Almeida Café & Bar

The whole idea is to make good food,
tasty food, for everybody I’m Tom, I’m the chef here at the
Almeida Theatre Café and Bar It’s home-cooked meals, which is
something that I enjoy We’ve always tried to source our food
from local suppliers And we’re trying to do that even more We like the idea of it, supporting local business,
but also decreasing food miles It makes so much sense The menu is small It’s usually just three hot mains and then a
selection of side plates or small dishes We are trying to increase the proportion
of plant-based foods and we’re up to about two thirds now and we’re going to
try to get it close to 80% On my leave time I tried to combine holidays
with sort of anthropological missions to discover new ways of producing food
and recipes, especially ones that I’m drawn to

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