Marty’s been teaching me how to use the drone this morning and I didn’t crash it in the water you guys I’m so proud hey good morning guys and welcome back to the vlog we had a pretty good at night sleep Jules really good we were so exhausted if you guys saw yesterday’s vlog shot kids crashed out at 5 o’clock and Marty and I weren’t far behind I think I went to sleep at 7 so and slept all the way til the Sun woke me up it was beautiful that’s right and so today like we promise we’re gonna give them a tour of the resort here Jules yeah yeah so we are in Cottonwood Jawa island and we’re staying at the resort it’s called jewel quest Reve as rain if you look it up but it’ll be a link down in the description of the videos as well so like you guys saw yesterday we are staying in this little place right here and then there is a restaurant right over here there are some other places up on the hill up there that you could stay in as well and breakfast guys is down here and what they call the big house this is it right here it’s huge so we were talking with the owner yesterday and he said that that this is actually the only resort on the island that has an actual beachfront place like this and that this building was built by an Australian I forget what year but it was a while ago built by an Australian and as a residence but now it’s all been turned into a resort smell breakfast whoo all right let’s see what they got for breakfast here we got plates and silverware cruise around over here shut up lucky but uh so we’ve got rice great ooh wow shrimp ring or squid rings eggs cool look at vegetables we got some fruit apples watermelon coffee and he crepes with different kinds of jelly and chocolate whoo what is this dragon fruit booing ah Naga yeah dragon fruit juice Wow cool we got some cereal as well oh right and we got some cake here too and of course we’ve got bread for toast right here and a big rock Wow all right guys check out the food today what have we got here we got vegetables rice squid rings not shrimp rings and we’ve got eggs right here too and then we’ve got a couple crepes one of these has strawberry jelly in it and the other one has pineapple yeah Jose what’d you get I got this juice which I’m super excited to try this is dragon fruit juice Wow okay oh yeah that’s kind of creamy it’s not very sweet so maybe they don’t add extra sugar I don’t know it’s really good but I got basically the same thing as you did except I got watermelon Heather would you get you got the same thing that’s funny we all get the same thing cereal oh man you’re so fast sir what is that joke Koko Krunch nice well Jose how was the breakfast today it was super good and right now we’re like in a gazebo down here on the beach and so the main house is right here behind me check it out right here they’ve got a really cool old shipwreck right here on the beach and then if you kind of pan around right here you notice this is the pier that they have here coming out and then the gazebo and then right over here is the little private beach for the resort right here and you got set down here a paddleboard and this right here is the view that you have and the view that we have from our room Marty’s been teaching me how to use the drone this morning and I didn’t crash it in the water you guys I’m so proud of my stuff no but I was able to go all the way out to that little island up there and that was really cool basically it’s just like a lump of rocks to file rocks but it was really fun to fly it [Music] [Music] alright guys it is time for some lunch so we will continue our tour over this place here by taking you to the restaurant here goes what’s the name of the restaurant here chimney bar in English try it’s not like a bar like you would think of a bar back home it’s a restaurant they have all kinds of juice bars and soda bars and milk bars and this is a it’s a squid bar the chimney bar in other words they serve squid here look at this right here guys this is the chimney bar rooftop sea view restaurant yes looks good huh beautiful let’s see right here we’ve got these are like appetizers and so you could just kind of look down here if you want at what they’ve got and then these are the prices you want to times that by 1,000 so this is thirty five thousand rupiah’s for the appetizer here there’s a plus tax and a plus service fee as well and then they’ve got soups and they’ve got salads both in Indonesian and English then we’ve got different fish meals right here and other types of seafood meals right here remember the times up by one thousand yeah all right then we’ve got chicken and we’ve got different kinds of desserts they have ice cream and toasting crepes and things like that right over here just general information and then right here are the drinks that they’ve got different kinds of drinks hot and cold drinks and then other drinks here and other drinks here as well you guys can see that we are sitting right here and this is the sea view it’s pretty nice it’s really cool then right down here you’ve got this really cool old boat that they’ve got set up you can look at go take a close look at it if you want just walk right down there then underneath this guy right here is a pool table you can play pool if you want after lunch guys we’ll take a walk around and I’ll show you the pool and other things that they have here at the resort [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now right Sara’s food is here she got fish and chips smell really good yep go ahead and give it a try for him Oh question chips it’s good huh that’s a pretty fat piece of fish right there yeah and then I can put lime on it too you gotta be even better got carrots and green beans and french fries I got this is called Jimmy Jimmy or a shrimp right you guys might call it calamari that’s right okay look I see so they also got some fried shrimp here crispy shrimp and Jules also got squid right there yeah there you go lunch time that’s what you get here I got raw shrimp and rice all right so let’s try the shrimp rings [Music] no good shrimp rings chewy crispy fried shrimp doesn’t good – all right guys let’s go check out what else they’ve got here just kind of looking at the view and seeing things it’s pretty much the dry season here still and so it is a little dry later when it’s the rainy season it’ll be a lot greener here I assume but it is nice that it is not raining and that way you can just enjoy the Sun enjoy the beach and all of that without having to worry about umbrellas and raincoats and all that tomorrow we’re gonna be renting some motorcycles and going around the island taking you guys around the island on an island tour see what’s all available and other places besides just here at the resort but right now we’re cruising up to look at the pool wow that’s cool there’s a pool guys yeah it is how’s that water quotes ever saw this nice got the pipe water coming out do a little sunbathing if you want yeah all right cruising up a little further we’ve never actually been up here before so we’re all seeing a brand new together towards the main house yeah it’s down that way they’re called crest one and press two and so I’m not gonna show these ones it’s easier towards the top of the company so they’re actually more towards the entrance of the property too because yeah enter from the top look cool they got a sweet view from up here too huh that’s nice all right the pool is right there we just walked up those stairs went across the front of these guys here and then came down here now we’re gonna cruise around up over here what’s that Wow is it stickier no it’s hard huh huh she’ll be loud don’t play with the tree blood all right so cruising up the road here viscous flowers this is what a hibiscus is huh yeah wasn’t that on um Beverly Hillbillies like then then their neighbor have hibiscus or something in Beverly Hills this is the back side I did not know what a hibiscus looks like sweet that’s the that’s the SAP set guard that wants to eat it lick it see what it tastes like do it eat it now you want him to lick it just lick it we have conflicting parenting styles all right guys we made it all the way up to the top now this right here is the road coming into the resort and so right here guys is what it looks like you’ve got the the main sign here for it you got another sign for it here and the gate and the road heading on down this is like a checkpoint right here the security guard probably in there and then you cruise down here all the way down to the main house at the very bottom another cool thing about this resort is of course the beach right down here but not only the beach they provide a lot of equipment for you to play with here as well we had a lot of maybe these are yoga mats and then lifejackets all right we got the super soakers we’ve got other toys in here for kids a kickboard things like that you got the paddles right here for the kayaks that are down on the beach we’ll check those out in a minute they also provided beach towels yep and here’s where you put your used beach towels all of that is included for free all right with your stay here and so let’s cruise down here to the beach take a little closer look at that and see what they’ve got down here guys all right so first of all they’ve got this nice sitting area right here in the shade and the grass and then right over here of course they’ve got the beach they’ve got some cool grass umbrellas like this one right here too very tropical set this out here with one of the kayak this is the smallest of the kayaks here cruise right over here and we’ve got three more kayaks that you can use guys right here we got a big one look at this guy this is the double person kayak the other ones are singles some more paddles right here that Seth already got ready for us another nice shaded place of course you can move these out to the Sun if you want to sit out in the Sun and then you’ve got the hammock right here as well and the view from the beach nice guys it’s really nice we need to go out kayaking now alright guys that is a very short tour of the G WA quest breath a serene resort here on pulau Karimun Jawa well that is a mouthful but it’s a really cool resort and so guys if you want to check it out there are links down in the description of this video you can go ahead and look at their prices look at their facilities in a more depth and of course because we want to thank john mark for his hospitality and partnering with us in making these videos for you guys if you want to know more about this island and the opportunities that there aren’t here to enjoy there is a card right up here you can go ahead and click and it will take you to our entire playlist guys if you want to know more about Indonesia why don’t you hit that subscribe button because we make new videos for you every day but we have a really great day and keep smiling you [Music]

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