ACCRA VLOG #4: African Royal Beach Resort with my Family

[Music] good day my people ain’t only for you and make the result of my account log it happened we made a plan to go to a weekend I mean actually for Saturday and Sunday to noon wha Beach and it’s a African Royal Beach Hotel if I’m not mistaken we are going to be heading to so you follow us through I will show you how that place I’ve never been there before so I’ll show you how that place is looking I’ll give you some nice big shots hopefully if we have weather and I hope you enjoyed the video and as always subscribe to the channel if you know if you’re not subscribed in yet then subscribe to the channel of course I subscribe subscribe to my channel like the video if you like the video watch my other videos watch my progress episodes of the archive log hopefully you enjoy it so maybe I’m making you to come to Ghana as a tourist or maybe as in to come and say and so let’s go I’m mother cool tomorrow I know savvy are not okay no bill I I plan I only you be dutiful uh mama can you go real stop the ocean stop in an ocean ocean dumping the ocean nobody goes down I gotta feel the ocean so she want to grease my viewers hello you were thank you this is African Royal Beach with [Music] yes then on the beach itself and the ocean they have they have a breathtaking scenario right here thank you don’t go forward become on I don’t stop you’re not up on my grill brown brown Wow jollof rice and salad his group I guess I started right from your place right note this is the best and should also [Music] [Applause] Jesus came and so our baby seeker toxic dose Korea hidden swimming pool right now the finish is not long before they came to the change and we now go to a dose of the ocean we have four kids Wow we call suicide I love this place really hidden gem Wow the best thing about this place is that is far from all this Center which is Livadia la pomme so that is the best food is that it’s really outside you drive like 15 miles possible degrees even more today also to get into this place so that we understand our vision our super figure no for the user pressed your look to make plasma right because of Africa my lovely Africa hands with coconuts everywhere holiday understand [Music] [Music] Santa 1:04 kids would be–look read it is like 75 centimetres at least that’s how did this one is no idea doesn’t make me love your body girl like I say for our study window you got to dance for me with your body doesn’t make me la Movida bunny geological study you know you got to dance it on me where you will movie her body she made me coffee watch me that I will not go kicking me why are you moving how bothersome let me go often past me good morning yesterday we didn’t recorded it as we come back to the room because when I am without TV to watch and was put in too much in a few important variables so we want to say good morning yeah I didn’t show you the room yesterday and messy but I don’t officially love actually for the night is the seaside type after the bottom in the morning on the balcony see the view welcome is actually quite easy Liz what to Sikkim here whoever as you know that in Ghana that’s welcome the language little rocky bit after breakfast I’ll come down to show you the entire pitch and the rocks and the balls and everything where we going now when I’m going to the beach it is like something yes was it is okay tell me what it is eat eat tentatively and yeah yeah let’s cook we’re in yo-yo and in English it was red ham and eggs but doesn’t feel very well tonight honestly I love this place pardon me much for my chocolate intake i dented my debate for whatever not already mechanism and put the place is really lovely and I will never call you when you’re coming in my room when I see ya yes we’re going Hey the first is okay ha ha ha yes I know you’re hungry we are coming in very hungry and you get enough so we’ve ordered our breakfast a little waited for its calm however there was not be we’re having our coffee and with the beach’ for breakfast not me it’s not me you love me so that it doesn’t my dear I have to [Music] big boys breakfast nacho cheese bacon scrambled egg this one’s actually making taking this one from the place I like that and being happy what does that have that we have something to we finished our breakfast and we’re going to the beach to check out how the Sun and my lens actually this is teaming up toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss toss a really nice design is called giving us we’re pretty much like a British show this kind of rock what I’m going to be able to carry okay hold on a minute guitar basic it is hard even to our basic pretty British – I remember this kind of see on the end of month let me rock lovely what is very dangerous one can sleep down on this work look at the water there’s what is water very nice come on addition the Canisius is throw in a net and fishing with the net you do more for more fish insane [Music] yeah peak wow I see you I’m not sure that does this very well with the optics working on that both sides I was actually thinking they are some terrific sides but I think it’s a sufficient ecological study you know you got to transfer so we are live in the lovely place [Music] I’m sure they come back someday let me go past me [Music]

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