4 Simple Mistakes RUINING Your Poker Tournament Results

what’s up guys Doug pulk here wearing one of my six t-shirts they were going to talk about a question that I get asked constantly why don’t you call it poke your hands all right all right that’s not the question I’m going to bring up today the question I get asked is hey Dawg how come I always seem to get 20th or 15th or 10th when I play a poker tournament if I never seem to take the whole thing down and the answers that you’re probably making some mistakes which is what I prepared for things that you should be doing when you’re playing a poker tournament to make sure you give yourself the right chance to take the whole thing down now Before we jump into those four things I just want to say for a second here when you play huge field tournaments a big part of this is going to just be luck I mean oftentimes you’re going to exit the tournament in a way you can’t avoid the more people that are in a tournament less likely you’re going to win you’re not going to take my for tips like all right W stop man buying in for half my role because I got this no we don’t know exactly when we’re going to win obviously variance plays a huge role I’m just giving you advice to help you help give yourself a better chance to be able to win the whole tournament my first tip is something I’ve experienced firsthand against me but look when you’re playing against a player that’s more well known or you know they’re known for being a good player or they’re a famous player or you know they’re a good online player that’s you know well known in the online community any of those things the first and most important thing to do is not worry about it don’t be like oh I got to go after this guy I got to stay out of his way I got to make all these different plays no you should so just play your normal game now there are a few things that you can take into consideration based on some history match team you know online or on fire games or whatever like if you’re playing someone that’s known for you know the light we raise all and maybe you don’t three that one has himself so much but in general you want to make sure that you’re playing your ranges and not sweating those things I have seen such thing some disaster blow up hands before people play against well-known players and then they just do something because they target them or they try and stay away or whatever look good players get two cards just like you okay so you don’t have to be that afraid of them yeah they might play those cards better but that’s through you know folding correctly : correctly raised incorrectly not through just gonna you down whenever you do anything don’t be like all this guy’s so good gonna raise me every time a week he’s a bet when I’m weak if I bet I don’t know I’m going to do calm down he’s a person with two cards just like you so don’t make crazy moves just because you’re playing against somebody well-known my second tip is stop pretending like tournaments are cash games they’re not and what I’m really referencing is the existence of an ante now tournaments are a little misleading because it looks like it’s going to be a cash game there’s nine people you get dealt in you know it’s pretty similar situation so you might being kind to play it like you would a cash game they are not the same thing a tournament has an ante in the middle that in some cases can almost double the amount of preflop money you know what that means you have to get in there and go after it you have to raise wider you have to three bet more you have to call more you have to four bet more you got to go after that money because even though it doesn’t seem like a lot every hand you fold you actually lose an ante and you don’t need as good of odds to come into the pot preflop that means you should be firing in tournaments way harder than it you know in cash games may be a reasonable button race strategy in a cash game is to open down 50% but in a tournament 60 70 80 or more against type lines can be totally fine the same thing exists in all positions maybe in the big buy in the cash game you want to fend like 50 or 60% but in a tournament that widens a bunch as well depending on the size depending on a lot of factors so don’t pretend that you’re playing a cash game when you’re playing a tournament you’re not and you got to get in there and viciously fight for those antes a little side note here when there aren’t antes just calm down a bit I see some players and I look at a bunch of stats of different players and I have some very common mistake I see they play ante non ante like you know it’s the same because nine people get into cards no not the same if you’ve not ever looked at your ante versus non ante ranges probably time to sit down with some kind of range software and figure out what you’re doing because there different and you should be taking account taking that into account when playing both styles the next tip is actually the answer to another question I get asked a lot but it still falls in this general category I freaking only get asked hey Doug I’m going to play a higher stakes tournament in the normal I’m going to X location to play why buying what should I do now that I’m going to that tournament and I always wonder a little bit like you know what they’re exactly expecting me to say like okay man don’t three bet everyone knows and you move to two K’s knowing three bits I’m going flat and you play family plots you know like well what am I supposed to really say like you know go get them like play good but you know it doesn’t change there’s no difference in smaller six binds the higher six lines other than maybe a little bit of players they more afraid to look stupid the higher stakes buy-ins and generally being better players don’t think that you have to adjust your strategy for those buy-ins and what you should be doing is you to be slowly moving up in a way where you’re confident when you’re playing it 3 or 500 all tournament now when you do plan to your K that you know you have the win rate that you’ve seen lower to justify moving up in stakes if you’re at a point where you think you need to just totally changed up because the by entire you’re already going down the wrong road if you end up playing a high-roller tournament yes you’re going to play against the best people in the world and it’s going to be tough but the solution isn’t to make like wide changes hoping that that’s what you do in a high roller the solution is playing some good poker you play a 10k or 25k tournament and you don’t know you’re solid you have very solid fundamentals and are able to do stuff on the fly you’re going to really have a tough time thriving in that environment so don’t think the buy-in matters much play your game move up when your sample indicates that you should move up and you’re going to be just fine so my final tip is definitely the most important one of anything I listed now I debated putting this into several different tips but I’m going to put into one and I want to open it like this sometimes in tournaments it’s just your time to die and what I mean is you can’t play every buying worried like am I going to bust here like I’m scared to bus like what if I want to I want to move another page up you know like all the bubble is like you know going to be in like 20 more percent of the field like you can’t worry about all those things to the point where you’re not playing good poker anymore now I’m not saying to disregard I see em I see em does matter of course I see em is the value of your chips based on the plays that you make and the result of them but there is a big problem with I see em as well when you’re a bigger stack you end up in situations where your stack is actually worth more than what your ICM value is this is because you get into all these situations where you can Bluff middling stacks that that isn’t calculated into your ICM value having a bigger stack in a tournament is extremely valuable and lets you put a lot of pressure on people get lots of probable bluff opportunities be able to call them situations all in only having to worry about the ships and not really as much about the stacks it’s a great situation so you can’t look at that when you’re looking at just pure ICM value and the other problem is if you look at only ICM value you really hang on to that then there’s going to be a problem too where if someone knows you play like that they can block you more they can push you around more and now all of a sudden your results get worse and worse because you’re being pushed around and just basically losing too many pots you don’t want to be like that you want to have an understanding that sometimes in tournament it’s just your time to die now unlike in a cash game you do want to be a little more conservative you know you don’t want to call the exact same ranges because every chip you gain isn’t the same value in like a cash game or one dollar because one dollar every ship you gain is worth less than the chip before it however your overall strategy should still be to try and win as many chips as you can so you can win the tournament so you can have a big stack so you can push people around it so you can get first or second or third in the tournament and not seventh that’s a really important factor that I feel like doesn’t get talked about at all my strategy has always been guns blazing I’m here to win all the chips I’m going to do whatever it takes to win those chips I’m going to bust a lot shirt when I make final tables I extremely good results from there because I normally go in with a huge stack if not the chip lead I closed a bunch of them out both of my bracelets that I won I came in the final table with with the biggest stack you know so it’s not it’s not rock science to realize that the biggest stack has the best chance of winning the tournament now I also want to make sure you guys understand that because you know people get different payouts it’s not it’s not the best strategy to try and win every chip if it’s you know between two decisions that are really close value then yeah it can be it can be okay to fall or take the more conservative option but my argument is that people take it too far they start folding in spot so they just can’t fold they start getting really worried about blathering up they start looking at fourth fourth looks pretty good it’s another 10k these are doing those kinds of things rather than being like I am here to win this goddamn tournament because that pays the most money and by putting myself in a position to win that tournament I’m most likely to win it it’s not about lathering up it’s not about surviving and sometimes yeah you’re going to you’re going to get stacked with top pair you’re going a stacked in some situations that’s fine I’m not saying surviving doesn’t have value it does because there’s going to be all these well technically dug and I get it guys I get it it has value to live longer but you’re not focusing on the fact that we have a big stack you end up realizing more than your ICM value especially when has one or two tables left near the bubble or in those kind of situations and you can capitalize that to build a bigger stack in the tournament so if you are really worried about 10 to 15 or 20th think to yourself when I’m in those spots do I buy myself constantly worried about the pay jumps do I find myself constantly thinking like I don’t want it only gets tacked to your butt to make this lay down and I’m not going to bluff this if you find that you’re doing that a lot then it might help you to just let go and try and play your best poker to win the tournament because even though yeah sometimes you’re going to end up with an annoying bubble or a file table bubble you know even though those spots do suck by finally putting your thumb the gas you’re going to put yourself into position to win as many tournaments as you can now one last note on that subject if you’re on the stone bubble or the exact spinal table level in those situations or maybe like a satellite with four spots and there’s three to pay in spots like that yes you’re going to have to make some pretty crazy fold I don’t want anyone firing off in the bubble busting and blaming me here you two comments sometimes there are spots you got to reel it in but in general players go way too far with this and it prevents them from being able to win the tournament if you want to learn more about poker and how to play poker a good strategy see some famous hands or know what’s going hi news in poker make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the team

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