and we have arrived at the beautiful
Planet Hollywood home of the Miracle Mile shots which we’re gonna walk on the
way to the poker room home of Earl of Sandwich pretty good sandwiches and of
course the $400 six max WSOP World Series of Poker
circuit event it’s two o’clock late reg will 420 blaze it let’s get in there
gamble be fearless and aggressive and build a monster stack we didn’t drive
all this way to lose let’s win with blinds at 200 300 under the gun
opens to 804 5 handed at the button calls I’m the small blind with 16,000 in
pocket eights could put in the three bet but don’t want a three bet hole to do
these Munson’s so we just put in the call and the big one comes along the
plot comes eight seven six we check action checks to the button who bets
sixteen hundred a beautiful sight time to go for the check raise the board is
very wet so let’s get it while the getting’s good i make it fifty two
hundred the big blind puts in the flat call he puts in fifty two hundred of his
7k stack what the hell is he doing action folds back to the button who
shops all in for forty thousand he has us covered we’re not going anywhere with
top set and we put in the call big blind comes along big blind has five nine of
diamonds and the button has pocket sixes set over
set versus straight with a flush draw five handed what the hell let’s pair the
board here’s the video seven of Spades or jack I do how much this yes what are you like
58 we can move to a new table bunch of circuit regs let’s gamble extra pulls to
the cutoff five handed who makes it 1100 I’m on the button with pocket jacks
making 3300 big blinds shoves all-in for 90 100 the old cold for but 5 handed huh
that’s fine original RAZR folds we put in the call and we’re up against pocket
aces here’s the video let’s head that’s a
great situation Jax verse aces alright aces hold I do
not hit and we lose half our stack cooler
can’t believe a jack didn’t come with lines I had three hundred six hundred
under the gun limps button makes it twenty two hundred I’m in the big blind
with East Jack offsuit and sixty seven hundred pretty easy jam here under the
gun folds and we get called by ace king time to suck out our tournament life is
on the line we got action let’s get lucky ten of Hearts the very next hand the
button shows for just under five K we have ace queen weary shove and we’re up
against 10 nine off 48 to good I get moved to a new table with 20,000
ships and we’re trying to either build up a huge stack or go bowling I’m
abandoning my bowling team if I make it past 6:30 in this event perfectly timed
with dinner break so we’re going for every spot for making moves geoff Boesky
best vlog on YouTube subscribe do whatever you got to do is subscribe but we’re up to 56,000 no super huge
hands other than the ace five I had on a ten five five brick nine board that I
busted a guy coming back to you 1,000 mm we’re getting close to the money let’s
cash and then capture that elusive circuit ring we have reached the money locked up $200 profit that’s right we’re
going to get paid at least $600 at Planet Hollywood World Series of Poker
circuit event feels great with blinds at 1500 3000 I folded for the last
half-hour going from 60,000 down to 45,000 so it’s time to ramp up the
aggression when it pulls to me on the button I find East 9 of clubs and you
know we’re all in Darrin Rabinowitz is in the big wide and he snap calls that
is not a good sign he quickly shows the ACE Queen and we’re going to need some
help nine nine one time or clubs need the
nine to stay alive chop it up nice cooler sir
good luck hope somebody wins here besides me I’m out I’m out of the Planet
Hollywood ordered our circuit event thanks for watching unfortunately we
could not capture that ring in $17,000 I’m in cash in the books am in cash for
the hand and mob hit the thumbs up button subscribe and hit alerts plenty
more poker blogs to come first three weeks of December is the wind Winter
Classic you’re not going to want to miss this
one these are the best events Las Vegas has to offer you can find me there most
days see you then


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