Arkansas Tech Big Money Bingo 2016

(light, happy music) – Yeah, we have bingo tonight. It’s a pretty cool
experience for students. You can come here and get prizes, like we got bicycles. We got an iPad mini, stuff like that. We got Beats. So it’s a pretty cool time for students to come here and get free stuff. – [Announcer] O 75. – [Daniel] It’s a really
good time to get involved, meet other students if you
have not met students yet. It’s a pretty cool time
for students to relax right before finals are coming. Homecoming week, it’s pretty cool to be
united with other students. Also, as I said, just come win
prizes and stuff like that. Tech, it’s just pullin’
to be united all the time. That’s what this event is, a united track. Every student has to be used
together and just have fun, meet other people, be together. That’s the cool thing about it.

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