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TIA: Aminé let everyone know he’s on top
of his game with his playful track, “BLACKJACK.”
TIA: The song was produced by Davon Jamison,
Pasque, and Aminé and is from his August
2018 project, ‘ONEPOINTFIVE.’
TIA: On “BLACKJACK,” Aminé takes a lighthearted
approach to life, and starts off boasting
about some new ice in his mouth.
TIA: And it turns out, he really did get those
new grills.
TIA: Here, Aminé shouts out his two friends
Yosief and Jonathan, who make their own appearances
in the music video as well.
TIA: CLBN stands for Club Banana, which is
Aminé’s own website.
And as some Genius annotators pointed out,
Aminé loves bananas, and even did a cooking
video where he makes banana bread himself.
AMINE: You wanna start putting this shit in
the bowl, start putting the bread in,
put these bananas in.
TIA: Next, he shouts out the song’s namesake,
comedian Jack Black, who’s known for starring
in films like Nacho Libre, Kung Fu Panda,
and of course, the 2003 musical comedy School
School of Rock.
TIA: In School of Rock, Jack Black played
an ex-rocker turned substitute teacher at
a private school, who ends up teaching the
kids how to rock.
DEWEY: You guys!
This project is called rock band!
I’m talking about bands that rock!
TIA: As for Amine’s video, he carries on
his tradition of directing clips himself like
with “Spice Girl,” this time with the
help of Jack Begert and the visual concept
is based around ‘School of Rock.’’
TIA: The song’s title seems to be a play
on Jack Black’s name, and the video itself
features tons of movie references.
DEWEY: What’s up with the stiffness man
you’re lookin’ a little robotronic, okay?
Let’s grease up the hinges.
TIA: From the class uniforms…
TIA: Right down to the diagrams on the class
chalkboard, which feature some references
to places and people like his hometown of
Portland, Andre 3000, and Kanye West, quote
“Pre Trump.”
TIA: Former Vine star Rickey Thompson also
makes a cameo in the video as a teacher,
and he’s been featured in Aminé’s music videos
before, like the September 2018 visual for
the track, “REEL IT IN.”
AMINE: Bringing people like Rickey on set
as well kinda just like really made the video
so much more fun.
TIA: Since the video’s release on January
23rd, it’s garnered well over 2 million views on YouTube,
and according to Aminé, even his mom
loves it.
TIA: And, so does Jack Black.
JACK: Amine, are you kidding me?
School of Rap?
That is beautiful!
TIA: If you wanna learn more about “BLACKJACK,”
check out the song page on
TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you
the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.
AMINE: Do I look like the kid that would act
out in a classroom?
AMINE: Nigga, you been skipping school since
the first grade do I look stupid to you?


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