5 Funniest Bingo Commercials Ever Aired – Hilarious Bingo Advert Top 5

Hello and welcome to our rundown of the 5
funniest bingo adverts. From the surreal,
to the revolting, bingo sites have tried every
kind of ad to convey why bingo is such a well
loved game. The following ads didn’t always
achieve that, but they did make us laugh.
Bingo 777 – The Happily Employed Bingo Ball
In fifth place, Bingo 777 get us off to a
good start by exploring the tribulations of
being a struggling bingo ball in the bingo
Sun Bingo – Bursting With Fun Ad Campaign
In their bursting with fun campaign, Sun Bingo
showed its fans taking their bingo fanaticism
to a whole other level. We’re not sure if
this one is funny or actually horrific.
Yeah, definitely siding with horrific here.
Lucky Bingo Star – Magic Box
We’re not entirely sure what’s going on
with this one, aside from the fact that someone
in upper management must have been holiday
when this got made.
Vegas.com – Double Vision
Vegas.com decided to go subtle with this strange
bingo ad.
Specsavers – Should’ve Gone To Specsavers
A bit of a hoodwink for you here, but it did
make us laugh. And it includes bingo so we’re
technically right.
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