59-Year-Old Impregnating 16-Year-Old a Love Story?

also in grand rapids michigan crag
stanford’s defense attorney was able to
delay the inevitable for his client
asking that sentencing be scheduled for
uh… later of course crag stanford as a
fifty nine-year-old who says that
incriminating of a sixteen year olds
was not a crime
but instead
it was a love story
he pleaded no contest to the charges as
part of an agreement with prosecutors
were you also pleaded and no contest to
two counts of distributing sexually
explicit material
in addition to this active impregnate in
the sixteen-year-old under the agreement
stanford also have to register as a sex
offender is going to lose his teaching
certificate both seem
perfectly warranted mental illness right
i mean how people allowed story as
opposed to a crime
well this is on the mrs
would you know i mean i don’t even know
if you call this pedophilia
and the bride in might be depending on
the state
the state’s laws
but uh…
liberalism a preview bass and i think
your argument
their there a lot of situations in which
pedophiles say no like
the child was me like we will be just
like it’s a lot thing
i feel like this probably fifteen that
same category and yeah i would
mobile is not afraid to classified as
mental illness because that would open
the door to him being found it
based on
mental illness of course
and again nobody thing a disguise a
pedophile to grow sixteen but it gets us
into an interesting question
when you see an age disparity in
relationships let’s let’s assumed work
we’re not talking about any relationship
that is the legal according to a locket
heard about legal
what’s your barometer for what needs to
spare do you find to be
i don’t think that i think that’s a
because the state several laws no number
from kissing personally personally when
you hear someone who’s sixty
is marrying someone who’s twenty
or you’re someone who’s forty is
marrying someone who is twenty-three
everybody seems to have their own
reaction to what kind of age disparity
i think that someone is eighteen
it doesn’t matter how all the other
person is
i’m not saying it matters legally but
can you do you really think
vatican eight-year-old wants to marry
that’s fine everybody knows what’s going
on there
in a situation like that
you just don’t care you just think it’s
it’s you have no reaction to it i know i
know you’re saying it’s fine like if my
if my dad
married in eighteen year old for some
reason they he’s married to my mother
right i would say
but i wouldn’t ah… i would hate to
guide say
that’s probably dumbest thing you’ve
ever done save his social really what
you’re saying but so then all k that’s
that’s good we’re going to that
if they were only twenty five years
apart would you still think it was down
like that what they do difference do you
start thinking this guy’s any
i can i can so that i mean you have to
gauge that the person you have to gauge
the people and
their maturity level in there
intentions it’s just
it’s two tuesday could there be an s_l_
situation where
one of the individuals is is eighty and
one of the individuals twenty and you
wouldn’t think that it’s some kind of
aud or bizarre situation
impossible okay so if there’s a
sixty-year difference
then you’re thinking it’s weird
if its sixty-year difference there’s
there’s something financial going on but
about a hundred and forty-five
same thing project
what do you think about this i mean
there’s no set and so you know something
to get an impression about a couple
of the age difference may be part of it
ideally fifty nine sixteen
despicable you have a problem with that
they are pretty good idea iraq


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