24 Hours To Escape The Secret Abandoned Hotel Challenge / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– Guys, wake up. – What? – Where are we? Like an abandoned hotel. – Be careful what you touch in
here guys, it may be sticky. – This place is really quiet. – This is locked up. (collectively mumbling) I don’t know. Guys wake up. – What? – Where are we? Who’s that? – That’s Kid’s Fun TV. – Stop being loud. We’re trying to go to sleep. – [bigger girl] You guys,
what are you wearing? – What are you doing? – What? – Look at our clothes! Where are we? Why is it so dark in here? – Why are we handcuffed? – Wait, my hands are too
skinny, I could get out. – Well, the rest of us need to find a key. – Guys, I think we’re at an abandoned resort. Like an abandoned hotel. – Really? That sounds a little sketchy. – How are we gonna get out of here? – Well, I don’t know, but
we need to find our parents. – That sounds like a great idea. – Let’s try opening up the door. Come on. (adventurous orchestra music) – How are we all tied together? – Jump! Jump! (kids mumbling) – It’s locked! – It’s locked! – Okay we need to find a
key to unlock our hands and the doors, so
everyone start searching. (collectively yelling) – It’s not in here. – Guys, the keys are small,
look for small silver keys. – Back here, back here! – Over here! – We need the keys to be
able to have our feet untied. – Wait, we might need to be
able to figure out a passcode. – Yeah, maybe! – Let’s look for numbers or something. – Maybe, I don’t know. – Have we checked the
drawers, all the pillows, or any of the blankets? Like we need to check everywhere. (mumbling in the background) Come on people, work with me. – I think it’s over here. (mumbling) – Let’s check in that ice- – No, in this drawer. – In this ice bin! – In the drawer. – No. – Guys, tell us in the
comments down below, where do you think the
keys are gonna be found? I have no idea, we need help. – Let’s go to the bathroom, come on. – Oh, I’m stuck, I’m stuck! Guys we can’t move, we
have to work together. – Hey guys look, we found something! – No, it’s a hairdryer. – Oh, it’s a hairdryer. – Be careful what you touch in here guys, it may be sticky. – Guys I found the keys. – Right here! (yelling) – Get a link, get that! (mumbling) – Okay, unlock the handcuffs. – I got the keys, let me
unlock all of you guys. – Oh, yay! – Now this one. – Guys we gotta hurry,
because what if the people that trapped us, are gonna get us again? – Now we need to find the
card to get out of the room. (mumbling) – Unlock our feet, unlock
our feet, unlock our feet. – Yeah. – Yay, I’m free. – One last twist and then we’re all free. – Okay, let’s throw the
handcuffs somewhere, and let’s put the keys by them. – We’re free, Yes! (intense music) – Okay guys, where do you
think the room key is at? – Maybe in the safe? – I don’t think so. – Wait, wait, there’s, there’s books! Wait, what if they might be in here? – Look in the pages. – That’d be too easy. We
gotta find a better spot. – The last one was in the
bathroom, so it might be in the bathroom again. – I think it’s probably
in the pillow cases. – I think it’s not in the bathroom. – Did we check all the drawers guys? – It’s in the bathroom I think. Check in the bathroom. – I’m getting hungry,
we gotta find this fast. – Check in the toilet. – Has to be in this closet. – Yeah it has to- Oh, I found it guys, I found it! – Okay, now we have to get out! – Let’s go, let’s go! (unlock sound) – It worked! (children shouting) – Shh! (mumbling) (energetic music) – Guys look, there’s an
abandoned pool, as well. Let’s go. Go, go, go. (mumbling) – If there’s an elevator,
we shouldn’t go in there. Because what if just broke down because this place is abandoned. – This place is really quiet. – Where’s all the people? – I’m getting hungry. – I want my mommy. – That’s a good idea. – This place is deserted! – This place is deserted. (mumbling) – Wait, guys, guys, We
need to be quiet cause if- (collectively gasp) – (collectively) It’s
another room we’re stuck in. – Uh oh. (rhythmic energetic music) (dramatic music) – Come on guys. Ew, it smells in here, where are we? (collectively mumbling) – It smells like chemicals. – No, it smells like fish. – I have no idea what it
smells like, but it stinks! – I checked the exit and there’s a lock, we gotta kind the key. (mumbling) – I think the key may be down the ice. I’m not reaching my hand in there. – If I was a key, I would
hide under the chairs. – Do you think they put
it in the refrigerator? – Nope, it’s not under here. I don’t think so. – Guys, I think it’s gonna be up high and I don’t think it’s on the chairs, so you might wanna be careful. Okay, if we have these fall down, it’s gonna cause a lot of noise. Let’s look over here. Wait! – The key! – Come on, go! – Guys! Okay wait, let’s see if this works. It’s not going in guys. – (collectively) Try the blue one. – It worked, it worked! – Let’s go. Go, go, go! Go, go go. Guys, I think I hear the janitor coming. Let’s go, let’s go. Guys, we’re barred in! This is locked up! (mumbling) – How are we gonna get out? – I don’t know. There’s no key either. I don’t see it. There’s a lock here but I don’t see a key. – Hey guys, let’s check these doors! – Okay, does it work? – Yes they open! – Yes they open! – Okay, go, go go! (electronic music) – Uh oh. – Okay guys, just be careful
of which door you pick because we only have one chance. We should go to all the doors and listen. – Wait, we’ve all have
one chance to pick a door, so everyone pick one door. – [bigger girl] Don’t
choose the bathroom door. (mumbling in the background) – I don’t hear anything behind this door. – Guys, I hear weird noises. Let’s not pick this door. – Guys, this one’s all covered up. It seems pretty sketchy,
I don’t know if we should choose this one. How about yours Jake? – It has all these weird
buttons and it’s locked. – [Bigger Girl] Okay, then
definitely cannot choose these doors. Maybe we should go with that door. (collectively) Two, one. (kids mumble) – Wow! – Guys, I think we picked the right one. – Yeah. – Where are we though? Guys I see sunlight, I
think we’re getting closer. – Hey guys, there’s a door right there. – I like this room, it’s so relaxing. – [girl in the background] And fancy. – [boy in the background] Very fancy. – Look at all these (mumbles). – Guys look. It’s red right now, they
might be listening to us. We shouldn’t press anything because what if it sets off an alarm. Then they’d know we were escaping. Okay, no, just leave it alone. Come on. We gotta keep looking. – Should we go this way? – I don’t know, it looks really sketchy. – And it stinks. – Okay let’s go this way guys. – Yeah, this way. – [some kid] Exit! (mumbling) (suspenseful music) – Guys, this is Exit! This door is alarmed. – Uh oh. If there’s cameras somewhere around, then this whole place will go off. I think we shouldn’t go this way. – Wait ambassadors? Is that who trapped us? – Maybe. – Oh! – Look for cameras. – Guys I don’t like this,
I think we should go. Let’s go! (yelling and mumbling) (energetic mysterious music) (electronic music) – There’s an exit! (mumbling) – Come on, let’s get out of here. – You guys, stop! It says “Danger High Voltage”! I don’t think we should go there. It’s dangerous. – (mumbles) the upper door right there, when I saw. – Okay let’s try the other exit. – It doesn’t say- – Keep going, keep going, keep going. (mumbling) – Three, two one. – We’re free! (children yelling) – I’m outta here! (lighthearted energetic music)


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