888ride: Jennifer Tilly Answers Poker Questions for Cash

– Welcome to a special
edition of 888 Ride. We’re here in Las Vegas, for the 50th Annual World Series Of Poker. Picking up poker players and taking them to the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and today is a special day because today we’re picking up Jen Tilly. (upbeat music) Let’s go get her. You guys ready? Jen. – Oh my God, David. How are you?
– I’m good. – It’s so good to see you. – Yeah you too, thank you so much. – Oh I’m so excited, free ride to the Rio. – Jen Tilly. – All right. – What are you playing today? – I am playing the P-L-O, the 10K PLO or Plo as my boyfriend, Phil, calls it. I’m very excited cause you get twice as many cards so there’s
twice as much opportunity but it’s very swingy games so, it’s a lot of excitement,
a lot of big pots. – For the 50th Annual
World Series Of Poker, 888 is bringing out all the stops. – Awesome. – And we have a, you can win cash. – Oh, cash!
– I seriously, – I love cash, cash is so good. – Good, I have a series of questions that you have to answer correctly. You have to answer all of them correctly And if you do, you win, – Look at all this.
– Ooh, oh! And I can run that up, you know I can. – Oh no doubt, $500. (upbeat music) Okay, so are you ready for your questions? – Yes I am. – So, a couple of rules though. – If you get stuck on a question, – Right. – You get a couple of 888 free rolls. – Oh my gosh. – What you have is
– I’m so nervous, I wish Phil was here.
– Eight seconds to use your phone
– Right. – To quickly look up the answer. – My phone, my cell phone.
– But you only have eight seconds. – Where is it, where is it? Okay, I got it, I got a phone. – Are you ready? – Yes, I’m not even good
at looking things up. I’m so bad.
– Okay. I have one, I have a
little bit of bad news. – What’s that? – If you win, you get $500 – Yes. – If you lose, not only
do you not get $500, but this ride ends and I
drop you off wherever we are. – Oh my God, what? You mean I have to walk in Las Vegas? – First one’s easy. – Okay, please let it be easy. – Who won the 2005 Women’s
No Limit Hold’em bracelet? – Oh that was me, Jennifer Tilly, world famous actress. Yes, 2005 I won $157,000, won a gold bracelet, wore it all Summer. Wow, that was a wonderful
memory, thank you for that. – Okay, let’s keep going. – Okay. – Number two. Who finished runner up
to Chris Moneymaker? (Jennifer squealing)
in the 2003 World Series Of Poker main event? – Okay it was that raisy-daisy guy right? Farha, Sammy Farha. – Nice, two for two. – Geez, oh my God, I’m so nervous, okay. – Okay, easy here. – Yes.
– One of your “Bride of Chucky” co-stars was
the late great John Ritter. His defining role was playing what character on “Three’s Company”? – Jack Tripper!
– Of course, easy. – He was such a nice guy, really nice guy. – What is your highest
rated movie according to the popular movie rating
site Rotten Tomatoes? – I don’t know, I don’t
know, I don’t know. – What is your highest rated
movie on Rotten Tomatoes? – Okay so, (mumbling) Bullets Over Broadway? (chimes ringing)
– Yes! – Okay, I’m just like well
– You got it. – it got nominated for
an Academy Award for that and Woody Allen made it and. – You’re voice of Bonnie on Family Guy, – Yes.
– What year did Family Guy – (screaming out) Oh, don’t.
– debut? – Oh no, don’t throw me out. Okay, all right, this is not the answer. I’m just, okay, in 2001 they called me up and said we want you to
start doing it again. Oh, I’m can look it up, I
think it might have been, – You’re gonna use one
– 1989, yeah, – of your 888 free rolls?
– Family Guy Family Guy, Wikipedia. Family Guy, okay, wait, hold on. It doesn’t say, it doesn’t
say, please don’t throw me out. Okay, Family guy, what the fuck? Okay I got it, I got it. Okay, it debuted January 31st 1999. January 31st 1999.
– It was more than eight seconds, but you know what,
I’m gonna give it to you. – Please yes, don’t ask me
those horrible questions. I wish Phil was here
cause Phil would help me. Cause he wanted to do with
me, Phil my boyfriend, Phil Laak, my boyfriend. But he’s not here, he’s grinding away. – Well here you go, this
is a good question then. – What year
– These probably, questions – Did Phil Laak
– getting harder and harder. – Win his only
– No! Don’t ask me, don’t ask me, oh my God I don’t know. Okay I have to look it up. Okay I can’t, no I can’t, I don’t. – Come on, we can work this through. – It won’t even say, Phil Laak, bracelet. – Were you guys together at the time? – Yes we were. Phil, he wouldn’t even know
honestly, Phil wouldn’t know. I remember he won it on my birthday. – Okay hurry up. – Okay hold up, bracelets won. Oh it doesn’t say. Oh 2010, September 16th 2010. – You got it right. – I know he won that bracelet ’cause it was my birthday
and we were in London. – Rounded to the nearest million, how much did Antonio Esfandiari win when he took down?
– $18 million. – Boom, drop the mic. – But, he didn’t own his, his didn’t have also, a–
– We know that – Yes, he’s a very good poker player. He terrifies me, he’s like one, I play with him on PokerGO and you know, when they have those
888 Poker After Darts, he’s one of the few people, he’s super fearless and he really puts me to the test every time. – 2005,
– Oh no, no, no. – Who won the bracelet? – No, no, no, no. – Who did you defeat Heads Up to win it? – Oh, I’m gonna look it up, but I’m pretty sure it was, – No, no, no, come on. – It was a little girl named,
I think her name was Anne-Lee, but I don’t know it was like a. – Anne-Lee! (screaming) – Yay! Oooh! Make it rain, yay! (laughing) I can’t believe I got that. She was so hard, she was
such a tough opponent. Yes, I had ace, seven and (murmurs) and she had king, queen, she went all in. I called, we were almost
even in chips and then I won. And this is the noise I made, waaaaaaaaaahhh! It’s my dream to win a bracelet and I won it the first year I went to the World Series of Poker. – We’re here.
– All right. – All right, listen, I would happily drive you back to Los Angeles. – Oh my god, this is
– I would drive you – so fantastic.
– to New York. – Thank you so much. That was fantastic, it was so much fun. I had no idea I was so smart. (laughing) Bye-bye, thanks.
– Bye Jen. – [Jen] See you next time. – Wow, Jen (beep) Tilly.


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