Anjelah Johnson & Guy Branum Reveal Their Sexy New Netflix Series | Bar Talk

Oh I’m Anjelah, who do you think you’re
talking to? Hey I’m Guy Branum and this is Bar Talk at JFL. Who are the legends, if you were to make a Mount Rushmore of comedy, what faces would you put on there? Okay so George Lopez was the
first comedy album that I owned. I didn’t get hit to like stand-up
comedy until like later in the game. In my early 20s is when I really started
getting into stand-up comedy. So George Lopez was the first album that I had, Ellen DeGeneres, Brian Regan and Mitch Hedberg were comedians that I would listen to and before I even knew I wanted to be a
comedian, I would listen to them and they would bring me joy so
those are ones that I would… As a woman of colour did you ever have a feeling of like not knowing if there was a space on that stage for you? Like, because the people you’re
talking about, great comics but they’re not people who look like you, you know? Right? Other than George
like but he’s a dude of course You know what? I feel like I never looked at it as “Is
there a space for me?” It was more like “Hey I’ll try this and see if it works.” And it’s kind of how I’ve done my entire career
from when I was a cheerleader for the Raiders. I have never like been technically trained as a dancer but it was like “I’ll try it, see what happens.” And then I moved to Hollywood because I
wanted to be an actress and I would like audition for like dance music videos and I’m like “I’ll try it, see what happens.’ And that’s kind of like how I’ve done my
life, so even with stand-up it was kind of like a fluke how I even started stand-up. It was like somebody asked me, they saw me in an acting class and saw that I was funny and this was at a church, of all places, and this woman was like “Hey, I’m teaching a joke writing class, would you
like to come and take my class?” And I was like “Is it free?” and she’s like “Yeah” I’m like “I guess.” (Guy) That’s awesome.
(Anjelah) So I had no desire to be a comedian it was just a free class. (Anjelah) It was a free opportunity. So I was like
“Sure I’ll try it.”
(Guy) That’s crazy. (Anjelah) And then this happened.
(Guy) A couple of years later, you were at New Faces Exactly! [Music] We have some words here. We have some unusual words we wanted you to speculate what the meaning of the word is. The word is petrichor. Petrichor. Petrichor. Anjelah Johnson, what does the word
petrichor… First of all, is this English or…? I assume so, I believe it’s English. I’ve never seen those letters in that order in my life. It’s true, I’ve been speaking English for a lot of my life. I like using weird words, never really
encountered this one. Petrichor… I feel like that means like I
am scared to my core. I’m petrichor. Oh that’s really good, that’s really good. I assume that it is some sort of multinational
corporation that fracks a lot in Ohio (Guy) They get oil out of places.
(Anjelah) That’s probably better. Alright let’s see the answer is: the pleasant smell that accompanies
the first rain after a dry spell. (Guy)That was made up, that’s not real.
(Anjelah) So we were both right. Alright, what about nebbish. What’s a nebbish? Nebbish..Oh, that guy who just walked past us. That’s such a nebbish. Yes this is from Yiddish, it literally means
a man who is feeble and scared of stuff (Guy) and this room.
(Anjelah) I made that up! (Guy) You know, this room is full of the entertainment industry… We’re all nebibish here.
(Anjelah) So we’re all nebibish here. Alright, final. Final. Final word. Final word: skeuomorph. What is a skeuomorph? A skeuomorph… A guy from Germany who likes to ring up items at the grocery store. Actually no, skeuomorph is the series
that Anjelah and I will be pitching to Netflix in the next room in just a
couple of moments about a race of sexy teenage aliens who can turn into various household objects And we will be… And there’s a really go to gay guy on there
whose amazing (Anjelah)’cause you’ve got to have one
(Guy) Yes and And one woman of color because we can only have one. Once there’s more than one color…Forget it! It’s like messing up the whole
algorithm or something, so only one at a time. But we are going to compete to be the
evil like bitch who attacks them like from episode to episode – whose evil will
change between us. No, skeuomorph is… I have to read the real definition. Something designed to look as though it does the job it is supposed to do. No. Our series is much better. I’m kinda skeuomorphed actually. I’m Guy Branum. Thanks for joining me for Bar Talk at JFL. I will continue to drunkenly accost people and across people talk to them at the bar but the camera crew has to go home.


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