Assistant Searches Resort for Paw Patrol Chase, Rubble Toys

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone! – [Dad] Oh look, is that Dory? – Yeah Dory! – [Dad] What’s Dory doing here? – I think she needs to find
all the Palm Shore characters. – [Dad] All the members
of Palm Shore are missing? – Yeah! – [Dad] And Dory’s gonna help us? – Uh huh. – [Dad] Alright Dory, we
gotta find the members of Paw Patrol! Alright we gotta keep going,
we gotta find out first member. – Yes we do! – [Dad] Who do you think we’re
gonna find first Assistant? – Chase1! – [Dad] No look, we found? – [Assistant] Marshall! – [Dad] Marshall right there! – [Assistant] Oh Dory did it! – [Dad] Oh Dory, you’re
looking kinda tired. So Marshall’s the first
member of Paw Patrol that we found, right? – Yeah he’s caught in the net! – [Dad] He got caught in the net. Who do you think put him in that net? – I don’t know! – [Dad] I don’t know either. Alright so we found one
member of Paw Patrol, we’ve got to find the rest Assistant! You’ve got it, alright! Alright Dory, we’ve gotta find ’em. So where do we go? – [Assistant] Where’s Dory!? – [Dad] Dory, oh Dory, oh
Dory’s swimming over here! Alright let’s go! – Okay. – [Dad] Assistant watch
out for the water fall! – [Assistant] Let’s do that again! – [Dad] Go back through
the waterfall Assistant! Good job! Alright keep going! Alright Assistant do you see anyone? – Not yet. – [Dad] Keep going, we
gotta find another member! Oh Rider, he fell in the water. – [Assistant] Oh no, we have to save him! – [Dad] You saved Rider! So far we’ve found Rider
and Marshall right? – Right! – [Dad] Alright let’s
keep looking for the rest of the members of Paw Patrol. – Okay! – [Dad] Whoa Assistant, good
job going down that slide! – Thanks! – [Dad] You know what,
we’ve got to find her! I think Sky’s around here. Let’s go up and look and
see if we can find Sky. – Okay! – [Dad] Hm, wait a minute
Assistant, do you see it? Did you find Sky? – Yeah! – [Dad] Whoa she was right here watching all along, wasn’t she? – Yeah but sure, hold on. (mumbling) – [Dad] Takes to the sky! Assistant will you jump in? Whoa! Let’s keep looking okay? – Gotta go under the water! – [Dad] Alright so we
found Sky, Marshall, Rider. Let’s keep going! Who do you think we’re gonna find next? – Chase! – [Dad] Chase, no we found, who’s that? – Marshall! – [Dad] Who is it? – Marshall! – [Dad] It’s Zuma! – Oh Zuma. – [Dad] You silly goose, that’s Zuma! Wow so good job! So Dory helped us find Zuma too! – Let’s go get in the
water so he can zoom! – [Dad] Why don’t you jump in Assistant? Show me how you can jump in the water! Ready, jump Assistant! Whoa! – Zuma went under water,
I gotta go save him! – [Dad] Zuma went down into the water? – Yeah he’s not coming back up! – [Dad] Oh no, well find him! You got him? Oh he floated away, huh? Alright let’s see if we can
find the rest of Paw Patrol. – Okay! – [Dad] Let’s go! Okay Assistant, we gotta
find the rest of them, I think Rubble’s close! – Okay! – [Dad] Let’s go on down! Whoa, big splash! – Let’s do that again! – [Dad] Wait a minute,
we gotta find Rubble, I think he’s over here! – Oh! – [Dad] Look Assistant! Where do you think he’s at? – Rubble! – [Dad] You found Rubble, good job! We found another member of Paw Patrol! – Let’s see if he likes to go swimming! – [Dad] You wanna take him down the slide? – Yeah! – [Dad] Okay show us how you can do it! Okay Assistant, Rubble on the double! Whoa! Pretty awesome! – Woo, that’s so fun! – [Dad] Assistant there
have to be more members around here some place. You better watch out, that
bucket’s gonna drop down and dump water all over you! – What bucket? – [Dad] The bucket over
your head right there! Uh oh! Wait a minute! – [Assistant] What? – [Dad] Everest was inside the bucket! – Really? – [Dad] Everest was inside
the bucket, it came again! Whoa, so we found another member. Show me Everest. Wow so you did a great
job finding Everest. Alright let’s keep looking, okay? Assistant, what are you doing? – I’m over a water fall! – [Dad] There’s a lot
of water right there! You gotta keep finding
members of Paw Patrol! What are you doing? That’s too much water! We gotta keep finding them! Alright let’s keep going okay? Where could they be? Oh there’s your head! On this end, where’s your head. Oh wait a minute look
right there, there’s Chase! How did Chase get there? – I have no idea. – [Dad] Wow good job, we
only have one member left. Do you know who it is? – Who!? – [Dad] It’s Rocky! – Well he does not like getting wet! – [Dad] He doesn’t like water does he? – No! – [Dad] Alright so we found
a bunch of our members, and we still gotta find
a couple more, right? Gotta find Rocky! – Wait to go Dory! – [Dad] Dory! – Tada! – [Dad] Tada! Okay Assistant we gotta find them. Wait a minute I think
you’re going the wrong way! – This way! – [Dad] Alright let’s find Rocky. Where could Rocky be? Over the bridge? Let’s go! – I need to rest. – [Dad] You need to rest? Look you found him! – Whoa. – [Dad] Good job Assistant,
we found all the members of Paw Patrol. – Let’s get Rocky wet. – [Dad] You wanna get him wet? Yeah that’s a good idea, let’s go! Assistant you’re getting Rocky all wet? – Yeah! – [Dad] Good job you’re getting Rocky all, you’re getting me all wet! (mumbling) – Okay! – [Dad] Hey look, it’s Dory. – Dory was here all along! – [Dad] Dory what are
you doing right there? – Let’s get her soaking wet! – [Dad] We’ll do that in a
minute because ya know what? People need to subscribe right? – Yes on Facebook and Twitter! – [Dad] And who was the hardest
person for the Assistant to find, leave a comment right? – Right! – [Dad] And 10 – Nine! – [Dad] Eight! – Seven! – [Dad] Six! – Five! – [Dad] Make sure you
subscribe and leave a comment letting me know you subscribed, right? – Right! – [Dad] Alright four! – Three! – [Dad] Two! – One! – [Dad] Next video! – Bye! Okay everyone now we need to
find Paw Patrol right away! – [Dad] Where did they go? – You can get up! – [Dad] You think they’re up there? – Yeah! – [Dad] Let’s look. I don’t see them, do you? – Nope. – [Dad] We gotta keep looking! You think they’re up there? – [Assistant] No. – [Dad] Now the Assistant’s
gonna go all the way up to the very top of the
structure to see if she can go down the waterslide
to find Paw Patrol. Okay Assistant, you gotta
look for Paw Patrol, let’s see if you can find them. Ready, set, and let’s
go down the water slide! Whoa have fun Assistant! Hey did you find Paw Patrol? You need to keep looking if you didn’t! Where could they be? – I don’t know, this way! – [Dad] Let’s go this way
and see if we can find them! We’re on the lookout to
try to find Paw Patrol. We gotta find Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Everest, Sky, we gotta find them all. There they are, you think they’re there? Think they’re in this door? Paw Patrol, you in there? Nope, not in there either. We gotta keep looking. Hey look there’s a statue
right there though! Do you see ’em? I don’t see ’em either. Looks like that statue is asleep! It looks like the statue’s
asleep, Assistant. Great, there’s the statue. – Oh I see it. – [Dad] Hm, no Paw Patrol though. You gotta keep looking. Let’s see if we can find them. – Dory! – [Dad] How about behind there? Oh look there’s a… Think they’re in that pipe? – [Assistant] This is a
secret Paw Patrol map! – [Dad] You found a secret Paw Patrol map? – Yeah and I see them on it! – [Dad] They’re in a cave,
is that what it says? – Yeah! – [Dad] We gotta find that cave, don’t we? – Found the cave! – [Dad] But they’re not in there! Whoa Assistant, watch out! I think you’re getting close! Hey wait a minute, I knew
they were getting close, Paw Patrol in here? – No I don’t think so. – [Dad] Let’s keep looking, right? Maybe under the water? Whoa here that comes, watch out, whoa! Let’s keep going in
closer, let’s see if we can see Paw Patrol in here! I don’t see them, maybe up
there, what do you think? Or under the water in here? No? Where are they now? (upbeat music) Assistant are they in there? – No, I don’t see them. – [Dad] I don’t see them either. – Let’s keep looking. – [Dad] They’re not in there. We gotta find them don’t we? Let’s keep looking in those caves. Now that the Assistant has a special map, she can lead us right to the cave. Assistant, okay, it’s so wet
underneath, so much water! Assistant, do you see the cave? I think she sees it, look,
she sees it, finally! – Hey the map says to
look inside this cave. Just in time, this map
is about to fall apart. – [Dad] The map’s falling
apart, so you think they’re inside this cave. – Yeah! – [Dad] Whoa whoa whoa
whoa, which way do we gotta go, which way do we gotta go Assistant? Assistant which way is the map? – Look! – [Dad] Where you at Assistant? – Right here! – [Dad] There you are,
look, wait a minute, yeah you’re right, you found them! There is Sky and Rocky! They’re inside the cave, aren’t they? – [Assistant] Yeah! – [Dad] And there’s Rubble,
hey Rubble on the double, good job, we found Rubble, Marshall. – [Assistant] Zuma and Chase! – [Dad] Look they’re the all
star versions aren’t they? – [Assistant] Yeah! – [Dad] Wow, look there’s
Chase, he’s on the case, and Zuma, whoa we’re
way deep in this cave. – Mhm, we better collect
them before the hot lava– – [Dad] Wait a minute Assistant,
first we need to talk. Good job at finding Paw Patrol. – Thanks! – [Dad] So we got to go across a bridge, down the slide, and all
kinds of cool things, right? – I wonder if there’s
one more thing in here. They say that you get a
special surprise, and look! Brand new goggles! – [Dad] Wow, Paw Patrol
left you these goggles to go snorkeling, didn’t they? – Yeah they did! – [Dad] Wow, that’s great! Hey Assistant, what
does it say right there? – Subscribe here to the Engineering Family and I hope you’ll like this
video just like the other ones. – [Dad] That’s right, we
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fun, give us a thumbs up, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and our secret spelling word– – It’s gonna be “cave.” – [Dad] Cave, C-A-V-E spells? – Cave. – [Dad] Cave, wait what’s way up here? What’s way up here? – [Assistant] What is it? – [Dad] I don’t know, I
think we need to keep going. Alright people at home, we gotta go, bye! – [Assistant] Bye, see ya next time on the Engineering Family, bye! (sinister laughter) – [Dad] Hey there everyone,
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