Bingo night. Let’s get it! O68. O Six Eight Ugh. So close. So close. There are a few standing. SIT DOWN!!! B1. B One. BINGO! HURRY UP! HURRY UP!!! HURRY UP! NOBODY LOVES YOU! BOOOO!!! BAD BINGO! BAD BINGO! RIDE IT OFF! RIDE IT OFF! RIDE IT OFF!!! RIDE IT OFF! BOOOOOO!!! BOOOOO!!! G57. G FIVE SEVEN Can I get some numbers?! No one likes you Perez. Shut the hell up! O72. O Seven Two. SIT DOWN! HUSH! Sit down! There are a few standing. O69. O SIX NINE WOOOOOOO!!! TWO DAYS BABY! G46. G Four Six BINGO! BOOOOOO!!! *Laughing* Boooooo!!! BOOOO!!! Go back to the forest Bigfoot! Shut up Perez! YOU SUCK! Come on bigfoot, ride it off! Ride it off! Ride it off! BOOOOOO!!! BOOOOO!!! B4. B Four AND AFTER! B8. B Eight BAIT! Take you’re time! Take you’re time sweetheart! Take you’re time! HURRY! UP! WHERE’S YOUR EYEPRO?! HEY, HURRY UP! That’s a negative counseling! Sick call’s that way! RIDE IT OFF! RIDE IT OFF! YOU SUCK! BOOOOOO!!!! That’s not riding it off sweetheart! You look like a jackass! Dang! Excuse me! *Epic Kitty Scratching Sound Effects* Meow Kitty! G52. G Five Two There we go. Bingo! Hurry up! HURRY UP! Sure! Just take you’re time! Take you’re time! There isn’t anybody else playing here! *Demon Voice* HURRY UUUPPP!!! Not gonna help your cholesterol! *Laughing* That is WRONG! YEAH! FINALLY! N32. N three Two. Come on. Come on. Bingo! What? What?! WHAT?!!! You’z a LIAR! THEY’VE ONLY CALLED OUT 3 NUMBERS! You must be THIS tall to win! THAT’S AN OFFICER! SSHHH!!! I22. I Two Two TOOT TOOOOOT!!! COME ON!!! O70. O Seven Zero There are a few more standing. SIT DOWN! NOOO!!! YES! I26. I Two Six Come on! I’m so close! I’m SO close! I29. I Two Nine BINGO! UGH! You’re not in Hawaii! What are you wearing?! How do you say Bingo in Spanish? Bingo. *Luigi Voice* Bingoooo! El Bingo! El Bingo! If I ever get it, that’s what I’m gonna say. El Bingo! Bingodoro. Bingodoro?! *Italian voice* BINGODORO! *Italian Voice* BINGODORE! How do you say it? How do you say it? How do you say? BINGODORO! BINGODORO!!! Bingodoro! Yeah! *Voice Cracking* SIT DOWN!!! There are a few standing. *Mocking* SIT DOWN!!! B2. B Two Bingo! You suck. You suck! YOU SUCK! Hurry the hell…UP! Loser Bingo baby! If you have B3 on your card, B Three, please sit down. If you have I27, I Two Seven, please sit down. Still in there! N32. N Three Two Sea la madre! Condenado! If you have any of these numbers, and they call it out, you gotta sit down. I might be able to get back up. If nobody else has any of the numbers called. So everybody stand back up! Everybody. Everybody! EVERYBODY! EVERYBODY!!! Come on, sit down! B5. B Five Sit down! SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN!!! N41. N Four One O67. O Six Seven, please sit down. Still good. G52. G Five Two Alright, come on! Come on! Come on! COME ON! O70. O Seven Zero CONTRA!!! It’s a very good Bingo. Alright, last one. I21. I Two One Bingo! It’s a good Bingo Whatever. It was fun. Deuces!

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