A Walk-Through Of Riu Dunamar Resort In Cancun Mexico – Sister Property Of Riu Palace Costa Mujeres

We’re going to walk over now and tour the
Riu Dunamar.
The Dunamar is on the
north side, the north edge of the Riu Palace Costa Mujeres.
And it’s just separated by
the Splash Water World park. And there’s
an easy walkway to get there right
along the beach.
It’s nice and wide, and fairly flat, so really a nice easy walk
between the two. It’s not very far
between them. So you might want to check
both of them out when you’re here.
And here’s th e beach on the Dunamar side.
Looks very nice. Lots of trees, lots of
Very nice sand here.
This is the Water Sports Center over on the Dunamar property.
So you can do all kinds of things. You can go diving, go on a jungle tour.
Snorkeling. You can rent Waverunners.
They can even hook you up with a Dolphin Encounter.
This is one of the Dunamar’s pools. Looks
like a zero-entry pool over there.
It still has the beds in the pool.
Still has the shades up that you can use.
This is more of a kids pool.
So there’s definitely little kids over
here playing in the pool.
And this might
be the one maybe with the swim-up bar.
We’re gonna go see.
Oh, there is a swim-up bar over here.
So, this is, I would call it probably the more the adult pool.
And maybe that went over there more the kid pool, since it has a bar.
It’s called the Mezcal.
And there’s another pool over
there. Looks like a sport pool.
Looks like they might have the water volleyball going on over there.
This is their actual fit class. Looks like
they’re doing some stretching.
And now we’re going to come over to the
quiet pool. So they still have the pool
beds over here.
So again they’ve got lots of chairs.
You don’t have to fight for a chair like
some resorts that don’t have enough chairs.
This one has plenty of chairs.
So this is the sport pool.
Right now looks like they’re playing keep-away!
There’s another tequila bar pool . So they
technically have five pools here, too.
There’s a place over here, where if you
don’t want to be in the pool to order
drinks, you can also sit over here and get
something to drink.
Okay, so now let’s walk up to the lobby and see what the
grounds look like.
Really pretty!
So far what I’ve seen, I like. Very clean.
Seems like there’s always somebody cleaning, isn’t there.
Every room has a balcony or patio.
So we’re gonna walk this way,
thinking this is the way to the lobby.
Let you get a view of the grounds.
So they’ve probably got ocean view rooms
here, but it is set back pretty far, so
I’m not sure. Here on the third floor
maybe you could see the ocean. This one
has five floors.
The Riu Palace Costa Mujeres is our hotel. And this hotel is a
sister property, the Riu Dunamar.
This is their stage where they have their
outdoor shows. This is huge.
I haven’t looked to see how many rooms are here.
There are 600 rooms at ours, but I’m thinking this is pretty similar.
So there’s their little gift shop. That’s
called the Pier 27.
This is Pacha, the disco. It’s not open
right now. That was right next to the
Pier 27 gift shop.
This is Bolero. It’s the bar this by the
outdoor theatre.
And we’re walking in to the lobby.
So this is probably, well it
looks like she’s over there right now,
but I don’t know if it’s open during the
day or if this is only at night. This is like a lobby bar.
There’s their tree.
Seems like the lobby is like turquoise and grays.
And then we’ll go
over here to the desk where you check in.
So it’s an open-air lobby. There’s where we walked out to the pool.
And there’s check-in. Check-in time is
really not till 3:00, but again like ours,
we got our room, what, Stan, within five
minutes of arriving, which is amazing.
This looks like an interactive TV screen
that shows what’s going on.
But a very pretty lobby. All in the turquoise, and the blacks, and the grays.
Okay, so we
checked in at the front desk, and yes,
this is not a Palace class, so like she
said, if you stay at the Riu Dunamar,
you have to,
you have to eat every meal over here. But
now if you stay at the Riu Palace Costa Mujeres resort, you
can eat breakfast or lunch here. You just
have to make sure you bring your own
towels. She said you do not get towel
service here. So, but for dinner you would
have to go back to the Riu Palace. And
you can use all the facilities here, use
the beach, whatever you want to do. The
bars, the restaurants.
Okay, so this is the Boardwalk.
They have a lot of sunglasses, really
good brands, Oakley, Michael Kors,
Coach, Ray Bans.
There’s the jewelry. There’s the clothes.
Hats. Costume jewelry. Toys.
I love the painted pottery. T-shirts are
running $15.
That’s a cute one.
Just off the lobby there is Sports Bar 24.
So it looks nice. It’s early in the morning
11 o’clock, so he’s not too busy.
Always cleaning! That’s why this place looks so nice.
Just like a true sports bar, there’s
TVs, quite a few them around. And there’s
food that you can have 24 hours a day.
Chips and bread, and hotdogs.And sandwiches in there. There’s no charge for those those. Those are included. You can
just grab a salad or sandwich.
There’s the bar area.
There’s also a couple of
computers and a printer here to use.
Cool picture on the ceiling.
There’s also a couple of pool tables, three pool tables. It’s a nice area.
Guests have access to it 24 hours a day.
Also down the hallway from the lobby is
the gym and spa entrance through there.
Renova I believe it’s called.
And it looks like the Dunamar has five
restaurants, themed restaurants. And then
six bars spread throughout the property.
The restaurants seem to be kind of in a
row there so that’s handy that’s
Just to the left of the
check-in desk in the lobby, you can walk
down here, and get to the row of
restaurants. They all seem to be kind of
in a row down here. This one is Bamboo.
Maybe a little bit of a look inside. It’s
not open right now.
Asiatico – Asian restaurant. Lots of
different dishes there that you can have.
And it shows that they’re open every day.
To the left of it is Pompeya. Italiano.
Italian food.
A little bit of a look.
They’re open every day.
And keep on going.
This is the Kulinarium. A few different
types here of food. Fusion, maybe,
call it. Open every day.
Keep going. And there’s Isla Mujeres – Mexican restaurant.
This looks like a buffet in here. So on
the very end of the restaurant row, next
to the pools, and then out to the beach,
is this buffet area.
Big seating area.
The Steakhouse is also in this area. This is the Restaurante Las Brasas.
It’s part of Las Brasas. This would be open for dinner. It’s nice to be able to look at
that while you’re eating.
The Riu Dunamar is a very nice-looking resort.
Looks very clean. It is kept clean all the time.
And it has clean modern lines.
And a stark architecture. But it looks
very good.
A lot of white!
A directory to where the restaurants are.
They have very good signage.
Here’s the beach area.
It’s very pretty, and its got that
really nice smooth sand, like talcum
powder sand.
And they have several rows
of trees and lots of lounges.
You don’t have to fight for a beach chair. Yeah. I don’t think you have to fight for a beach chair, there’s plenty of them and lots of room for them to spread out.
So the waves are
kind of rough. And it’s a red flag day as
far as warnings.
A little bit of seaweed out here, but
that’s just a product of the weather.


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