A Coworker Caught My Eye | Luv Pub | Season 1 – EP.02 (Click CC for ENG sub)

Here is the Spicy Chicken Feet
you ordered! We also want that! One Spicy Chicken Feet here too! -Here!
-Spicy Chicken Feet! -Here!
-Spicy Chicken Feet! Luv Pub earns a lot of money
thanks to her. She deserves my respect! Stop talking nonsense
and get back to work. That’s why you’re still single. What did you say? It was a joke. Yes. I’m coming! Why do you look so serious? Customers would not come in
if you don’t smile. Don’t you think
your outfit is inappropriate? Isn’t it difficult to work
in high heels? Not at all. It’s actually very comfortable. Are you okay? I’m sorry. Why do you look embarrassed? What? It’s because
of your heels. What’s wrong with my heels? Why? Are they too sexy? Shut up! What’s with him? Heart-pounding moments
come without any warning. Should I go or stop? (Closed) (Open) (Episode Two: Go-Stop) (Applying for Leave of Absence) Hi, Mom. If you ask me where I am now, I must say, I’m at school. I have an important class
for my major. I can’t go home
because I have exams nowadays. Where else can I go? I have to stay up all night
at the library. There’s always
a moment of choice. We should decide whether
we should go or stop. It’s up to yourself
making a decision, but sometimes the choice
determines the future. This is boring. (Military Manpower
Administration) Naturally, at the very moment when
you make the decision, you can’t foresee what’s
going to happen in the future. Darn it! They’re so annoying. They don’t even know manners
when it comes to playing games. What are you looking at? Should I teach them a lesson? All hail to the strongest man Stop singing. Hey! I bought this… for you. Do you want to see it? What is that? This is… Roach killer. This is what I needed! I have two of those at home.
And I brought one here. This is my mom’s favorite one.
She says it’s really effective. Thank you! I don’t have
to spend money on it now. What kind of roach killer
costs 15 dollars? Are there many cockroaches
at your place? Why don’t you call that company
where they kill bugs for you? Don’t even talk about that. I asked my landlord for it. He said his wife told him, tenants should pay for it. Your life seems so tiring
these days. First, your friend, Ji Yoo,
has quit… and then that thing happened
with that guy… Why do you bring that up
all of a sudden? By the way, now… you’re talking to me so casually
even when I’m older than you. Oh, my. It’s time to go back. Yes, that thing back then. On that day, Ha Yeon decided she’ll never date anyone
no more… No, that’s not true! I’m now only 22 years old. Anyway, there’s always
a moment of choice. One must be responsible and pay
the price for that choice. They haven’t yet realized it,
though. You do it. You do it. You. No, you do it. Why me again? Today it’s your turn,
so get on to it right now. I’m wearing a new pair of shoes. Can you do it today, please? You said you bought new shoes
last time. And again? Listen to me. You don’t know anything
about fashion. This pair of shoes is very rare. Nonsense. To be fair, let’s decide
by rock-scissors-paper. Rock-scissors-paper! Here. Do you have any idea how
expensive they are? You should have stepped back. Do you want to fight with me? Stop acting up. Both of you. Don’t you know what will happen
if you fight at Luv Pub? Darn. (In Hu Park as “Si Hwan Jung”) (Bi Ra Hong as “Ga Yeong Yoo”) (Bo Sung Cha as “Jae Hyuk Han”) (Bo Ra Kim as “Ha Yeon Baek”)


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