Are you investing or gambling?

Hi, thank you for dropping your
question into
I promise to review your question very
soon and i’ll get back to you because
your question is very important to me as
well … but today i want to ask you
this question: that is are you investing
or are you gambling? and that is a
very important question … why is that
so? because here’s the investment is
not a few dollars right?!
the right decision will bring us much ahead
in the years to come but a wrong
decision can set us back … so a
amateur investor and we don’t want
to be an amateur that is they usually
look for the “feel good” factors the
“feel good” factors like the ambience..
but we got to go deeper than that
because as a real investor they will be
looking at certain things like land pricing,
rising interest rates, government policies
and the developers pricing
…whether the developer has priced
right or not so right … so I really
encourage you to take a look at this
seminar that we’re gonna cover this FIVE
GOLDEN RULES when it comes to real
estate investment in Singapore
because if we make
the wrong decision when we want to exit
from the property right we may not be
able to get a profit that will be want
to but if we come in at the right time
buying at the RIGHT PRICE okay it
doesn’t matter whether market goes UP
or DOWN over the next few years because
we know that REAL ESTATE is a CYCLE and
that’s where (if done right from the start), we can exit from the market and able to achieve the profit that we
have set out to achieve and that is the
goal of a true real real estate investor
and I hope that this seminar
and I believe that this seminar will
help you to get the knowledge that you
want to be a true-blue investor in
Singapore. I look forward to have
you at the seminar!

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