3 Story BOX FORT PRISON Escape HOTEL!! Escape With Spy Gadgets & More! (24 Hour Challenge)

and with you trapped in this prison
hotel I will be able to deploy my virus
should just be here come on who are you
don’t move right it’s all right girl
I’ll come back for you buddy you’ll be a
wussy soon enough time to get out of
here stay right there all right time to
get us out of here
hi I can make it down to the first floor
I should be able to break on out of here
every group of Logan I don’t know where
he is but I did you up the hotel last
night I need to tell him that the bear
is up – what’s happened what’s up what’s
going on with my plans I tried to lock
you up in hotel room but looks like
you’re going to be spending the rest of
your life in this elevator you’re not
gonna get away with this pan I’m gonna
get out of here come on come on no no no
no no Barrett listen to me I’m getting
out of here please screw ever thrown in
the sea I’m appealed the users to get
the emergency hatch open we go back here
like you just unscrew these this should
lead directly down to the lobby might be
a bit of a drop but it’s my only way to
get out of here first buff
perfect okay don’t know what we’re gonna
be seeing down there and I don’t know
how many more men the Baron has it’s
time to pay the Baron a visit and break
ourselves out of here let’s go
looks like I made my way into a smaller
shaft three two one whoa what happened
to our hotel
what’s the Baron done in here place
looks horrible
because we had the most beautiful hotel
maid here and if the Barons run amuck of
Rob what are you doing up there I know
buddy I was gonna come back for you how
did you get down here crumpled I’m on a
serious escape mission okay I’m trying
to escape the bear and he’s a mass
villain do you have anything you can
bring to the table yeah you got you got
your smarts and wits all right you know
Gump this fine I’m not gonna leave you
okay let’s get down here buddy and just
try not to get in my way all right we’re
gonna break out of here together
see if we can get the front door open
it’s locked this whole hotel is on
lockdown so wanting me stuck in a moldy
hotel lobby the Baron thinks were stuck
in the elevator we can use that to her
advantage he won’t know where we are I’m
sure I can figure out a way to get out
of here
do you know anything about a secondary
exit some way we can get out of here
oh the exits right there
I know grump I tried it I thought the
legs it’s locked
hey you guys slow down you’re direct
violation of the board orders from sit
down put your weapons down and get on
the ground
what’s going on now it’s one of the
bearings man Crump look a few shots left
in this him somehow
start shooting him with the money gun
and I’ll take him up the blaster
where’d he go he gets away all the
barons men are gonna know we’re here
what are you doing like your fancy
oh my viewers okay but what’s going on
don’t forget to like the video all right
I think you might have used an escape
hatch to get out of here looks like
there’s some sort of Bardolph area here
with another room though we could break
these bars off somehow we might be able
to get through there do you want to
alert every guard in this place to us
guy drop some of this stuff just a
suppressed blaster this we might be able
to use to get the bars off let’s see if
it makes any out calls I haven’t got it
hello can anyone hear me how can you you
can hear me grump right I might be able
to use the parts from the phone and make
a makeshift flashlight with the LEDs on
this there should be enough wiring and
using the LEDs here should be able to
make my own flashlight it won’t be very
strong but it’ll be enough this is the
rotor from the phone here like so should
get a small electrical charge there
turning the phone rotary oh you’re
pretty smart
I’ll grab broken out of a lot of these
things before alright and there we go
guys I’m able to create a light now it’s
very small but we should be able to use
this now to recalibrate the concussion
blast perfect
alright this thing should be enough to
blow the bars off there and when you get
into the next room I’m hoping that if
that place is barred off it has to have
some way of us to get out of here wake
up I’m about to blast the chakra nade
right here take this take your
flashlight be very careful with it
get ready when I pull this thing we’re
gonna have about two seconds to get out
of the way
here we go in three two one
job done you come bang that I thought it
flashlight still works that’s an aside
concussion grenade blew the bars right
off the wall looks like it’s some sort
of other barred area but I mean at least
his progress we’re not gonna be stuck in
this moldy entranceway any longer
hopefully we can find a way out of here
this place careful around the bars Crump
you look kind of sharp like a budget
yeah okay this works
access denied thanks Justin I’d heard
about your hand you work for the bear
try it
access denied nothing
there’s gotta be another way out of here
maybe I could have maybe I can hack into
the hand scanner maybe maybe figure out
a way to bypass it and get this deed oh
yeah we got wires okay and get this door
Grum pass me the flashlight perfect
doesn’t have a lot of electrical charge
but it might be enough to shock the hand
scanner into thinking we’ve given it a
valid hand there’s nothing
charge held long enough we don’t it
worked this looks like some sort of lab
you’re right like a laboratory this
might be the Barons lab what’s the Baron
doing in here maybe this is where he’s
making his new zombie virus
what are these suits what are these
gadgets this looks like some sort of
dinosaur fossil or something there’s a
TV that’s that’s not what’s important
right now we need to figure out what is
going on maybe there’s something on TV
grump sometimes I think you’re a genius
it could be something I’m here to help
us mule is this thing on yes sir it’s
recording hey this is journal entry 207
today we are in the lab making our
zombie virus 2.0 sir it’s ingenious
how are you doing it you see many years
ago there was something called dinosaurs
and right here we have a dinosaur bone
so what are we gonna do with bones well
simple we use tools to extract the bone
and using particles from the bone we can
extract the DNA to create mass weapons
and more importantly Smeal create the
zombie virus sir it’s extremely smart
you’re so intelligent yes I know but so
what would we be making with the DNA
you see smooth other than making zombies
I’m going to be making my own line of
super villains villains yes how
dinosaurs for the super heroes of the
past but their enhanced muscle
structures and and ginormous abilities
by using their DNA we can make our own
line of super villains sir I’ve already
started on my own line of super villains
like the black
man there sir I believe is already a
superhero called the Black Panther it
looks exactly like that but that doesn’t
matter the Black Manta would be much
much more devious yes so no one will get
in the way of our zombies now complete
world domination will be in your hands
well the first step of the plan is to
get Papa Jake out of the way once he’s
out of the way we can dominate the world
Berenice using dinosaur fossils to
create zombies and more importantly
worse evil villains to protect him from
anyone stopping him if we let the Baron
do this you might not be able to stop
him I mean I mean a herd of evil
villains with those type of powers
they’d be unstoppable
I don’t like zombies I don’t either
we need to stop him before this gets out
of control how are we gonna stop him the
only way to do that is to break out of
here and link back up with Logan look if
he’s already released the zombie virus
and zombies are roaming the streets
that’s bad enough but these super
villains get out there maybe I can use
some of the gear than he has in here it
looks like it already works maybe break
the bars with it how’s the spider how’s
the spider don’t open that no one have
no one gonna need that box that is but
it’s not do not open that box whatever
you do don’t don’t I don’t
oh okay now there’s even another reason
we need to break out of here right now
grump okay we have two big problems
maybe this was some of these gadgets
that can use to break the bars
what warfare makes you evil it’s a
chance Rudolph’s attached okay
are you the black Mantha yet no I don’t
feel powerful or anything yet oh oh okay
I’m starting to feel something yeah I’m
feeling something
oh wow this this should not fall in the
hands of someone that Kevin these are
iron man gadgets does he really not have
that much creativity can’t come off his
own supervillains just knocking off iron
man stuff
that is a weapon okay
well let’s see if I can break those bars
open come on grab we’ve got the baron
stop all right guys if we’re gonna stop
the baron and put an end to this i need
to link up with Logan and find a way
well maybe we’ll have to find ourselves
some superheroes hi


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