Access Bars – What Can Change?

I remember the first
time I had my Bars run. I had so much pain
and contraction in my body that when I had my Bars run it was this
energy that had been lacking for my body re-entering in a way
that was just so invigorating. After the session I sat up
and it literally felt like everything around me was just air,
like my body was just air, the air around me was just air. I hadn’t felt that lightness
of being since I was a little kid. What’s most impressive
for me is the change I can see when somebody gets up from the
massage table after getting their Bars run. It’s so much easier, so much lighter. It will give you a sense
of peace with your body, it will give you a
possibility to be the invitation for everything that you are asking for. It can change your
relationship to your body, your relationship to your money,
your relationship to your friends. Access Bars is a
really amazing modality for changing pretty much anything
in your life that you feel stuck with.

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