24 HOURS AT A 5 STAR HOTEL IN KOREA | Ft: Hotel Del Luna & Blackpink

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] did you enjoy your stay yes so in this video we are going to experience Korea’s only six star hotel the world’s best travel hotel ranked by CNN so in this video we want to give you guys a rundown from morning tonight about what you can do this hotel because honestly it’s called Paradise City and in my opinion it definitely is a city of paradise so first I want to give you guys a quick flashback of our first night at the hotel when we did a room service book bung my $30 cheeseburger over here let’s see it’s gonna taste that way mmm wow that meat is good so something that maybe you guys didn’t know is that black pink is actually the brand ambassador of this hotel so they’re literally plastered everywhere on all the posters and ever in the hotel so in this video we want to actually show not only but the hotel room and the facilities but also we want to take you guys inside the sauna which is called the simmer and also inside wonder box which is an indoor theme park which actually is also my favorite theme park oh I was surprised that you really liked it though well because all the right I don’t like rides and those rides were more safe for me but I really liked them but I really liked that already like the carnival games I’m like I love those carnival games so hope you guys can enjoy a 24 hours at this hotel tour and please enjoy the video good morning right now we are in Paradise City which is literally like a city is actually a city full of paratime I know it is everything you do everything here and as you guys can see you can also have a synonym lots in them and send them in latte yeah iced cafe latte as usual and a bread today what we’re going to do after drink our coffee to get energized is actually fun go to simmer yeah right see imer which is the sauna which is not technically part of the hotel yeah it’s part of the Paradise City kind of area yes but not part of that so you don’t get access the additional cost it to pay but you do get 30% off right yes if you are staying at Paradise Hotel so definitely check that out we typically go to the simmer when we’re not even staying at this hotel we want to go to like the best sauna in Korea hands down I gave it to simmer so far don’t you think the best and it is it’s a little bit pricey it’s not it’s not the most cheap sauna you can find but in my opinion is definitely worth because if you want to go to sauna it’s all about relaxation and lesser people yeah definitely a lot less people huh yeah so yeah we’ll see you guys at the simmer and after that we’re gonna go to wonder box and go on some ride possibly wait is it wonderful famous for our filming okay yeah so it’s in a hotel Duluth oh yeah anyways we’ll see you guys at the simmer all dressed in our sauna clothes see you guys there simmer here we go let’s go Sona time [Music] alright so we just entered this ball simmers fall there’s also a spa in the hotel but we decided to come here because it’s public no that’s wrong Rick’s it’s co-ed because we’re fully clothed the one in the hotel you get naked so female and male are separated that’s why we decided come here so we can actually spend time together it’s also a restaurant a fitness room there and humans relaxation tapes the nails there’s also a place for facials and massages for all the girls to get there their skin treated and there’s a really nice swimming pool inside in the middle however that’s an extra feed right as an added fee so make sure you take that into account IV a total cost for everything all the services here is $50 it doesn’t include the massage and facials also added cost obviously but all the facilities here you can actually enter without having to make a reservation for it including a few dollars but yeah we are going to endorse also an outside section which is which is actually really nice when the temperature is good so I think we’ll take you guys out there too but yeah we’re gonna enjoy ourselves at this spa because I absolutely love saunas thought oh man [Music] so just enter the salt room it’s 67 degrees Celsius and I found a potato potato it’s nice now the 67 degrees ain’t perfect for her the one I like is 87 degrees though so it’s a bit me sunny doesn’t do well with saunas she gets really hot really quickly unfortunately because I love them but anyways so she went to the one that was salt room 67 degrees I’m gonna go to the bulk gamma which is a 86 or 87 degrees it keeps on shifting so I’m gonna go there now bye-bye 86 degrees well it’s pitch dark I can’t see anything it’s so dark in here holy smokes you the lights guys the one thing about sauna is that nothing is better than she kept you guys don’t know it’s basically rice with sugar and one other ingredient I forget what it was but it’s absolutely amazing typically in Los Angeles you can actually get this in small doses after you eat at a Korean restaurant yeah but here a jumbo size it’s actually my favorite drink in all of Korea and basically Center is telling me that it’s part of a Korean sauna culture so I’m keeping after after you drink this honor after you go into the sauna you get the sheikah I guess similar to like in Japan after they occur in the hot spring everyone gets a glass bottle of milk or milk coffee it’s kind of a thing we do but you guys do she get it honestly I like they should get more so to me the little rice actors like little boba little tapioca and they drink itself is like us really treating the water like a little bit perfect after you’re like drenched in sweat and the satire – right now outside as you can see is absolutely gorgeous at night time is my first times at night the lights light up really nicely nothing yeah alright so in order text this is a this is like a foot bath here and you can sit all around there but in order to get here this pours made out of all these little rocks as you guys can see I can’t deal with it I cannot walk with it but sunny can do it I don’t know how you can walk on that many rocks you can you can hop too but it doesn’t hurt you at all really – – it’s your turn whenever I walk on the back you see if I can do it might never do it though about how you can be dumping the parents are watching focus don’t let them down [Music] everybody’s so we have a bull Gama 80 degrees Celsius outside Sonny’s favorite right now love I love the feeling I don’t know why but the feeling of just sweating in absolutely makes me feel really nice I think it’s something that the hook-up aesthetic is always actually as I said it’s only certain people [Music] okay so are you ready to head to our next activity at this hotel you see you several laps oh my god that was good the best I had to put on makeup again sunny auras bassist mentions that I am so much more Korean than she is because I love anyway so we just finished summer and wonder box actually right next door so gonna head to wonder box right now let’s head to the amusement [Music] so in order to play the games here you guys need to buy a special card so there’s a carnival game ticket or like every corner so make sure you guys get it in order to be able to play and I got for six games 11,000 Korean won alright guys it’s a classic game you did have to shoot the water at at the target and then whoever hits it more that thing we’re gonna fly up [Music] let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music] so milk ice cream we look at this cone it’s got sprinkles it looks like maybe some strawberry frosting and some fruit loops on the side amazing [Music] so I can do my don’t need it into right from bumper guys all right I’m ready oh there you go [Music] now she wants to do happy swim [Music] I don’t know why Sonny liked the stuff so much I hate it let’s like sciences so I got a chili dog she got some french fried to the cheese fries and we both got some churros to share can’t wait Sonny [Music] I need this food after going on those rides my stomach feels really better enough these kid rides are killing me oh it’s tiny mr. Prez laughs Mimi Ferris wheel okay guys we’re on a ferris wheel a mini ferris wheel and we had a lot of fun so we’re gonna explore more of the hotel you guys later by far my favorite theme park in the whole world double thumbs up alright so we just finished some of the bureau and now Sonny wants to take a sleep before dinnertime she’s right there you can’t sleep for too long though because we have a dinner reservation in two hours no do you know why do you know why cuz when Sonny takes a nap she says for one hour but it lasts for like four hours it’s true sure okay wait let’s stop talking so you can start up now okay good night bye bye bye bye all right so he she just woke up from her nap and we’re now we’re headed to dinner yay also Paradise City actually has a lot of selections for restaurants downstairs from what I can tell they had four restaurants an Italian Japanese Chinese and I guess in buffet style there’s also like a cheaper option within the like the city area before you enter the hotel and there’s actually like restaurants all around this place is there so if you guys want a cheaper option I think eyes one our nicer option if you guys want room service we did that too I mean there’s plenty of food options at this hotel so we chose to reserve the I think all the Imperial Chinese apparel Chinese house I think it’s called it’s fine Chinese cuisine yeah it’s fine Chinese cuisine and yeah we decided that just because honestly their interests look really cool yeah and I can always use some some Chinese food I love my Chinese food so anyways let’s go [Music] alright guys we just made to the Chinese restaurant and we didn’t really realize but all the dishes are really expensive so the dim sum we just have to dim sum but they also have like fried sharp tails and that’s all it’s like weird crazy Chinese food I’ve never had in my life but it was ranging from like average I would say about 60 $70 for one dish you have a lot of course menus I saw it the court one of course money’s was as much as like two hundred and fifty dollars per person so yeah if you guys want fine dining then you can find it here we just got a lot of dim sum yeah we got a lot of expensive dumplings too exact suit for twenty dollars for three dumplings that’s like seven dollars a dumpling but you know what I love Paradise City so it’s okay I will pay seven dollars for a dumpling are you eating my food yeah well I’m busy filming you’re just eating my food so sunny was it worth it oh my god yeah this restaurant honestly I would say was definitely work at the price seven dollars per dumpling was decimating so anyways we are going to end the vlog here and then head back upstairs and call it a night [Music] alright guys so now we are in a cab so unlike most people who are leaving the hotel we are heading back home we’re not going to the airport just by living right next to into an airport which is why you’re supposed to stay at this hotel in the first place I think but yeah I enjoyed this hotel a lot it is definitely my favorite hotel in the world is name so yeah if you guys are interested in coming to Korea flying in Incheon Airport I would highly recommend staying at this hotel I mean it was ranked the world’s best travel airport in the world so that is something to consider has everything I need sauna indoor theme park that absolute love great food nice restaurants great facilities and it was an amazing experience so yeah you guys want to learn more about those I’ll leave links in the description down below please check out studied domain info and please like comment share subscribe go see you guys next time bye bye


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