Advanced Players’ Guide to Blackjack

Welcome to the Advanced
Blackjack Strategy guide!
If you’re confident in your abilities playing
blackjack and are looking to take your skills
to the highest level, then this is where you
need to be!
This section will introduce you to four main
topics… advantage play techniques, counting
cards, shuffle tracking, and dealer tells
and hole carding.
Our guide to Advantage Play in blackjack offers
an overview of the techniques we go through
in our other videos.
This will be a great place to start.
In our advanced guide to counting cards, we
go into greater detail and take a big step
from our intermediate guide.
Our shuffle tracking video will help you learn
how to notice and track groups of cards during
a shuffle.
Finally, our guide to dealer tells and hole
carding will help you read the blackjack dealer
to gain an advantage.
We have detailed articles and videos for each
of those topics, so make sure to check them
all out, and make sure to check out
for even more on the game.

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