Apple Island Resort

You give us a goal and we’re gonna make
something happen. We had a couple other
people that were gonna bid it on for us
and they kind of backed out. It was
definitely a race to the finish.
It was a challenge that we wanted to go
after. You’re taking laKe water and
you’re filtering out any possible
contaminants that is in the lake. The
water treatment plant that we had is
about 25 years old, so it’s kind of
Everything about it is outdated. It was
defunct and falling apart and rotting.
We managed to wear out our chemical pumps
and had a lot of valve issues in our
existing plant. It’s a challenge that we
succeeded at. I was here every day with
Steven and Travis; they were constantly
doing something to just keep it moving
forward knowing that we had a time frame.
Knowing and understanding the filtration
because that helps you to find more
efficient ways of doing things. I didn’t
know what the separators were until
they installed them. At first I was
thinking that they weren’t necessary but
when we filter out what those separators
take out, I’m glad that they’re there. For
everything from quality of water to
efficiency of systems, both electrically
and in terms of loss of water, it’s just
a way way better approach. They just
went above and beyond as far as I’m
concerned to help us get done. Like a
couple weeks into doing the project on
said you know this is why I chose to
work with you guys. It’s so sophisticated,
it’s an incredible system.
You have to be able to offer your guests,
whether they be people from stay the
whole season or just coming for at night
or two, they have to have good reliable
clean healthy water. I would give them
100% kudos. They were just right from the
beginning honest and and hardworking and
it just made things go real smooth. So
now they can grow without any kind of
impedement from the water. we get
production at a steady pace,
we’re not fluctuating. I know their next
step is growing their wastewater because
that’s kind of the two things that
control growth of a site like that is
water in, water out. They’ve got room to
grow and now they’ve got the capability
of doing so. It’s night and day but I would
totally consider if anybody has any
issues with any kind of water problems,
Clear Water would lead the people that I
would speak to. Great water makes happy
campers. Clear Water Filtration: what’s in
your water?

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