3 Michelin stars Frank Giovannini’s lobster recipe [Hotel de Ville, Crissier]

To prepare this dish we need a live whole lobster. Cooking time: 2 minutes in boiling water 2 minutes. After 2 minutes you take the lobster… And you separate the head and tail. Later, we will use the head for the decoration. Put the tail in ice water to stop the cooking process. When you get the lobster out of hot water, the cooking process continues. As with vegetables: put in ice water to stop cooking process. Before laying eggs. You will always find this green substance in a female lobster. I washed the lobster tail in cold water. Cut on the other side and you can easily pull out the pulp. Cut in half. Turn it over. And cut it into two parts. You always have a big claw and a little claw. A large claw is cooked for 6 minutes in boiling water. Small claw — 3 minutes. And again: as soon as the timer rings, put in water with ice. Break the claw on one side. And separate the frame. It is very easy to do. And then, you have to break the claw. Use a knife, for example. We will put some vegetables in a shell. Cut off the edge. And cut the tail into two halves. Make cuts diagonally. Like this. And the other direction. And put the lobster on a pillow of vegetables. Take some butter. And grease the tail. Cut along these lines. You will do it now. See this line. Follow it with scissors. A few seconds in the deep fryer and the shell will turn bright red. One short dive. This is a typical reaction. Look at this beautiful color. We will put this decoration like this. Do not forget to season the lobster. Add some pepper oil, salt, and fresh pepper. The final touch. Take it gently and put on the plate. Cut with scissors. The small legs. Then cut them on the other side. And cut the shell in two. We add peanut butter. Heat the pan well. And now we will add some color to the heads. Upon contact with heat, the green substance turns red. Like this. This is a very nice color. We add som olive oil. Now we add the aromatic garniture. Celery root, carrots, onions, shallots, celery stalks. Add concentrated tomatoes to the vegetables. And some cognac. We spread the vegetables on the shells. Cover the shells with the vegetables. This step is the least important in making the sauce. If there is space, then in the pan, add legs. We boiled the broth for 30 minutes. Strain the broth in a sieve.


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