(Arabian music) – Uh, Banksy really said luxury rooms in a gated community. Let’s go check in. (heavy beat music) Where’s your guys’ welcome drink? – Where’s mine? (laughing) I took it already in the morning. – There you go. This is just the elevator’s natural state. Oh, oh my God. There she is! (upbeat music) (Arabian music) That’s where I’m sleeping. Because Israeli’s have
suffered years and years of religious persecution
they wanted to come to Israel ’cause they felt it was their safe space since it was close to the Holy Land. But then of course that basically pissed off a lot of
Palestinians who were here. Because so many religions feel like they have the right to be here, that’s why there’s so much controversy over who’s land it is. Israel feels like there’s a threat from other neighboring Muslim
countries so they built the wall. Whereas Palestinians are like why are you building a wall on my land? Banksy’s an artist, by the way. He’s a graffiti street artist and he tries to make
statements with his art. Hence this hotel called The Walled Off. Right, so the dorms here are in the style of military barracks because in Israel after high school you have
to go to the military. This is a checklist,
like military checklist. Bunk F. It’s mandatory for guys ages 18 to, well yeah whenever you finish high school for three years approximately and then for women, for two years. There’s so many goodies here. Like first off, that
fricking key got me good This is the key. It is a piece of the wall. And then second, there’s an envelope here, we got one here, I even got
some q-tips, need those. And you know, Banksy doing this is probably pissing so many people off on both sides, really. One side’s probably like
oh you’re mocking this, you’re trying to normalize the wall. But then on the other hand, he’s bringing awareness to an issue, he’s bringing awareness to the area. Welcome to the life of travel vlogging. We go to places most people
would look at us like oh they’re just here to take
a pretty Instagram picture and then they leave. As a travel vlogger I feel like that’s not the reason I do things, I’m going because I’m genuinely
curious, I’m here to learn. And yes by posting an Instagram picture it may look superficial to you but that is going to bring more good to the world than wrong. You can’t even see if
people are in there or not. (electronic music) Wait, can I record myself? Just me. I won’t put your face on it. Oh, now you wanna be on camera? – When you started talking, you know like you want to record
and I don’t understand why and who you are in the beginning. – Have you met Israelis before? – [Man] Sure. – What do you think of Israelis? – [Man] You know,
– Your average Israeli. – Humans are humans, and the
human experience is the same. Unfortunately, the Israeli government is injecting their citizens
with a blind fear. Mainly the most Israeli
we meet is soldiers – [Damon] I mean yeah, they’re… at checkpoints because Israelis
are not allowed to come to part of the West Bank and we are not allowed to go to the other side. You know, my aunt and my uncle is only five miles from here,
I need a permit to visit them. – I was gonna try to go to Ramala. And if you look on Google Maps it takes an hour and 20 minutes I think? If you go through the West Bank. But if you go through Jerusalem. – [Man] 20 minutes. – 20 minutes, but you guys can’t do it ’cause you can’t go…
– [Man] Right. We are not allowed. – [Damon] So that is a
settlement over there. – [Man] Yeah, in the back. – [Damon] So why would they want to settle in a place that’s not, why couldn’t they just settle in Israel. – [Man] The issue is the land. They want to steal more land. – I’ve met some Israelis. Actually, every Israeli that I’ve met has been super open-minded and curious. But it’s like there are these governments standing in the way and
each government’s trying to make the other one hate each other. I just think extreme nationalism
and extreme radicalism in any case is very dangerous. Are there people in
that tower right there? – Sure, there’s always two
military there in that tower. – [Damon] I wonder what
they think in the tower. Like I wonder if they’re
like this is ridiculous. – You know if you have more time to spend you can see them opening the windows and throw their trash. And they don’t call us
Palestinians, they call us Arabs. So we are Palestinians, and
we are Arab Palestinians. – [Damon] What should I call you? Palestinians. – I am a Palestinian, yes. I am a Palestinian. You know we don’t want
to live with hatred, we don’t want to live with anger. America has been the
main supporter for Israel since 1948 and 70 percent of this money was going to the military aid. I’m not happy with your politics, but – I’m not happy with our
politics as an American. – [Man] Yeah. – It’s always the people who say they don’t speak good English
who speak the best English. Okay. Okay so two things. Why is it always the woman
that’s making the tea? I appreciate it. I just have never seen a man make tea. I think it’s interesting that he mentioned that his solution was to have
a one state two part society. – [Man] One state for two
nations with equal rights. Democracy and equal rights. With right of return for
Palestinian refugees. – You think that would
be more peaceful than a two state solution.
– [Man] Sure. – I would have thought it
would have been the other way. Number three, went back to
the hotel to get a coat. And at the front desk there were these two tourists and they were like “We don’t have our passports, “are they gonna check for our passports “when we go back into Israel?” And I’m like you freaking idiot. Also, just take your passport
if you’re crossing borders. Now I’m hungry so let’s
go find some falafel. (praying on loudspeakers) Ya’ll this is so sad. I accidentally bumped into somebody. And I was like oh excuse me sorry. And because my camera was down by my side he thought I was carrying something and because I look more Israeli than Arab he was genuinely scared that
I was going to do something. – Oh, it’s one shekel. – [Man] No, no. – Blue sign. Thank you! I don’t care what country you’re from, what your government does,
no matter what country. There are good people everywhere. (jazz music) (laughing) Somebody said I was beautiful and then said something in Arabic and then they all started laughing. It’s all good. So this is the Church of Nativity which is believed to be
the birthplace of Jesus. Yeah, even if you’re not religious you can still come and see
it as a museum type deal Thing is, there’s no video
photography allowed inside so I’ll just put up some
Google pictures right now. (praying on loudspeakers) Whew. – You stay in this hotel? – Yeah. How long does that go on? – What, the hotel? – No how long does the
prayer, call to prayer. – Ah, about three minutes, four minutes. After this voice ten
minutes the prayer starts. – So you have to live close. What if you live far away? – A lot of mosques
around, not just this one. Oh okay, okay. I’m doing a video, you can keep going. Is that Bethlehem? – [Driver] No this is Jewish settlement. – [Damon] That’s a settlement. – [Driver] Yeah, Jerusalem. – [Damon] Okay, so maybe
it’s not so beautiful. (laughing) – And here you see
another kind of the wall. Not building, – But one day, maybe? No. – Not religion, you don’t
like the religious places? – Well I mean you have
to if you’re coming here. I’m curious, yes I’m interested. Very, yeah. Yeah. Me, three or four minutes. No, I’m just kidding. Where would you live if
you could live anywhere? You get homesick? You miss your family? Oh. – There’s one. When I go to work I miss him. – Aw. (piano music) (people eating and talking) Okay Palestine. I just met one of my hostelmates and he was from Berlin so I got to use my very
very schlect Deutsch. I was like (speaking German) Alright basically he went to the Dead Sea so I think it’s a sign that tomorrow I need to go to the Dead Sea. So when I travel I always try to capture the daily life there. I also go to the touristy things but I don’t think it’s
as interesting to film as stuff like this. Like me logging onto Tinder right now and seeing like, alright ya’ll I gotta turn my phone for this. My phone can’t be dying for this one. Three miles away. 35 miles away, like who’s
trying to drive 35 miles? Yeah when I was in Tel Aviv I
tried doing my Tinder passport and putting it here in the West Bank but they don’t let you. I don’t know who’s controlling this but you’re not allowed to
and I think it’s because they don’t want Israelis and Palestinians to be talking to each other ’cause maybe it’d just be too peaceful. But now that I’m here in
Bethlehem in the West Bank there are people four miles away. Oh, city of Jerusalem is only
three or four miles away. Oo, okay Jonathan. But I’m not really here for
that, so see ya tomorrow. I had to see what’s available on Netflix wait is this the third season? Look, Palestinians want to
watch Ellen DegGeneres too. And if you’re new here, just know this is not a political channel. I never set out to be a political figure. I am here to create entertainment because I believe no matter
what country we come from or whatever our political
views, religious views we can all be united in
the name of entertainment. Back to Friends. Good morning YouTube. Let’s go that way. Thought I’d start my morning off at a ripe 8:30 a.m. walking along the wall looking at the art before
everyone gets here. Also, I love this, we’re all humans. I feel like people have this idea that just because we’re born some place means that we have some sort
of right that we’ve earned to travel certain places, to
be able to do certain things. When it’s like you did not
choose where you were born. It’s actually not fair. (slow singing) These watchtowers, like
let me put the camera down. Both sides of this conflict
have shown violence. The extremist groups for both sides, the radicals are really
messing it up for everybody. Once there’s violence from one side everyone on the other side is like I want a bigger wall. I just feel like any wall you build it, you put a little
fence up from your neighbor Okay, like you’re thinking of the now but think about the children
or teenagers growing up here who haven’t fully
developed themselves yet. They’re thinking oh this wall’s here because it needs to be there. Which means I should probably not like the person over there. So you’re growing up with
this prejudice already. And if anything that’s the
most dangerous part to me because then this conflict
will last generations. (electronic music) Wow, this just got stuck to my shoe. This is barbed wire. (man talking on loudspeaker) So in the cemetery where our
tour guide’s parents are buried and it’s so so so disrespectful because up at the watchtower, I mean these are kids
who are in the military, they’re obligated to go
from their government and they think it’s funny so
they just throw their trash but they’re throwing it on a cemetery. Super disrespectful and also
it’s like you’re not helping. Also, that’s happening. I have lots of questions. – [Driver] No problem. Feel like this is your car and we are friends traveling together. – So the Jewish settlers
in that settlement are mainly you say American and Russian. – [Driver] Yes. – What is their perspective? Like why would they build
that from their point of view? – [Driver] They did not build
those settlements actually. The Israeli government
built the settlements and they gave good offers for the Jews from America and Russia
to invite them here. They bring them here, actually they give them
like half prices let’s say – Oh, okay. – [Driver] To bring them here. They said to them “We have to
protect our land from Arabs.” – I see and to build their population. – [Driver] Yeah, exactly
they want high population. – ‘Cause they’re probably good people, they just don’t… – [Driver] We don’t care,
as I told you, listen. The problem here not religious at all. The problem just politics. – It’s land, yeah. – [Driver] Yeah, but you know since 2002 I applied for going to Jerusalem, I applied 40 times. – To go to Jerusalem, for a permit? – [Driver] To go to
Jerusalem half an hour. From that line it’s not possible. – Very, very strange. That makes no sense at all because I have no connection to this land and I was able to go
there, there, there, there. – [Driver] Actually, it’s not fair at all. – So what is the solution to you. What do you think could
happen to make it better. – [Driver] Well, that’s a hard question. – [Damon] What could they
do to make it better? – [Driver] To make it better actually they could make two state solution. Two state solution is
good solution actually. To live in peace side by side together. – [Damon] Yeah, that sounds great. – That’s what we need. But tell us how. Israel occupied Palestine in 1948. – So I was on the other tour,
that’s the reason I’m late. And somebody asked if Palestine has a military to defend yourselves. – [Driver] Yeah? – Do you? – [Driver] We have a military, yeah. – But aren’t they doing that to you? – [Driver] Yes. – Why hasn’t the international community stepped in and actually handled it? Is it for business reasons? – [Driver] Mostly business reasons, yeah. – What would the business reasons be? Just they want to develop
the land, tourism? – [Driver] Yes. – So why wouldn’t they
work with the Palestinians? – [Driver] The most of
Europeans are with Palestinians but especially American and U.K. they are standing with Israel. – Israel, yeah. And why? – [Driver] Especially with Donald Trump. With Donald Trump he’s
like I move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What’s his business for that? I imagine you know there is conflicts between Palentinian and Israelian – About Jerusalem, especially. – [Driver] About Jerusalem especially and you put gas in the fire. – Oh, well that’s Donald Trump. That’s Donald Trump all the time. – [Driver] People like you, I’m
happy to see people like you American see in your eyes
what’s going on here. We are not terrorists as Palestinians. We’d like to live in peace with Israel. But tell us how. Most American people they
are afraid to come here. They think we are as Palestinians
not safe country here. But to be honest, that’s not true at all. Palestine is a safe country. It’s safer than some states in America. – And what do you do for fun? When you don’t wanna think about all that. What about when you’re not working? When you’re working,
you’re talking about it. I’m sure you wanna not talk
about it once in a while. Do you have a favorite tv show or music? – [Driver] Music is,
Palestinian music is good. This is all that I know Palestinian. (upbeat music) – We’re the only ones here basically. The view as I get out of my taxi. (Arabian music) What did you eat for breakfast? – [Driver] Breakfast? Like hummus, falafal. – Hummus for breakfast? – [Driver] Yeah, hummus, falafal,
chickpeas and fava beans. – For breakfast? I didn’t know that was a breakfast food. I have a friend who only
eats hummus in California, she would love it here. – [Driver] In front of
us, this is the biggest Israeli settlement in West Bank. – [Damon] Uh oh, with
solar panels on the roof. – [Driver] What’s different between this building and that building? There’s a water tank. The entrance of the settlement’s here if I turned the car to the right side, – Yeah, let’s not do that. Let’s keep going straight. Yeah, maybe later. Oh. I didn’t know if there would
be aggressions on the highway between Palestinian license plates and Israeli license plates. – [Driver] This is the oldest
city of the world, Jericho. – Well here I am at the
lowest place on Earth and the oldest place on Earth and I’m just wondering
where’d the city go? I do have a cynical travel side sometimes because I come to these locations and I feel like either there
could be more done for tourism or it just doesn’t really
need to be visited. ‘Cause I’m here but it’s
honestly just a walking path. Like, why isn’t this being used? There’s nothing on this sign. There’s nothing on this sign. There’s nothing on that sign and there’s nothing on that sign. So where did the city go? – [Driver] Oh, the city of Jericho? – Yeah.
– [Driver] Earthquake. – Earthquake. And then they built the city over there. They didn’t wanna rebuild it? – [Driver] How they can
build old city, my brother? – I mean they’ve rebuilt
so many other old cities. – [Driver] I know but
this is very complicated. This is the first city and
the oldest city of the world. This is your sandwich. – Oh. I can’t believe you got
this for me, thank you. – [Driver] No problem, brother. – It’s falafal? – [Driver] Yeah. – Yum. (electronic music) This could be dangerous so
let me get it on camera. Okay. Alright. To everyone who told me that the Dead Sea is
always warm year-round this is the most cold
water I’ve ever been in. – [Driver] You don’t
need to know swimming, just sleep in the water. – I did not come all
this way to not go in. I can be cold for two seconds. – [Driver] You’ll get mud
from the sea on your body. Sit in the sun about 20
minutes, half an hour after that till you make shower. You’ll feel you have new body. – It’s not looking
good, my skin’s all red. (exhaling) I have so many things to say. Like a lot, the first one
is let me clean this off. I’ve been writing notes in my notepad to try to think this one out. This is what I wrote. Here’s why each side is pissed off. As an Israeli, you’re a good person and haven’t done much wrong
just by being where you are. You may have voted a certain
way and did all you could, you’re required to go to the
military by your government thus enabling this to happen. You also feel like you
have a right to this land after suffering years and
years and years of persecution in Europe you wanted your
own homeland over here. As a Palestinian, you’re
like I’ve been here for so damn long so back up off my land. We can talk about doing this peacefully and each having our own part
but you’re abusing your power and now you’re cutting
into our land even more via your settlements and
you’re using military force to do so and that’s freaking wrong. There’s a strong feeling
of resentment in Palestine, something that I’m not sure if repairable. Because I’m an American,
there seemed to be some justified anger
toward me and my country. That being that the tear gas canisters are literally made in the U.S.A. Also the fact that Trump moved
the U.S. Embassy of Israel to Jerusalem, therefore
solidifying his belief that Jerusalem belongs in Israel. Also as you make your way
through Israel and Palestine you see signs that are like “A gift from the American people” for certain projects that
were developed there. And from the Palestinian point of view apparently that has stopped, all the funding that would go
to Palestine has now stopped and now it all goes to Israel. There’s a lot here. This reminds me of the Hunger Games. You have borders, and
checkpoints, and cameras run by the Israeli military. And by that I mean
fresh out of high school 18 to 23 year olds who
are required to be there from the Israeli government. Whether they wanna be
there or not, I don’t know. I’m sure some of them are
defending Israelis from danger and I’m sure other ones are
just throwing their trash onto the Palestinian side. I’ve been to Tel Aviv and
I’ve been to Jerusalem and most Israelis are living a great life far removed from the struggle. So like, ya’ll I’m good. And then you have the
Palestinians who basically are watching their land
shrink in size before them. They also have a huge wall
bordering a lot of their cities. So you’re constantly looking
at it and being demoralized. And then it doesn’t
help that on both sides you have extreme religion. These Israeli settlements look
like great places to live. They’re gated communities
with supermarkets, shopping malls, there
are Israeli-only roads and they’re all within the West Bank which I thought was already decided that that is for Palestine? If anybody is wondering what
a checkpoint looks like, from my experience today
I went through three. Excuse me? Checkpoint. Okay, thank you. Okay, the checkpoint,
I just walked through. Had my passport in hand they just went and I’m like does that mean I can go? Because I see a camera right there and I’m not trying to
be accused of anything. They didn’t check my bag,
they didn’t check my passport, they didn’t even really look at me. But I don’t know if it’s like
that for everybody, so don’t. When you’re driving your car,
there are certain checkpoints where the Israeli military are. And they just stand
there and they might stop one every 50 cars. For the most part you’re
just like zoom by. Apparently they’ll ask for your ID card just to make sure you are who you are, probably just to hassle you. When I left the West Bank
I had to cross through the checkpoint once again. First off there are no
signs in the terminal, I was the only one in there. Finally when you find the
right turnstile to walk through then there are two Israeli soldiers in like a dark booth
playing on their phones. Then you cross a little street,
you go into another terminal and there’s one person in there, he’s also on his phone
and then he looks up he said passport check, I
have an American passport and then he just waved me through. Didn’t check it. To me the solution seems like stop building the
settlements in the West Bank where you already decided that was not gonna be your territory. If you really want your beautiful suburbs, gated communities, just build it in Israel and then Israel would look even prettier. Palestinians would be happier
because they wouldn’t feel as if Israel was constantly
trying to bully them. Leave a comment below, there’s a lot to comment in this video. Just also know, again this
is not so black and white. If you are pro-Palestinian,
that doesn’t mean that everything Israel stands
for is horrific and horrible. And if you are pro-Israeli, also know that some things that the government
is doing is super fishy. All I can say is that I
think a visit to Israel and a visit to Palestine
are both necessary. I know I got a lot of hate
on my personal Instagram for saying I wanted to go to Israel. I don’t take that back at all. I met the best people, also it’s the gay capital
of the Middle East so like let me support for that aspect. There’s too much here. There’s way too much for me to be like yeah I’m pro-this and pro-that. Nope, not gonna do it, not gonna do it. Okay, so in the description
box below there are plenty of links, some are pro-Israeli, some are pro-Palestinian,
some are objective. If you wanna watch more videos, there are cards up here
for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Subscribe to our channel,
leave a comment below and I’ll see you next time. That was rough. But again, I’m not a black
and white kind of guy. I’m a white guy. No. But everybody also wants their land. Who does the land belong to? – The land belongs to God. – [Damon] Okay. – We are all the sons of God. – There’s this struggle. When you travel you want every country to do their own thing. I believe everyone
deserves their own place, their own nationality, and
I think that should happen. But then it’s like, do
I really wanna support countries who wouldn’t support me? So what else do you do for fun? Do you have kids? – Yeah. – Shesha. (laughing) And also when you go from
the West Bank to Jerusalem, Jerusalem feels like New York City. There are modern trams passing by, I ate at a vegan restaurant
the second I got back here. So all Israelis can go to any beach but can all Palestinians go to any beach? – [Driver] No.
– No. How do I say thank you? – Shukra. – Oh, I knew that. I knew that. – But forget. I forget, yes.


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