all you can eat 5 STAR HOTEL BREAKFAST buffet !!!

I’m gonna grab a plate
Good morning guys! We’re not in London right now. This is not my usual setup,
I’m gonna show you around in just a second
But I’m also a little bit ill so I’m sorry for my voice sounds weird if I speak very nasal.
It’s just because uh I think I’m getting a cold. It doesn’t matter.
I could not miss the opportunity to film this video because I’m actually on a family holiday,
And it’s beautiful and like snowing outside, and I’m actually staying in a five-star hotel.
I only stayed here for one night like all the other nights, like the trashiest hotels that actually matches my personality,
But for one night, we decided to stay at a five-star hotel,
And I thought this is the perfect opportunity to film a video because I always wondered what a five-star hotel
Breakfast is like, so I thought we should do kind of like a mukbang. I’m gonna bring you guys along to breakfast
We’re gonna see what kind of foods they got and we’re gonna see if it’s really worth it like obviously 5-star hotels are expensive.
I hope you serve me freaking good breakfast. It’s still very very early, and I should be sleeping because I’m sick but
Would you look at that view?
Me when I finally decide that I’m done with people and I want to move into the wild
I’m very very sick today guys. So I’m sorry I’m gonna look terrible throughout the video
I’m gonna try not to make too much noise because everyone’s probably sleeping because it’s 7:00 in the morning
But I want to get to breakfast before everyone is there so I can film
I think if you walk all the way down here you get to breakfast
Look at that little chimney. It’s so Christmassy. I’m way too trashy for a place nice like this
hey guys so I just arrived at breakfast and
This is the view right now
The Sun is rising. It’s so freakin beautiful
This is the breakfast area guys
I just found a whole
Gingerbread house that is literally bigger than my arm when people ask me. What’s my dream house?
is this part of breakfast though because I’m down so right here with call
I think multiple options for milk like there’s literally every type of milk that I could potentially imagine is that like yogurt?
Can tell this is all in German so I can’t really read it they have passion fruit and mango flavored milk
Oh my gosh, so many good things to try then on this side. We’ve got the little yogurt bar
grapefruit plum
Orange mango sauce they even got different types of yogurt it looks so good
I’m also pretty sure this is all edible, look at the snowmen. I reckon this is made of marshmallow or something
It’s so cool, and then I think this is like a salad section
it’s like multiple spreads like egg spread and
cottage cheese cream cheese and then
These are some vegetables
We got some butter on ice
Totally normal seen that before and this is the main part of breakfast guys. I’m gonna show you every single one of these individually
Wow that looks so good I think bacon in German is called speck
So this is meatloaf then that’s nothing maybe there’s something underneath
So the sausage is underneath I
Never try this sausages before and then we got some fried chicken
We got some ketchup mustard
Mayo all the sauces you can imagine, I think this might be some cranberry sauce on this side
We’ve got some gratinated tomatoes and some grilled vegetables
So that’s tomato
And that’s some vegetables you know scrambled eggs with ham and also some plain scrambled eggs over here
these look
Really really good we got some blueberry tea
Some peach tea and there’s like a little bar section
Where you can probably get any drink that you want look at all these different types of cereal
This is literally how the bees make the honey
And you can just come here with a little spoon and just scoop it out look at all these pastries guys
there’s also so many different types of cakes and
miniature Donuts and
This is so good a huge selection of breads here, so this is like a cold meat like selection
That’s tomato and mozzarella cheese. We’re gonna grab a plate
So I’ve got my plate right here, let’s eat
It feels so incredibly awkward to vlog here guys
This is definitely my favorite thing like I can’t believe I’m actually eating fried chicken for breakfast
Surprisingly also. Not my first time having it for breakfast in a complete different setup I
Could get used to having this for breakfast every day, I’m gonna try the scrambled eggs
do you have Eggs Benedict with ham? yeah
I’m gonna try it mozzarella with the tomato cause looks really good
that is really good, you know the breakfast is really good when it converts me into eating vegetables
This is like my favorite part of breakfast always
weirdly not the best sausage I’ve had while i was here
The fried chicken is still the best part of breakfast
oh my god this I’ve never tasted butter this salty ever
I didn’t mention, but I’m drinking apple juice. There’s like a little juice bar. I’m gonna show you in a second
The scrambled eggs are not my favorite because
they’re on the wet side, and I think thats how some people like them, but
Personally for me. I like them really dry
I’m sorry if this video is a little quieter than usual
Because I mean this is not the most comfortable the places to film at I feel like no matter what I do
Like people always stare nobody’s talking nobody’s doing anything
So I’m like the loudest person in here already
And I’m not even being that loud so I think i did a pretty good job eating everything the only thing I didn’t eat
Was the scrambled eggs because they were a little too wet like you can see they’re very
wet i don’t like that and the butter was very very salty so I ate the cheese on the tomato because
Me going for seconds
I’m gonna get some of that
This was definitely my favorite thing the whole menu
That’s probably enough there’s so many options for toppings and really know which one I’m going with I might do the mango sauce oh
That’s too much, I think
Well that looks terrible
Everyone here is probably like is he gonna dip the fried chicken in yogurt so I just got to the table and look
What just arrived nightmare flashbacks though from when I try to make these with Gordon Ramsay? I’m gonna start with eating the eggs benedict
This is the best thing I’ve eaten all morning, this is so so good needless to say this was like the best thing
I’ve had all mornin always come back for the chicken
Look at all that snow look at all those chickens
I really wanted to have eaten more for breakfast, but guys
I literally actually couldn’t I wanted to have gotten chocolate cake and all these cakes that were there
but honestly I didn’t even finish my
Yogurt so it was it would be a waste of food which I don’t like to do so this is one of those things that
I’m never ever gonna do again in life, so I wanted to show you guys the view
Look at all the snow actually this is solid. This is like ice
lets throw this one
We’re gonna create an avalanche oh maybe not
There’s a little duck
Look at that
It’s so freakin cute
thats it for this video Guys I really hope you guys enjoyed it. I had so much fun. I know this is like different
I never sit in places like that so I hope it doesn’t trigger too many people
But I guess no matter what I do people are always gonna get upset at me
But I was excited and I really wanted to share this experience with you guys, so I hope you enjoyed it if you did
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