Behind-the-Scenes: Decorating the Disneyland Resort for Halloween Time

(playful spooky music)
– It is about 2 a.m.,
we are in Disney’s California Adventure,
and we are currently setting
up the Halloween layer
that goes all across the street.
(playful spooky music)
This year, we have two
weeks to do both Disneyland
and California Adventure,
as well as Downtown Disney.
(thunder rumbling)
This is the Atwater Pen and Ink window.
There’s little nuggets
here that guests can find
that kind of read back to the whole park.
Tonight, we are not
just doing this window,
we are also doing the Big Top Toys window.
Every day during the year,
it’s kind of a circus theme,
but for Halloween, we tell the story
of one of the Silly Symphonies.
There’s three windows
that are paired together
with the Big Top Toys
and Elias Youth windows,
and they tell a Silly Symphony story.
You do things in the middle
of the night that no one sees,
and they might not ever
know that you do it.
It takes people time to find
these little things we do,
and it’s pretty awesome,
because sometimes it’s
not about the big picture,
and at Disneyland Resort
we’re always about
the fine details that
people come here for.
(playful spooky music)


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