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Welcome to the new deck profile.
This time I will show you my announcer deck from “World Martial Arts Tournament” themed series.
I made this deck a few months ago, sometime near to my Trunks Chain Pan deck.
Since then I’ve been playing these two decks variably.
I must admit, I prefer playing this Announcer much more than Pan.
In my opinion it’s one of the most entertaining decks so far.
Even if you don’t win with it very often, it’s still great fun to play.
And I treat this deck as one of fun decks.
Just to play for fun with no pressure to be the very best, but still annoy your opponent.
I was going to show you this deck much earlier, but Announcer decks became unpopular.
Now it’s getting different because of Power Boosters.
You can win them in new local tournaments.
These Power Boosters greatly power up “World Tournament” decks.
This deck isn’t powered up yet.
Thus I am going to make two deck profiles with Announcer.
First, this one.
The second one will be after powering it up, of course.
Also I hope this deck will inspire you for World Martial Arts Sealed Tournaments, which will take place in June.
At least in Poland, and for sure one will take place in “Strefa MTG” shop in Warsaw.
In Sealed Tournamets you buy six boosters and create deck with these cards.
Maybe this deck profile will inspire you.
I recommend Announcer deck, because all “World Tournament” cards have no specified cost with this Leader.
Which means, you don’t have to worry about colours.
The drawback is you can’t include non->cards.
But still, in Sealed Tournament it doesn’t matter, because all cards must be from your boosters.
Second good option is “Hercules”.
I don’t play with it, but I know it wins very often in tournaments.
“Announcer” destroys his opponents.
I would definetly try to build similar deck on tournaments. It’s a good option.
So, that’s it about his Permanent skills.
But there’s Auto once per turn skill:
When you play a>card, which is almost impossible with this deck to not to, draw 1 card.
Awaken with 4 life cards or less and switch 2 energy to Active.
After Awaken, there’s still no specified cost for>cards.
When this card attacks, draw 1 card.
And during Main Phase, you can choose up to two>Battle Cards and each of them gain +5000 POWER for duration of the turn.
You can do this only once per entire game.
Probably it will be the last thing you are going to do with this Leader.
Moreover, you are going to stop at 4 or 5 HP.
Which means you aren’t going to Awaken until the very last of your turn, and then attack your opponent with brute force.
Let’s check the cards.
The first one is negate “Power Burst” from fifth set.
You can use any Extra Cards you want with this Leader.
You can activate this negate taking your life instead of energy, if you have 5 cards on Drop Area.
Thus you can easily defend against some Triple Strike attacks or Criticals.
And then, when you negate the attack, you can draw 1 black Battle Card with energy cost of 1 from your Drop or Warp Area.
This will work great with this deck.
Because of this Announcer, which is Battle Card with Counter:Attack skill.
You can just play it in your opponent’s turn for 1 energy.
If you negate attack with this, and later with “Power Burst”, you can just draw used negate card from drop.
Annoying shuffle in late game.
But when you play it during your turn and there’s at least 2 cards with>on your Battle Area, draw 2 cards.
Meaning you will draw 3 cards during your turn.
One for your Leader, two for this card.
And yet another Announcer. Younger. No mustache.
Young enough to raise his hand.
Just ordinary searcher. You check top 7 cards from your deck and draw 1>.
Nothing special about it.
My most favourite card in this deck.
You play it for 1 energy and if your opponent has 5 or more cards in his hand, he has to choose 1 of them and put it on his Drop.
It doesn’t mean K.O., just put it on Drop.
I love to play it on the very beginning.
If you start the game, you want to have this card on your hand.
During very first turn of the game, play this one, draw 1 card, and your opponent has to discard one.
Thus he has less cards on hand from the beginning.
Perfect to annoy your opponent from the very beginning.
Just Super Combo. 5 HP or less and draw 1 card.
This one works only with>.
First link cards in this deck.
Chiaotzu and Krillin.
At first you need to play Chiaotzu, Krillin will be later.
And when you play this Krillin, Chiaotzu gets +14000 POWER, and Krillin gets 5000 POWER and Critical.
And if there’s a Critical, you want to combo it with 10000 POWER and Double Strike.
Another link.
You play Trunks for 2 energy, and then you can play Otokosuki for free.
This way you have 2 attacking cards with 15000 POWER each only for 2 energy.
After battle you can choose 1 Otokosuki from Battle Area and put it at bottom of deck.
If you do this, choose up to 1 of your opponent’s Battle Cards and K.O. it.
Unfortunately, you can’t choose cards with Barrier.
This combo works only with>Leader.
This link you are going to use most frequently.
Also, thanks to this one you may win.
Play this Son Goku for 3 energy.
Then you can play “Test of Strength Uub” from your hand for free.
And then these two get +5000 POWER for turn.
Uub has Critical and your opponent has to put 2 cards from his Battle Area to the bottom of his deck.
If you can add Double Strike to Uub, your opponent will have to deal with potential of loosing 4 HP in one turn.
Another link you are going to waste your opponent with.
First you need to play Chi-Chi.
Probably you are not going to attack with it, although it has Barrier, so it’s a little easier to defend.
Later you play this Goku with Double Strike for 4 energy.
And when you do this, choose up to 1 of your opponent’s Battle Cards and K.O. it.
What’s more, these two cards get +10000 POWER.
And Goku gets another 10000 POWER for Chi-Chi’s Auto, and then you draw 1 card.
If you didn’t Awaken yet, that’s another card you draw.
This combo doesn’t require>Leader.
You can put this in any deck, just remember to pay specified energy cost.
If your opponent is still alive, you need to finish this now.
At first you play this Vegeta for 5 energy.
Choose up to 1 you Battle Card different than this one and place it on your Drop.
Thus your opponent can’t activate Blocker for this turn.
After all this, you can play this Son Goku from your hand for free.
Both cards are for 5 energy and both of them has Triple Strike.
Moreover, each of them gain additional +10000 POWER for this combo.
I know it’s expensive, but here you have two Battle Cards with Triple Strike and 35000 POWER.
In spite of appearances, it’s not that hard to get to 5 energy with this deck.
I did it almost every time.
And during your last turn you can activate this Field.
Another Extra Card. I’m sorry I said on the beginning there’s only one.
There’s two Extra Cards within this deck. Six copies together.
“World Tournament Arena” works the same way as Activate:Main on Leader’s Awakened side.
You choose up to 2 Battle Cards and they each gain +5000 POWER for the duration of the turn.
This means, when you play Vegeta and Son Goku, which have 35000 POWER,
with this Field, they get +5000 POWER,
and with Leader they get yet another +5000 POWER.
Together there are 2 cards with Triple Strike with 45000 POWER, and you didn’t add anything to combo yet.
Side deck are just additional cards we saw here.
To make greater pressure on your opponent, just more annoying cards.
Thus, there one more “Supreme Showdown Son Goku” and “Supreme Showdown Vegeta”.
Two additional copies for Chiaotzu and Krillin.
Videl, another negate.
It works just like previous Announcer, just play this card for 1 energy to negate.
Then you have another card on your Battle Area.
Which can be frustrating for your opponent, because there’s another combo power.
With this it’s easier to draw cards. Yo
With another Announcer, it’s easier to draw 2 cards.
And you play this negate during your opponent’s turn, so you draw additional card even then.
One additional copy of searcher Announcer and one East Supreme Kai with Double Strike.
You may need this more than any card, depending on your opponent.
Or maybe you’ll need more draw power.
And that’s it about this deck. Let me know what you think about it.
In my opinion World Tournament cards are very underestimated from the very beginning.
Announcer was in META for some time.
Maybe thanks to that you can still use any Extra Cards, like Senzu or Mafuba, etc.
Or any other kind of negate.
Announcer is great draw power and great cards spam.
And your opponent can’t do anything to discards, if he has no Barrier.
The same goes for this deck.
Drawback is that there’s too many weak cards with 1 energy or 5000 POWER or even less and none of them has Barrier.
The only on card with Barrier here was “Fateful Reunion Chi-Chi”.
Nevertheless, I can’t wait to power up this deck with Power Boosters.
I’ll let you know.
For now as I’ve seen Power boosters are quite expensive.
On the other hand, that’s not strange.
Cards from this set are getting higher prices too.
Especially SPRs.
Suddenly people realized that you can get competitive wins with these decks.
I’ve seen that Supahplayaz placed Announcer in one of the Top Tier’s.
And I completely agree with that. Announcer is underestimated.
As I mentioned, during last tournaments in Warsaw it took 2nd or 3rd place.
And the player wasn’t competitive players. He even rarely plays DBSCG.
He just came to enjoy the game, and took 2nd place.
And defeated me as well.
Let me know what you think, because I admire these cards so much, maybe for the birds.
Probably there’s something I am wrong about. Comments and Subscribe button is all yours.
Thank you, and take care. Bye!


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