90 Second Nerd Board Game Review: Miraris by Japanime Games

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90 Second Nerd
Hey, it’s Nick and Dallas with 90 Second Nerd. I
think this is our first time doing a
review together isn’t it? It’s kind of
It is. So today we’re gonna look at
Miraris, which is part of the Domina
Trilogy from Japanime Games now on
Kickstarter. Our 90 seconds start now.
Miraris is a set collection deductive game.
That was one thing I liked about the
more deduction there was in the game the
more opportunities that work for
bluffing. And you love bluffing/deduction
games. I’m usually not a fan, surprisingly
I really liked this game though. For me
it wasn’t as much about trying to lie
the other person, as it was trying to
figure out what they were gonna do
before they knew it. It’s very similar to
Go Nuts For Donuts which is a weird
thing to say. You know one thing that I
think helps you know offset kind of that
bluffing/deduction part that you may not
like, is the character cards. So you get
three at the beginning of the game, you
select one and they have these variable powers
that you can use for end-game scoring. And
the character powers are so unique, so
that’s one of things I liked – it made me
immediately want to play again to use a
different power and see how it worked.
It actually kind of defined your
strategy a little bit. Other than the
character cards everyone’s on an even
playing field. Everyone starts with a
hand of nine cards and the game is
played over eight rounds where you use
one of those nine cards each round. Once
you use it, you can’t use it anymore so
as you see your opponent’s playing the
cards you know if you see them playing
a five you know that five is not going
to be showing back up. The art in this
game is kind of split in two different
ways we have the character cards, which
have their unique anime style and then
we have the wonders, which are these
locations and they’re really beautiful
almost like watercolor painting of these
spots. The art looks great, it plays great.
It plays fast it, makes you immediately want
to play it again.
It’s definitely something I would want
to buy. You can do it on Kickstarter
right now with this whole trilogy of
games. Yeah we’ve included the link below
in the comments. My name is Dallas. I’m
Nick and our 90 seconds are up. Be
sure to LIKE and subscribe. We’ll see you
next time. Cue the outtakes.
You would say? Yeah.

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