Aria Las Vegas | Luxe Emerald Green Wedding BTS Video by Andrea Eppolito

(inspirational music)
– I am Andrea Eppolito
and I am a Las Vegas wedding planner.
The bride’s name is Theresa.
When she first called me, she’s like,
“Look, I am a tomboy at heart.
“I’m like outdoorsy, rough and tumble,
“play with the boys,
hang out with the cars.
“But for my wedding,
“I really wanna be super feminine.”
I said, “If you could
get married anywhere,
“like where are you most comfortable?”
And she’s like, “I’m most
comfortable outside in nature.”
And I was like, “Well, let’s
bring nature totally in.
“What if we re-carpet the
ballroom and we build a forest?”
I think a lot of times,
couple or planners, designers,
they look for a space
that meets their needs.
Whereas, I just kind of import my needs
and my desires and what I want,
and then I fit it into the space.
And I’m not intimidated
by the idea of saying,
we’re in a box and that box is empty,
and we can fill it with literally anything
that we can conjure up.
I don’t think that there
has ever been a ballroom
that has been carpeted with
turf before here in Las Vegas.
That’s something totally new
that the city hasn’t seen.
We’re bringing in
beautiful green drapes so
that you’re not limited by the color
and the textures of the walls.
We’ve also built these
really kind of big arches
that are gonna create a
tunnel into the space.
We’ve got 14 foot trees like tree trees,
coming in with mirrored and
glass tables around those.
We have a fountain with running water
set right in the middle.
Because I want you to
kind of look and be like,
that’s a fountain, how come?
But it makes perfect sense.
And then, we’re gonna
be doing a ceiling piece
that has a combination of
chandeliers and greenery
that’s gonna be hanging
over the dance floor.
So that when her guests are on it,
they feel really kind of enveloped
and hugged by this idea of nature,
even though we’re in a
21,000 square foot ballroom
in the middle of Las Vegas.
I want them to walk in and feel like, wow.
So, today, I’m really troubleshooting,
making sure that the
setup and the logistics
come together in real life, like IRL.
The way that I saw it in my mind.
– I am Javier Valentino.
Floral and event designer
here in Las Vegas.
So, in order for us to pull
off like these productions
to like this magnitude, honestly,
there has to be months
and months of preparation.
– Doing a wedding, it’s like the jewelry.
It’s the crown of the reception.
And so, we were at Javier’s
studio, and I was like,
how cool would it be to have
a wall of floating wedding cakes?
I looked at Javier, I was like,
“You can build that, right?”
(gentle music)
– It’s just taking a full on
village to make this happen.
And all because Andrea
had this beautiful vision.
And now, she has like
entire Vegas working on it.
So, I’m honestly excited.
(gentle music)
– This particular ballroom is used
quite often for casino marketing events.
And the bride’s father
and a lot of their guests
are players here at the hotel.
And so, when the invitations went out,
they were like, oh, yeah, it’s
gonna be Primrose Ballroom.
We’ve been there, we’ve seen it.
You have, but you’ve
never seen it like this.
(gentle music)
At the end of the day,
I’m just so grateful
that I work with such
truly talented people
that they are able to like
get in and live in my head,
and then bring it out in a way
that makes absolute sense to
everybody else in the space.
Oh, hashtag, this is us.
– This is so us.
– But I think it’s so important
that people really understand
that this doesn’t just happen
and that it takes so much planning.
It takes so much creative energy.
And then, it takes creating an environment
where every single person can
do their absolute best work.
That’s how you create
experience that lasts.
For a woman who doesn’t feel like
she’s deeply connected
with overly feminine,
she threw herself into it.
So, I wanted to make
sure that the environment
was a stage that enhanced who she is
and who she sees herself as now,
going into this next stage in her life.
I want the wedding to feel
like my bride and groom
just imagined the world
the way that it should be,
the way that they wished that it is.
And for one night, I just
wanna give them the fairytale.
(gentle music)


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