything here is time temperature and date Friends, I am telling you this is the Hotel names “Hotel Astropods Airport” which is located in anderi anderi east If you want you can book this online, I booked this hotel from “goibibo” So, I got it in approximatly 650 rupees for one day you can book it from there if you want I told the hotel’s name, I also writes it on the screen you can search it on goibibo app, it has good ratings there you will get more photos and videos, you can see them there blankets are here you will get complimentary non alcoholic drink with water bottle per day you will get water bottle per day till you are there but drink is complementary welcome drink you also gets two pillows lights and everthing is good you will not get bore you can see TV youw time will pass easily and it has many more features, I did’nt use USB but still I show you, you need to insert this card after entering the pod the the light will open then power will on otherwise light gets off and here is your washroom area you can see it is clean clean washrooms clean bathrooms perfectly clean If you book this hotel from here you will get it at 1000 rupees per day you will get better price in online booking here our changing room so, I want to give you another information as you know airport is near from here but also a metro station is very close from here approximately 15-20 minutes walking distance which is JB Nagar metro station by there you can go to andheri local station and easily go into the whole city and if you are from out of india, solo travellers then it is best place for you as I show you outside there are so many pods, you can easily stay here hope you this vlog like, share and subscribe I will meet you in next vlog till then bye bye….

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