ATERRADOR lo que Vimos En una BAÑERA de este Hotel Abandonado – Urbex España – Lugares Abandonados

very good to all welcome to a new
video abandoned places today we come back to an old hotel where we were already
some time ago and we wanted to go back to record it with higher quality so they can
enjoy it better in the corner right wing I leave the business card of the first video
this hotel was built at the beginning of century and closed we believe between 1990 and the
2000 we do not know exactly what is said in him nowadays there is a lot of paranormal activity
said by experts in the field of presences who are still working in the area,
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the kitchen sink this is the bar of the bar here is where they put all the bottles
look at the window bars another sink the refrigerators lying on the floor the ceiling is
fatal look at the old tiles we’re going to the part of the bar bar the first aid kit
of asepeyo see the bar? look how curious the blue roof with stars let’s go out
outside in this room there is only one closet according to what they told me, these were rooms
to go putting things of the service this was the cafeteria area look at it there gentlemen
European Year of Tourism 1990 was in the year in which closed this was the bar of the cafeteria
outside the terrace where they were the tables this is the door that they gave to the
terrace is still the knocker here it went up now we show them the other part
we’re going to start over here, this was a bathroom is part of the shelves
the doser of paper here is a room still left to hang the towels was
as a small toilet look at the detail of the antique doors was the bedroom yes
the lights are fixed on both sides of the bed a pretty big bathroom here the tub so
small a closet in the background this is the area check the restaurant there are still the
Christmas Christmas details of 1990 this is the area where the bar was still visible
on the floor where the papers were for take the command is true to see if it says any
date this closet was where the crockery was put to have it more at hand than beautiful the fireplace
are we going to continue going to where? hi the bathrooms had ramp prepared for the disabled
the bathroom is intact it is true the dryer and all the mirror complete the vessel intact
even the paper roll where they left it and the cistern handle still shines
and the trash bin the other one has remained intact over the years the focus of
crystal is also around here we can take out a panoramic this was the room where they put
the tables or maybe there were dances liquor of Barrameda La Guita Camomile look
on the incredible intact screen look at everything Christmas and the Santa Claus, it shows that
closed at Christmas here is still the industrial kitchen look at the tiles still
the extractor hood remains the ceiling scares me another counter another dependence
from the kitchen we found a glass of the time when liquors were served
or strawberries with cream number 24 do you remember the other time there was a chair next to the
bath? and the candles have been removed and what’s inside the bathtub is like a spell
it’s like a paper that speaks of death have done witchcraft here people come here to do
this type of rituals the bathtub gives bad roll and I will not read it just in case something happens to me
Was it here we went through? this is the Another part of where we were is there?
if it’s around here this part is like work and the crystals have broken the old staircase
I believe that the floor is of work and under wood what madness have broken a few crystals
one of the rooms have put a book here supported look at the fireplace I do not like
the ground good up here the video today I hope you liked it now I take advantage
to say hello to Misala Salazar, Monica Olmos Jesus Frausto Celeste Elmeyi and Ale Izquierdo
thank you very much see you in the next video


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