Bar Rescue, Season 4: Will Taffer Rescue the Same Bar Twice?

In 2012, Jon Tafferwas called in to rescue
Extremes Sports Bar and Grill,
a bikini bar teetering
on the brink of failure.
We were in debt $180,000.The bar was dilapidated.We had a lot of issues–
Terry drinking all the time. Are we doing this?
Cheers.Jon immediately took charge
and addressed the major issues
between owner Terry
and manager Gary.
We have a great GM. We empower him,
and we have systems. I started trusting him more
and things were outstanding. Narrator:By implementing
new food, drinks,
as well as uniforms
for the bartenders…
Woman:The uniforms
that Jon gave us we liked.
They were cute
and complimenting.Turning the once failing
Extremes into Second Base,
and as a result,
sales skyrocketed.
However, at the height
of their success,
Second Base was thrown
a curve ball
and began losing
$4,000 a month.
Powerhouse sports bars
moved within a mile.Obviously they must have
listened to Jon, too.
Business took off for them
and declined for us. Narrator:
As sales dwindled,
Terry and Gary
began blaming each other
for the shrinking
customer base.
Put some money in the bar.So focused on paying
off his debt,
Terry failed to reinvest
any money back into the bar.
Once again,
the bar began to fall apart.
With business declining,
I was not able to
maintain the kegerators, buying product,
plumbing started going bad. You gotta do something
with this bathroom. Gary:Terry just said,
“There’s no money.
There’s no customers.
Go back to the bikinis.That’s what I made
my businesses off of.”
Narrator:With the clock
winding down
and having been rescued
by Jon once already,
Second Base is in need
of a pinch hitter.
The bar does shut down, we’ll probably have
to file bankruptcy. Narrator:
Faced with the embarrassment
of a re-rescue
and the possibility
of closing
Second Base for good,
Terry has agreed to pull
back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue”…again.


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