#49 – Modified Bird’s Mouth Box… Spalted Blackjack Oak

Hey y’all. Welcome to the Messy Studio!
Come on in and see what’s going on.
Hi y’all. Well it seems my viewing
public has requested another turning
video. Something about flat work not
ringing their bell, I don’t know. I mean, I
prefer turning but there’s still a lot
of flat work type stuff that I need to
do. I still need to to finish my rolling
sheet goods rack and I’ve still got some
organization to take care of. But to
appease the public I’m gonna take this
little piece of hickory and attempt to
make a natural edge bowl. It’s only gonna
be about four inches across… no it could
be five. So come along with me and let’s
see what we do.
I started cutting into this and realized
that it’s not Hickory at all.
It’s blackjack oak… spalted
blackjack oak. It ought to be pretty. If we
can… see if we can keep the ho… hold the
bark on. I don’t know if I can. Even if I
can’t though, that natural edge is going
to be really pretty.
Well I decided I’m changing the design a
little bit. Made kind of a modified bird’s
mouth box. I’ll make a lid for it from
something else.
Lyle Jamieson likes to use face plates
only. He doesn’t like to put things in
chucks. So I thought I would try to
follow suit. I should have left it cut
with a tenon for the chuck… oh well. Live
and learn. Let this glue up overnight
and I’ll be back. Well I’d like it to be
a little more true than this but it’s
close and it’ll work.
So I’ll use a Forstner bit, drill it out
and then start hollowing.
Light touch on the tool… and if you
barely make contact, you can feel the
ridges. One of the reasons I like this
tool. You can feel all those ridges and
just work them out.
I’ll still have to use a scraper but…
this gets the lion’s share of the work
Oh yeah… much better… much much better! Fairly
consistent wall thickness. I’m a little
thick down here on the backside. I’ll see
if I can take some of that out now.
My Sorby Hollowmaster came with this
scraper. I don’t know if Tim knows this,
but it fits this bar.
So I’m gonna put this on here…
and I’m going to scrape the bottom…
and the sides.
Get a little cleaner cut.
Oh yeah, baby. Smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. Now the hard part is gonna be sanding this bottom.
Figure out what’s gonna work and I’ll be
back. We’ve got to refine this edge just
a little bit and get it down a little
bit further for the lid. Well my card’s
about full and you don’t want to watch
me sand. When I get it all sanded up I’ll
come back. This is gonna be the lid for
that natural edge box… I hope! That’s the
goal. That’s what I’m shooting for. If I
can keep it big enough. It is just barely
the right size to fit in the top of that.
I’m not real sure what kind of wood this
is. Somebody told me they thought it
might be hackberry. I don’t know. It’s
real tight grain and it’s hard dense
wood and I know it turns well. And it’ll
contrast nicely to the that blackjack
oak, I think. So let’s see what we can do
with it.
Well here it is. This is what it’s going
to look like. Inside is done. Got the
finish still drying. I’m gonna wait till
tomorrow or overnight before I part
this off and then I’ll turn it around
and decorate the bottom just like I did
this. I may do it later this afternoon I
don’t know. I still got to hit this with
one more coat of Yorkshire Grit on the
outside before I part it off. Then I’ll
turn it over and decorate the bottom. But
I kind of like it. I’ll be back.
I’ve got to be gentle with this so I
don’t tear the lip off. So
that means I’ve got to be really gentle
down here.
Everything is going to be a push…
gonna be pushing toward the headstock.
But I don’t have time to do that right now. I’ve gotta go take care of some business.
I’ll come back and hit this later.
In the mean time I’m gonna relax this grip just a little.
And I’ll be back.
Tighten that up just a little bit… I don’t want to break
And I’m gonna have to be gentle taking
this bottom out. And do all my pushing in
toward the lathe… toward the headstock.
Switch to a 3/8 bowl gouge.
Homemade point tool. It’s a six-inch blade
number three Phillips that I bought at
Lowe’s and I ground a three-sided
pyramid shape on the top. Works great!
So there it is. One lidded box. I’ll sign
the bottom, date it. Spray this with a
couple of coats of satin poly and put
some stills up at the end of the video.
But all in all I’m happy with it. It’s a
cute little box. Like I said I’ll put
some stills up at the end after I get a
couple of coats of poly sprayed on it.
You don’t need to watch me do that.
You’ve seen that before.
The reason the shop doors are closed
today is because a cold front blew in
last night. It’s down to about 51 outside
right now. That’s why yo… I’ve only got
one fan going. I don’t have to use my
zoom today I don’t think. The only reason
that fans going is to blow the sawdust
away from me so I don’t breathe it in. My
asthma’s acting up. I’ve really got to
get my dust collector plumbed. So thanks
for watching! I really appreciate it, folks!
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And y’all come back.


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