Animator vs. Animation – The Card Game!!

Hey guys, so
Insanity games reached out to me about making a card game version of Animator vs. Animation
Before I say anything here is the video that they made for the Kickstarter campaign to launch this game
*Weird laughter*
In Animator vs Animation you are an animator helping your animation to fight others.
The game plays through a series of 10 (or less) rounds.
Where charcters will fight each other
In order to take points from other players
↑Characters included in the game↑
↑Items and action cards are also included↑
The first player to reach 16 points, or the one has more points when the game ends is the winner!
*Blue screen*
So yeah, there is a Kickstarter campaign to launch a card game version of Animator vs. Animation
The campaign started today and lasts until December 14th 23 days from today
Insanity games has already achieved success with an animation based card game in the past with the flash animation called
“There She Is” they ran a Kickstarter campaign for that and reached their goal so I have high hopes for this one.
There are many stretch goals or things
they’ll be able to add to the game if they surpass their initial goal like adding custom meeples for the stick figure characters, and
improving the materials for the box. There’s also a fun thing that they’re doing which is letting you add your own custom
Character to the game you draw a stick figure upload it to the insanity games Facebook page
And then it enters into a stick figure voting tournament where the winner will be added to the game
Or if you want to guarantee that your stick figure gets into the game, there’s a pledge tier for that
I’ll put out another video to explain how the game is played in more detail,
but for now you can learn how to play by visiting the Kickstarter page. If you want to buy the game
it’s gonna be cheaper to get it through this Kickstarter campaign then after so now is the best time.
All right, I hope you check it out. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video
(Close Screen)

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