Animated LOADING BAR & PERCENTAGE COUNTER – Premiere Pro tutorial

Hello filmmakers and
welcome to Orange83. In this step-by-step
tutorial we’re going to create this loading bar
including a percentage counter and text effect. If you like you can
easily change colors and also change the background. And this is all done
inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Okay It looks like the tutorial video
has just finished exporting. So let’s have a look
at the results. Inside Premiere we’re going to
start by creating a background. We’re going to do this
with a color matte. I’ll accept the default settings which are the same as
the sequence and then click OK. Here you can select
any color you prefer. But of course
we’ll go for Orange. Let’s name this one background
and then click OK. And now we’ve got this color
matte in the project panel, which we can drag over
to the timeline. As you can see the duration
is now 5 Seconds. Let’s double this
for this tutorial, but of course you can use
any duration you like. This background
is not mandatory. You could use any other clip
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in the video description? Okay now, let’s go
back to Premiere and continue the tutorial. In the next steps we’re going
to add a so-called Legacy title. And to do this we need
to go to the top menu, click file then new
and select Legacy title. Also here we’ll use
the default settings and we’ll name
this one bar inside. And if I click OK it will open
up the Legacy title editor. I’m using this
older title editor because this one can add
rounded Corners to a rectangle. And to do that you need
to click on this icon here. We can now simply draw
the percentage bar, something like this will do. And to avoid OCD symptoms
let’s Center it all by clicking on these two icons here. Now we can close this title
editor and then we can move over to the project panel where we’ll find
this title item. We’re going to copy this title
by hitting Ctrl + C or command C. And then we’re going to paste it
with Ctrl + V or command V. And we’ll rename
this copy to Bar outside. Okay now I’ll double-click on the outside title to open up
the Legacy title editor again and they’re working
to make some changes. First will disable the fill and we are going
to add an inner stroke. Let’s make the line a little
thicker by setting it to 15. Okay, perfect. Let’s close the
title editor again. Next week and drag both titles
over to the timeline. We’ll add the inside title
to the second track of the timeline
and extend the duration. And the outside one
to the third track of the timeline and also
extend the duration. Next, we’ll add a few effects. Go to the effects panel
and s earch for the crop effect. You can find this one
under video effects – transform. Select this and then apply it
to the inside title layer. Then move over
to the effects control panel and there enable
keyframes by clicking on this stopwatch icon
for the right crop value. And then click
on the crop effect itself to get these blue handles here on
the side of the preview monitor. Select this in a drag it all
the way to the left right before the start
of the outside percentage bar. Then select this key frame and
put it all the way the beginning of this animation. Next move the crop line
to the other side of the percentage bar
and make sure that this lines up as good as
possible to get the best results in the progress animation. And we also need to put
the second keyframe at the end of the timeline. So now this is the animation that we just created
with these two keyframes. It’s time for the next effects. In the effects panel
we’re going to search for the Venetian blinds. You can find this one under
a video effects transition. And will also apply this one
to the inside layer. And then inside the effects
control panel we’re going to change some settings. First we’ll set the transition
completion to 10%. And we’ll set the width to 100. And with these settings we have
now separated the loading bar into small chunks. Okay time to add the next layer
and that’s a transparent video. Inside the project panel
click the new icon and Transparent video. And here will also accept
the default settings and click OK. In the project panel we’ve now
cut the transparent video which will add on top
of the other layers. And also here will extend
the duration for now. Now we’re going to add an effect
to this transparent video. In the effects panel
we’re going to search for the timecode effect. You’ll find this one
under video effects video. We’re going to drag this one
over to the timeline and apply to the transparent video. And this has now added
the timer here on screen. And to turn this into
a percentage counter we’re going to change some settings
in the effects control panel. First we’ll set the background
opacity to zero percent. And will disable
the field symbol. And then set format to frames and we’ll set
the source to generate. And that leaves us
with this single number here on the bottom. And if you scrub
to the timeline, this number will
count up or down. But for the percentage counter, we only need a range
from zero to hundred. And to fix that we need to go to the point
where it says 101. Then we need to cut
off the there and as you can see now
the last frame says hundred. But now we want to change
the duration of this counter. To do that we need
to nest it first. So right click
and then select Nest. You can give this
any name you like but we’ll use counter for now. Now we can use the rate stretch
tool to extend the duration. You can enable this
by hitting the r-key or click this icon here. I’ll extend this
now to the length of the progress bar animation. And as you can see now the
number increases simultaneously with the progressbar. We can now select
the transparent video and inside the effects control panel
we can simply reposition it. Next we’re going
to use the type tool which you can find here
or enable it with the t-key and then we’re going
to add a percentage symbol. And for those of you who want to know I’m using
the Montserrat bold font. Next I’ll reposition
the percentage symbol. Will need some extra space here
for one more digit, because if it gets to hundred percent it
will look like this. And we’ll also need to expand
the duration on the timeline. Next we want to add
a separate text layer. So we can to deselect
the first one and then we’re going to use the type tool
to create a new one. And here I will
just type loading. And inside the essential
Graphics penal i’m going to lower the size
and also center the text. And again, we need to expand
the layer on the timeline. Okay, next we’re going to apply
one more effect to make this loading text flicker. Inside the effects panel
we’re going to search for this strobe light effects. You find this one
under a video effects – stylize. Apply this effect
to the Loading text layer. And then inside the effects
control panel will leave it all to the defaults, but we’ll only change
the strobe setting. And this one we’ll change
into ‘makes layer transparent.’ And now the animation is
complete and this is the result. I’ve got two more tips for you
before we end this tutorial. First I will show you an option
which you can use if you want to keep
the loading bar on screen after it reached
a hundred percent. You could simply place
the playhead at hundred percent, then disable the layer
with the loading text and then take a screenshot. Make sure to choose
the PNG option for the Best result
and click OK. And now you can simply
pick this exported frame from the project manager and drag it over
to the timeline. And don’t forget to enable
the disabled track. And now it looks like this
after reaching hundred percent. And if you like you can also
add some more new text here. Something like
‘loading completed’. And let’s take a look
at the results. And the final tip is all
about changing the colors. If you want to change the color
of the background simply double click on the color matte layer and then change the color
into anything you like. And changing the color
of the percentage counter is a little different
than regular text. For this I like to use
the change to color effect. You will find it
under video effects – color correction. Drag it over to the timeline
and apply to the counter layer. With this effects we
can change the white text into any other color. But this will only work
if you select the change HUE, Lightness and saturation option. And that concludes this
Premiere Pro editing tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it
and learned something from it. And if you did then
please like the video and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see
more of my videos. That’s it for now. Thanks again for watching. See you next time on Orange83.


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