Amber Rose’s Bars TOO Personal For Nick To Handle 💥 | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

– (Crowd) Wildin’ Wildin’ – [Nick Cannon] Let’s
go, Lets go, Lets go! Come on! Wild’n! – (crowd) Wildin’ wildin’ wildin’ wildin’ (record scratches) – New York where you at? – (crowd cheering) – Welcome back to Wild’n Out. Amber Rose is in the building
over there killin ’em. On the black squad. But now it’s that time. I can’t believe Amber even showed up because this is the part of the show where everybody’s always scared. And she said: “I’m here
I’m ready to play.” This is the bonus round. And its called the – (crowd) Wildstyle! – Yes, freestyle rapping
but here at Wild’n Out we focus on the jokes, so
each punchline is one point added to your total score
so the game could go either way and we are fighting
for that thang right there. (cheering) The belt is what I’m referring to. The belt, Amber that could be your belt. So y’all ready to do this? Black squad step up,
Platinum squad step up. DJ D-WREK drop the beat. (hip hop beat) – [Man] One two, one two. – [Dough Boy] Let me get
Amber, let me get Amber! Let me get Amber. (crowd boos) – Now look, look. Look, look, look, look. Hella skinny at the bottom
hella big at the top. Amber Rose is built like
a damn super blow pop. – Boo
– [Dough Boy] You know, skinny and then its big at the top. I’m gonna stop guys. – [Amber Rose] Okay, okay okay,
hold on, hold on , hold on. Okay, you think you so cute,
you think you so bubbly, but you really look like
a big ass Teletubby. (crowd cheering) (ding) – Oh wow! (clapping) – Hey, hold on Amber, hold on Amber – [Nick Cannon] That was freestyle! – That was good but this my
first time seeing you in person you know your body look
good down below but aint no A cup, that aint no
B cup. I see them thangs man that’s a HE-cup.(hiccups) (laughs) (buzzer sound) – [Nick Cannon] We don’t
know what he just said. – [Shawty] I said that’s a HE-CUP – [Corey Holcomb] Shawty, be quiet. Really you just a barker, you
think them people can paint your beard a little darker? (crowd cheering) (ding) – [Shawty] What, what? Hold on man. You aint even human you a silver back ape, you don’t bleed blood,
your blood type is grape. (cheering) (ding) – Shawty, when are you gonna grow? You’re the only person on this
show, that the UK don’t know. (crowd boos) (buzzer) – Yo mama know me, ha ha. (crowd cheers) (ding) – [Blair Christian] Kojo, Kojo, Kojo. Damn, you up here rappin’
but your lines is misleading god damn you need some Chapstick,
your lips are bleeding. (crowd cheering) (ding) – Not anymore. – [Doboy] Damn, let me get DeRay. – [Deray] Jesus Christ,
why you always do this? – Look. How come your
career aint blown up? You been at it for a while. Probably ’cause light skin (beep) aint never coming back in style. – [Nick Cannon] But you light skin! (buzzer) – [Deray] Hey man, you
should be at home resting, I mean we really care. Look at your body this mot-(beep) pregnant everywhere. (ding) (cheering) – [Doboy] Let me get you with the glasses, bring your goofy ass up here. Look, look, look, look, look. Whenever do flow you know my flow is hotter than Tobasco. This fool look like a
broke ass Lupe Fiasco. (cheering) (ding) – On the real Nick, Doboy is a hater, with him on y’all squad
y’all got 12 players. (cheering) (ding) – Amber you know you gotta step up, you came to play right? – [Nick Cannon] We all know
Wiz get the munchies every time his eyes chinky, only
reason that he with you cause your head look like a Twinky. (cheering) (ding) – [Kojo] I got your back – Oh I got it. – Uh oh! Uh oh! – [Amber Rose] I’m on this
show, doing you a favor just like Mariah, she’s your career saver. (ding) (ding ding ding ding ding ding) (cheering)


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