AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort: Best Place of Romantic Malaysia Honeymoon [Small Girl Big World]

Hi, I am here in AVANI Hotel
and I will spend 2 days here with my boyfriend
We have a holiday and relax here
It is a very nice hotel because AVANI Hotel is very near
the beach
and the cooling wind
the sea, the ocean also very blue
so I think I will enjoy here the stay very much
The whole style layout is just like a flower
and we stay here
216 room number
and I think stay here will be very wonderful
maybe next time
if you have opportunity, choose it
All the hotel rooms are standing above the sea
and the far away ocean look not very blue
because the weather today
the sunshine is not pretty strong
The ocean is not so blue
maybe tomorrow
Finally I reach my room
and from the lobby
walking to the room I nearly 5 minutes
maybe 2 maybe 3 minutes
but whatever it is not a short way
and we stay at the upper side
the second floor
here we arrive at our room
and here is the balcony
the best experience for this hotel
is the balcony view
as can see, it a very wonderful view
because there are many rooms here
and the room here is very spacious
especially the bed room
also the whole space. It just very large
I enjoy the bed very much, it is very soft
I gonna play this
Here is the central of the place
from here, all the rooms
spread to all directions
just like a flower
This is AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort
and we stay here
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