AMAZING All-Inclusive 5 Star ADULTS ONLY Hotel in CANCUN (Iberostar Cancun 2020) Cancun Travel Vlog

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m Tanya, and I’m Dave, and we are Turn It Up World. Welcome to Cancun! So we just arrived into Cancun from
Isla Mujeres where we had a great time. We ate a lot of great authentic local foods,
and the vibe there, I must say, is super chill. You know we drove around the island back and forth in golf carts. Oh my god,
it was so much fun, they were so cool. They were like golf carts with like these really biggie
wheels, so you could even take those puppies off roading. It was so cool. Right,
and if you haven’t seen our video on Isla Mujeres, you should definitely check
it out. Yes, we’ll put a link to it somewhere here.
Oh, and speaking of those golf carts, Dave, we were talking about this earlier, we were drag racing some other golf carts, and we were kicking some butt over there. Exactly, just watch it in fast motion so then you’ll really get the true nature
of the speed. So, we are now at a place called Iberostar. They actually opened up
last year, I believe. Yeah, in November yeah. Yeah, and what’s amazing about this
place is it’s an all-inclusive, something we have never done, so we are dying to find
out what is really included in this all-inclusive joint and I hear
there’s definitely some all-inclusive activities, but there’s also unlimited
food and unlimited beverages, and I’m kind of nervous about that because you
know it’s not just typical beverages that are all-inclusive. Oh yeah. It’s
alcohol. And, I also hear they have a great hibachi place, so I’m gonna try some
good old Mexican hibachi. Yeah, but y’all let me just tell you, the room that we are
staying in is unreal. So, I think it’s getting a little warm out here right now.
We might want to go inside and take you guys and show you exactly what our room
looks like, because it’s pretty darn cool. Welcome! Check out this room. Isn’t it really cool, the colors, the vibe. It really does have like a beach vibe because you check this out it’s got
a wall of coral. It’s like a coral glass painting and it’s actually controlled by
lights. I thought this was the cutest thing. They have these hats. They have one,
two. One for me and one for David. I think
this is really cute, so I’m gonna put it on him right now and we’ll show you guys
what that looks like later. This is really neat. I love the fact that this is a
giant king sized bed. You got this huge TV. I don’t even know
what you would call this, like a desk drawer, waterslide. It’s kind of neat. But it’s this whole kind of cool theme of, I think it just has like a continuous theme. I mean seriously, it’s like a continuous theme of just about coral, cheese, or even, it look’s like Swiss cheese. Maybe Swiss cheese and the beach. It could very well be. This is really neat because it has a super long couch. I mean this probably could fit, like, nine people. And a really tiny table, so I don’t know if you can do anything but put your feet up on that. The back of this is kind of cool. Now, I can’t figure out how to turn on the darn dining room light. Oh there, it’s on. And it’s neat because they actually give you this welcome card saying welcome Tanya Dave thank you for
joining us we really appreciate that. Now I will tell you I’m a huge fan of
flowers and any restaurant or hotel that provides you and these puppies are real
y’all, real flowers that’s a good hotel not that fake stuff that collects all of
that lint like and you know Granny’s house. I must say this too, when they
provide you art that’s actually real cookies those are edible. Oh my gosh, those are so real. You’re so right, look at that. You could eat that. Can you really I mean, I hope so. Oh my god, I guess I’ll try that later. You got your bar with beers, which we’ve already
started nibbling into some of that, Coca-Cola’s, bottled water, really cool. I
love the colors too I mean it feels like this is
kind of happy place. Of course you have your entrance desks, safe, big closets over
here, but you want to see the piece de resistance let me take you to that and while we’re walking in here this is probably one of the coolest suites in
the hotel too because it’s one that actually has windows on three sides, so
you’re getting tons and tons of cool views on just about three sides of the
hotel, which is pretty neat, but look you have a ginormous shower that can fit
just about every one of our subscribers in here. This is probably one of my
favorites. I mean this is a huge ginormous soaker tub and I love how they
put like the stones around it continuing like the beach vibe. But this is like
basically a two-arm door, you gotta use two, you support here and slide this over, and you got it. There you go. Voila, voila. And now, a hat on hat. Oh yeah, I got a hat on a hat. And also we got a wonderful hot tub here, a little
Jacuzzi out on our balcony, which is pretty awesome and check out this view. So that concludes the room tour y’all. I think it’s time for us to get this all-inclusive part started. Absolutely, let’s start this. All right, so we’re about the head off into the mangrove boat tour. It’s actually a mangrove tour, a high-speed boat tour, as well as snorkeling. We’re actually just doing
the boat tour because we want to get back to the Iberostar and enjoy some of the things
there, but it’s $69 a person, then there’s an additional fee of $13 per person as
well, that’s some type of tax for the environment down here as well so looking
forward to it. Yeah, and it definitely cuts out a little bit of time. I think it
cuts out about an hour time frame so if you were snorkeling you kind of dock
you guys all it tie your boats up together, and then you snorkel a little bit before getting in, so it’s kind of like a
snorkel boat ride. We’re just going for the meat and potatoes. Exactly, if you’re
doing the full tour it’s two and a half hours and it’s about an hour and a half I think for just the boat ride. Yeah. All right, ready to go? Let’s do it.
David’s actually pretty natural at riding boats. He’s been in kind of dingy type boats his whole life so he’s pretty good at this so I feel extra comfortable. I’m glad
she feels comfortable because I’m crapping my pants. I think i really did. Look out for the gators. Well, this is where they’re, they’re definitely
Gators in this water here so definitely don’t capsize this boat. Coming up we got a pirate ship Wow so far this has been quite a ride. We’re actually heading to which looks like now a concentrated part, which is
probably the mangrove section. Right. Heading in, gotta slow down, gonna follow our guide. There’s a huger boat that’s actually right in front of that one, but it looks like
it’s uh, oh my gosh, this might be the chartered alligator territory. A bit more, scarier, you kind of come in here it’s like, you want to jump in the water and go for a swim. No, not at all. Alright, now I think I got it. So, this is to speed up. This is to slowdown. And that is what you don’t want to do if you don’t listen to the rules. It’s only a $100 fine apparently. So that was a lot of fun. Oh, that was a lot of fun, a little choppier than I thought. Yeah, definitely a little choppier, but you handled the waves like a pro. Well, thank you. You had me freaking. I was kind of clenching, pulling out his hair, pulling a
little of my hair, but you know what that’s I gotta say my hands now can finally
relax. They were grabbing onto that steering wheel for dear life. And my hands can
finally relax because I was grabbing onto his hair, but I think you know what, this is
involving water this is kind of fun and enjoyable, but there was quite a bit of
nervous reactions out of me, because of the alligators, but I think I have an
idea in terms of what we can do, oh yeah, that doesn’t necessarily involve
alligators, but it does have water. What’s that? Let me show you. Ah, now how’s this? Much better. Oh, I feel great now. This is what I has in mind. Turn it Up World! One thing about the Cancun beaches is that it’s so gradual. You can just walk out and it really doesn’t drop off very quickly,
very different from some beaches we’ve been to like in Hawaii, for example. Here you can walk out and it’s really kind of nice. I like it. Alright, nice job easy. Bring it on, let’s
see. Hey, that’s not bad. Una mas. Oh no, watch it, over into the showers. So we are hopping right here into lunch. We were kind of last-minuters, I guess you could say, but the food was still coming
out fresh. We just got like a whole smorgasbord of just about everything
they have here. Oh yeah, and it smells and looks absolutely delicious. I think we should definitely like you got the steak prepared fresh. Yeah, I got filet mignon prepared fresh, looks like
they put a little maybe a pesto sauce on it, or a pesto rub. It smells good and then
of course I got these shrimp skewers with you know fresh pepper, yeah really nice, really nice, and of course the guacamole and that looks amazing. This is
actually, almost like a bruschetta but with an Iberian ham. I put a little
garlic sauce on top so we can both try some of that. Yeah, we’re definitely going to share that. And then of course that beef rib. What do you have over there? So I got just about a mixture of everything, so I ended up getting this is like a fried kind of fish tenderloin here, a fish filet sorry, and then we got like corn, which is like
roasted corn. The pork loins, which I thought would be really, really nice and
then of course another beef rib and I am just dying to kind of
dive into this and then of course, to freshen it up, a little beet salad. I’m gonna jump into the steak. Do you wanna have some of this with me? Yeah, let’s try a piece together. Alright, cool. So a little filet mignon. It looks like it’s cooked perfectly too just like I like it, nice red
in the middle there, pink, mmm tastes good and it’s fresh.
Yeah, I love that. It’s very you really
taste the filet mignon, you know, taste the steak, so there’s not a lot of added spices or
things like that, so you can definitely spice it up some but, you know, the meat tastes really good. You’re right, and they cook it right in
front, so you know it’s fresh. You’re absolutely right it does
have like a really nice like smooth flavor to it, yeah, but not overpowering like there’s no real spice in it you’re tasting just the
meat. Exactly, it’s very good. Actually David brought me back a nice
piece of tuna made medium and they made it fresh on the grill so they have like these
raw slabs of like, you know, tuna, salmon, shrimp kabob, steak, and you can take your pick and the chef behind there would actually prepare that for you fresh. So
I’m gonna dive into this while it is nice and hot. Oh man, this tuna is already amazing, look at that, it’s got nice little pink texture in the middle, a really nice crust around
the end, and it looks like they also continue with that pesto theme around
there as well. It’s a little pesto and some spices. This looks and smells
delicious. I’m ready to try this. Oh my God, Wow, that is really nice and flaky. You should really try this dish. Sure. Oh my gosh
because it doesn’t taste, yeah, you know what it is, I know you’re not really like
into like the fishy side of things, but I think this really has like, it doesn’t take like fish. It tastes just like a nice piece of white, mmm, I guess white fish, yeah it’s good, it’s really nice, that’s good, really nice flavor right? Yeah. That was very well prepared. Wow, this is really good. I’m really loving this right here. We are stuffed to the brim, but we did
save the best for last, which is all kinds of desserts. Since you are a big fan
of chocolate, okay, I’ll let you go for the chocolate. Okay chocolates, go for that chocolate. Oh yeah, nice little, nice little, chocolate mousse on top here with a little kind of fudgy, kind of cake below, exactly. That’s right up my alley.
It’s like chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate it’s like three
different types of chocolate all blended together. Oh, that’s really good. You did great. High-five! So I’m gonna give this one a shot here. This is like a cheesecake. It’s a guava cheesecake so I’ve never had guava. I’ve had cheesecake. I wonder
what this tastes like together. Mmmm, wow that is really good. It’s very creamy, really
rich, has like a nutmeg kind of vibe, a little cinnamon in there. The cheesecake is not overpowering. It’s like some cheesecakes can be really firm, but this has kind of
like a nice grain to it. You definitely taste the guava but it’s not overpowering.
It’s like hints that just keep hitting different parts your mouth, but I really
like it. So, I am stuffed. I think that about
does it for us right now we have to go chill and relax. We have dinner coming up
this evening, so I think we just need to chill. I agree. I enjoyed the buffet for sure. Yes, the food was really good. I definitely say for a buffet that was awesome. I’m ready to
take a nap though. It’s hot outside and I want to stay inside, nap a little bit, relax. Yeah chill out before dinner time. We’re just going to have some of these cervezas, just relax. We’ll see you guys at dinner. Cheers. Exciting, we are all fresh and ready, oh my
God, look at this oh come on we have reservations at 6:30 Dave, get up it
is now 6:45, we have dinner reservations at hibachi. Ah fudge, only I didn’t say fudge. Thank you, enjoy it. See you later. So I would say this was great to have
that experience here at the hibachi place at the Iberostar. The food was
actually, it was okay, yeah, it was okay. It wasn’t like fabuloso but, I would definitely say, I love the energy. I love the staff. I love the presentation,
and the favorite part of the dish for me was probably the rice and the shrimp.
Right, no I agree, those are my favorites too. I thought you might like the sushi. I
did. It seemed good to me but I’m not a sushi person. Yeah, I did like the sushi just, I
think for me, was more of this shocker of having sushi at a hibachi place,
where we’re kind of used to the traditional where they kind of give you
like a soup with ginger dressing and like the miso soup. So, it
was just like an interesting kind of contrast for me, so it kind of through me for a bit, but it definitely was tasty. I like the soy sauce. I think it was a bit light. It
wasn’t like the soy sauce I’m used to it that’s really kind of rich, so definitely something that kind of I had to adjust you but overall it was an okay experience. I did not
necessarily like the beef and I wasn’t too much of a fan of the chicken. It was a
little salty. Yeah, I found that definitely the chicken and the beef were
dry, yeah, I feel like they were overcooked, yeah, and they were salty, but it’s okay, I focus on the rice and the shrimp, yes, and the experience. Oh, the experience was great, yeah. And one thing different about this place is that
it has a set menu, so you actually don’t order exactly what
you want. Basically they bring you everything they’re serving that night, which actually it worked out pretty well I thought. It’s fun. In our opinion, it’s
definitely worth the visit and definitely worth the experience. Yeah, I agree. So, check it out. Well, I’m ready to wind down. Yeah, I agree with you, I’m ready to wind down as well. I am so tired. Yeah and I think I have just the right thing to
help wind us down. Oh yeah, what’s that? Let me show you. So, how’s that for a surprise. That’s
awesome! A little hot tub, under the stars, on our last night here in Cancun but, as
always, if you made it this far, I’m Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World.
If you haven’t already, please be sure to hit that subscribe button, and hit that
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and exciting. Thanks again for joining us and we look forward to seeing you . . . on the road.


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