2003 AFC Wild Card: Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL Full Game

>>And the NFL’s most valuable
defensive player, Pro Bowl
linebacker, number 52,
Ray Lewis!
[ Crowd cheers ]
>>Welcome to Baltimore and the
electric atmosphere of the
year’s first playoff game,
between the Titans and the
Good afternoon, everybody.
I’m Mike Patrick.
It’s great to have you with us.
Tennessee comes into this game
with the NFL’s best wild-card
They are 12-4, and they are a
complete team again because
their star quarterback,
Steve McNair, is back, the
league’s co-MVP coming off the
best season of his career.
For the Ravens, they have won
five in a row in this series,
and the formula is simple.
Rely on a great defense and
pound Jamal Lewis.
In fact, he became the fifth
player ever last week, Joe, to
go over 2,000 yards in a single
>>Well, Mike, you know the
Baltimore Ravens are gonna run
the football.
As a matter of fact, it doesn’t
happen very often in the
playoffs, when the number-one
run defense goes up against the
number-one run offense in the
National Football League.
It’s happened twice.
The defense has won both of
I don’t expect Jamal Lewis to
gain 100 yards in this game
against Tennessee.
I just think he has to do what
he’s done so well — control the
game for the Ravens.
>>All right. Thanks, Joe.
Ray Lewis and Eddie George have
met many times in many
significant games.
Paul, whoever wins that matchup
today can determine the outcome.
>>Yeah, but Eddie George is the
inspirational leader of this
Tennessee team, and he’s had not
much success against the Ravens
in five straight losses.
He’s only averaged 55 yards a
Ray Lewis is the heart and soul
of this entire Ravens football
He owns Eddie George.
He said to us the other day, “My
job is to stop Eddie George.”
I don’t know of anybody else in
the National Football League
that can make that statement.
So, today we’re going to see two
warriors go at it.
>>So now it’s just a dogfight.
There’s no love.
There’s no shaking hands.
There’s no smiling.
It’s nothing nice about this
This game is business.
This game’s about you hit or you
be hit.
Deal with it.
>>Steve McNair was already
among the NFL’s elite but this
week received his highest honor
as the league’s co-MVP.
Suzy Kolber has more.
>>Well, Mike, to truly
appreciate what this means to
Steve McNair, you’ve got to go
back, back to 1995.
He was the third-overall pick in
the draft from tiny
Alcorn State.
He sat for his first two seasons
and since then developed a
reputation as one of the
toughest players in the game.
But he was never bitter about
the lack of recognition.
But when word came yesterday, he
broke down.
>>The emotion that was going
through my body, I couldn’t
And the night before, it’s like,
“Do I have a chance?
Do I have a chance?”
Didn’t get any sleep, thinking.
I’m just like a little kid
waiting on Christmas, trying to
open their toys.
And I’m like, “Do I have a
Do I have a chance?”
And when he announced that, my
teammates were the first thing I
thought about, who gave me an
opportunity and gave me the
chance to be successful this
And it was just amazing because
I worked hard for those guys
because I know those guys will
work hard for me.
>>Jeff Fisher delivered the
message in a team meeting
He had the NFL record book in
his hand, and he started reading
names like Montana, Young,
He said they all won Super Bowls
after being named MVP.
He looked at Steve and said,
“You have your work cut out for
And the team gave him a standing
>>A jam-packed M&T Bank Stadium
in Baltimore, almost 70,000
people, as the Ravens will get
the ball first against the
Tennessee Titans.
This will not be a game for the
faint of heart.
Hentrich the kick to Brightful.
And it goes into the end zone
and out of the end zone.
Ravens start from their own 20,
with the NFL rushing champion,
Jamal Lewis, the deep man in the
They open up with two tight
Ricard, the blocking back, in
front of Lewis.
The quarterback, Anthony Wright.
Wright bootleg after the fake.
Being chased by Kevin Carter and
throws it away.
So, on first down, Baltimore
tries to come up and cross up
Tennessee with the play fake.
And they face second and 10.
Nowhere to go.
Lewis rushed for 2,066 yards,
the second-highest total of any
back in NFL history, as he was
chasing Eric Dickerson’s
all-time single-season record.
We were here last week when he
got 2,000.
Was that good?
>>Does it count now if we can
add more?
>>[ Laughs ]
I don’t think so.
>>You know what?
I’ve got to believe the
He just has to feel like so much
pressure is off his shoulders
that he can just go out and run
with the football and be the
back that he was for the
previous 15 games.
>>Third and 9.
They’ll spread the field this
time, and keep an eye on
Marcus Robinson, number 87.
He’s Anthony Wright’s favorite
receiver this year.
They want the screen, and it’s
batted down and nearly
Keith Bulluck with the
pressure, and Robaire Smith got
a hand on the football.
>>Oh, he got more than a hand
on it.
This could have been disastrous
for the Ravens.
He hits Robaire Smith literally
right smack-dab in the nose with
this ball.
That would have been a disaster
for the Ravens.
>>Dave Zastudil on to punt, and
Mason is the deep man, averaging
12 1/2 yards a return.
Zastudil suffered a broken nose
and a concussion a week ago.
>>And that was amazing because
no one else got hurt.
They went into overtime.
No other player got hurt except
the punter.
Guess he didn’t get hurt.
>>Not his leg.
Mason taken down at the 33.
Tennessee with the opening
possession from its own 33.
Eddie George the single back.
[ Crowd cheers ]
McNair, plenty of time.
And throws downfield complete to
Drew Bennett out of UCLA, a gain
of 17.
>>Well, even though you can’t
run the football, Eddie George
is still a threat.
And Drew Bennett’s gonna come
across the formation.
You see him on the left side.
Then, when he drags underneath,
he’s got Ray Lewis chasing him,
and Steve McNair gets to the
most dangerous part of the
field for this
Baltimore Raven defense, and
that is outside the pocket.
>>Steve McNair put up brilliant
Led the league in passer rating.
24 touchdowns, only
7 interceptions.
That’s why he was co-MVP with
Peyton Manning.
Eddie George.
Tennessee into Baltimore
territory for the first time in
the game, just shy of the 45.
Good protection for McNair.
And he throws.
Is it complete?
It is, to the 31.
And Frank Wycheck, who is
probably going to call it a
career when the playoffs are
done, picks up 14 yards.
>>Yeah, but Steve McNair will
always tell you.
I don’t care about all the other
receivers he has, that that man,
Frank Wycheck, catching this
ball here, is his go-to guy.
He said, “He always has been,
and he will be.”
>>One of only four tight ends
ever with more than 500 catches
in his career, and Tennessee
moves the ball to the Raven 31.
[ Crowd cheers ]
This one is incomplete, off the
hands of Bennett.
Pressure from Kelly Gregg.
>>Now we have seen both
quarterbacks throw the ball and
have it be bouncing around in
the air, and both of them have
caught a lucky break.
Anthony Wright on that first
series, now Steve McNair,
although Bennett was wide open.
You get a feel.
Tennessee feels like, “Okay,
we’re gonna run sparingly.
Steve McNair is our MVP.
We’re putting it on his
shoulders to go out and win this
game for us.”
>>Eddie George, room off the
left side.
And Eddie George drives inside
the 20-yard line.
They’ll mark him out at the 18.
Will Demps forced him out.
>>This is one of the things you
just didn’t think you would see
happen against this
Baltimore Raven defense.
Get to the outside.
Look at how they block inside.
And nobody came up on the
Demps never got there, but the
linebacker never stayed to the
>>Eddie George, 128 straight
Nobody has ever started more
games to begin a career as a
running back.
And only he and Jim Brown got to
10,000 yards without ever
missing a start.
George again.
This time caught around the
ankles by Anthony Weaver, who
had a big game a week ago.
This drive has already eaten up
52 yards.
>>Brian Billick told us the
other day, Joe, about McNair.
What do you need to do with him?
He says, “Keep him in the
>>It’s easier said than done.
If Eddie George can run, then
you can run the play-action.
The linebackers have to respect
that, and he’s gonna get
And especially when you get in
the red area here, it becomes so
vitally important to keep Steve
in the pocket.
>>Second and 7.
Eddie George.
To the 11.
Brought down by Marques Douglas,
and right now you get the
feeling Tennessee really has
that Raven defense off balance.
>>Well, you can’t forget that
this Tennessee Titan football
team made it to the
AFC Championship game.
They’ve been in Super Bowls.
They’ve been in championship
games over the last four years.
This is a very young, rebuilt
Raven football team that hasn’t
felt this type of intensity
>>But they’re gonna spread some
people out.
[ Crowd cheers ]
>>They haven’t given up a
touchdown on offense in the last
10 quarters.
Third and 3.
McNair, quarterback draw.
He has room and has a first down
inside the 5.
>>What they were telling us,
the Ravens, the day before about
Steve McNair — Steve McNair is
a quarterback, they say, “Well,
he’s hurt.”
No, he isn’t.
Not for this game he isn’t.
You cannot bring him down by
arm-tackling him.
He is a strong runner.
>>Well, you can construct any
defense you want.
You can stop the wide receivers.
You can stop the running backs.
The one thing you can’t account
for is a quarterback that can
take off and run.
>>First and goal.
Running formation.
Eddie George hit in the
backfield and taken down!
Kelly Gregg the nose tackle, who
just got a 5-year contract
extension because of plays like
>>They’re gonna make a 6-year
extension after this one.
Look at Kelly Gregg.
You talk about being in the
Look at the left-hand side of
the screen.
If you don’t block, you’re gonna
get buried.
He was in the backfield.
Almost took the hand-off.
>>Another one of those guys who
nobody wanted.
Bounced from practice squad to
practice squad.
But as a nose tackle, he’s
already been in on 100 stops
this year.
Chris Brown checks into the
backfield, second and goal.
[ Crowd cheers ]
And McNair will use a time-out.
They give it off to Brown, and
Brown into the end zone for a
The rookie from Colorado.
>>Well, if you’re gonna run,
why not run behind two big guys,
Benji Olson and Fred Miller on
the right side.
Opened up a fantastic hole.
Chris Brown is a changeup for
the Tennessee Titan offense.
He’s quicker than Eddie George.
Look at the hole.
Really goes in untouched, and if
you’re gonna run against the
Ravens, you’ve got to block
Ray Lewis.
There’s a good job by
Justin Hartwig, the center.
>>Boy, I’ll tell you, that’s
all three linemen on that right.
Started with the center going
Everybody took a man down.
>>44-year-old Gary Anderson for
the point after.
And Tennessee shocks this
sellout crowd.
They lead it, 7-0.
It was a beautifully executed
scoring drive by the Titans —
10 plays, 67 yards, more than
5:00 taken off the clock.
Lamont Brightful has to run up
on it.
Has a huge hole across the 40.
And down near the 45-yard line
There’s a penalty on the play.
>>Holding back at the 30-yard
line, which will move the ball
back to the 20-yard line.
They’re moving it further than
They put it back on the 25-yard
>>During the return, holding,
number 32 of the receiving team.
That’s a 10-yard penalty.
First down.
>>Musa Smith called for the
First and 10 from the 15 for
Wright straight back to throw.
Good protection and completes it
out to the 20, gain of about 5.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Mike, if you want some
insight into the Titans’ game
plan, all you have to do is the
Titans, Week 7 against Carolina.
At the time, Carolina had the
number-one rush offense and a
great defense, but the Titans
were up 28-7 at halftime because
they made them one-dimensional.
And Jeff Fisher claims that the
only time they really loaded up
to stop the run was that week
and against New Orleans.
You saw the results.
Stephen Davis, Deuce McAllister,
who had almost 3,000 yards this
year, totaled just 28 yards.
>>The question is, can they do
it to the NFL’s leading rusher?
They have so far, and they do on
this play, as he picks up about
2 or 3.
>>I think what’s critical is —
they can hold Jamal.
He averages 78 yards against
them when he’s played them
They can hold him to under 100.
But it’s runs like this that are
important and the third and
That’s where Baltimore has to
convert them.
I believe they’ll have to throw
on first and 10 to loosen up
Tennessee a little bit.
Jamal will get his chances, and
he’s gonna have to break one or
two, but they can’t try and make
a steady diet of him.
It’s gonna fall on
Anthony Wright’s shoulders.
>>And they’re gonna have to
throw the ball on third and
short and not worry just about
>>Wright walking up and down
the line, changing the play,
Third and 2.
Out in the flat, just off of
Heap’s fingertips.
The All-Pro tight end couldn’t
hold it.
It’s three-and-out for
>>Well, Lamont Thompson was on
But that ball was thrown —
should have been caught.
That’s the only place he could
throw it where it has to be
That’s to the outside.
Would have been a first down.
But that’s another thing.
Anthony Wright is gonna have to
throw the ball on third down and
>>Derrick Mason backpedals to
near his 30 for Zastudil’s kick.
Another good one, beauty.
Mason back to the 21.
Trying to get to the sideline.
A flag is down as he goes out of
13-yard return after a 55-yard
We’ll check the marker with
referee Jeff Triplette.
>>You’re in your 17th game of
the year, 4 preseasons.
What’s that, 21?
And you’re still hitting guys
when you see their name on the
back of their shirt?
Is that dumb?
>>During the return, holding,
number 55 of the return team.
That’s a 10-yard penalty.
It’ll be a first down.
>>7-0, Tennessee over Baltimore
in Baltimore, where we have had
a little taste of spring in
January today.
Temperatures in the 60s.
Tennessee takes over at its own
Eddie George back in the
Nice fake by McNair.
Plenty of time to throw.
And the play-action has worked
beautifully so far.
That’s complete for a first
And McAlister has to make the
tackle on Mason.
>>Well, I’ll tell you, on this
play-action pass right here, it
froze the entire defense.
Nobody got within 2 yards of the
line of scrimmage.
Just take a look at the line of
scrimmage and see where the dark
jerseys are.
They’re all along the line.
McNair had all the time in the
world to throw the ball.
>>And he’s 3 out of 4 so far.
Virtually no pressure on the
league’s co-MVP.
[ Crowd cheers ]
This one’s tipped by a Raven
and intercepted by Will Demps!
Gets a block, 20.
10, 5.
56 yards!
[ Crowd cheers ]
If you make mistakes against the
Ravens defense, they make you
>>It isn’t just mistakes, Mike,
and Steve McNair told us this
yesterday when we sat with him.
If the ball is tipped, what
happens when the ball is tipped?
They usually wind up with the
football in their hands, and
that’s exactly what you saw.
Ed Hartwell, number 56, hustling
Will Demps playing center field,
and Demps winds up taking it
into the end zone.
>>Matt Stover for the point
And we have a tie game in
Steve McNair had the
second-lowest interception
percentage in NFL postseason
history, only to Bart Starr.
But he was picked that time by
Will Demps, and when you’re
intercepted by the Ravens, they
return it in a heartbeat.
>>They are so good at getting
to the ball when it’s bouncing
up in the air.
>>This may not be as good a
defense as the one that won the
Super Bowl, but it is more
athletic, and it has more speed.
Taken on a bounce by Shad Meier,
the tight end.
He takes it to the 37.
>>Watch what happens on this
particular pass play.
Steve McNair from the right side
is gonna try and hit a skinny
That’s Will Demps.
He’s just sort of playing center
field, keeping an eye on McNair.
Ed Reed comes into your picture,
just manages to tip the ball.
Ed Reed does an excellent job of
reading McNair and then tipping.
There’s the tip.
Trying to go to Mason.
And there’s Demps playing center
field and picking off the ball
as it bounces around in the
>>Ed Reed is an exceptional
athlete, but he is also an
exceptional student.
He spends virtually every night
at Ray Lewis’ house watching
He knows where the ball is
Eddie George.
And there is Ray Lewis to meet
him at the 36.
And you don’t think that
interception energized this
>>Well, Ray Lewis told us the
other day.
He said, “My job is to stop
Eddie George.”
And I’ll tell you what.
That’s 52 on 27.
Is he going right at him?
You better put somebody on him
to slow him down.
>>Now, after the first drive
that Tennessee went down the
field, Ray Lewis almost went
man-to-man on the sidelines to
tell the defense that it’s
unacceptable what happened.
That’s acceptable, what he just
>>Three tackles so far for the
All-Pro linebacker.
Eddie George again.
Room to run this time, across
the 40 to the 43.
Blitz coming.
They pick it up.
McNair with plenty of time.
He takes off, and McNair belted
as he got to the 49.
But that will be a first down.
Riddick Parker, nice job chasing
the play from behind.
>>That entire play was set up
because the guy that intercepted
the ball, Will Demps, he had the
outside contain on that side of
the formation.
He falls down and trips, and
Fred Miller pushes him to the
You’ll see it.
Here’s number 47.
Now, he has contain.
There’s number 71.
He tries to get up.
That’s what allows
Steve McNair to get outside, and
that is the way Tennessee can
beat you.
>>He did not push him to the
>>[ Laughs ]
>>Trust me.
That was not a push.
>>[ Laughs ]
>>First and 10 at the 49.
Nice hesitation to wait for the
blocks and the hole to open up.
He picks up 3.
Pushing and shoving after the
play, and Kemoeatu made the
>>You’re gonna have holding on
Brad Hopkins on number 94,
And that was back in the
backfield, about the 45-yard
>>Holding, number 72 of the
That’s a 10-yard penalty.
Still first down.
>>That’s amazing.
He’s only in his eighth year,
and the guy hasn’t ever missed
the game.
When you think about the bad toe
he had in 2000.
Then he comes back in 2002.
He’s got the toe and the ankle.
He can barely move.
We did a game when he basically
limped off and on the football
Talk about warrior.
>>…inadvertently went off.
>>One of the things about
Eddie George that he may have
lost is that quick step, but he
can still power.
He can still get to the hole.
He doesn’t have that real quick
burst once he gets there, but
the way he’s playing, hey.
And that line he has?
Who needs it?
>>Chris Brown, who has the
touchdown, comes in on first and
[ Crowd cheers ]
Ravens stack the line of
And Brown will get about 4.
>>The thing about Chris Brown
is he’s a rookie third-round
draft choice for them, and he
runs with his head down a little
bit, like every rookie does.
He hasn’t learned the patience.
He hasn’t quite learned the
He runs fairly straight up.
Does a good job of protecting
the ball.
I believe within a year or two,
he will be the heir apparent to
that running back position for
the Tennessee Titans, and
they’ll have a quicker, faster
>>Well, Eddie George has a
$7 million cap number next year.
So, they’re going to have to do
something if he is to remain
with this franchise.
McNair, that little bootleg
He’s got room to run if he wants
Throws at the last moment, and
he’s got McCareins.
McCareins down to the 43, a yard
shy of a first down.
Ray Lewis on the tackle.
>>You cannot let Steve McNair
get outside, and
Mike Heimerdinger, the
offensive coordinator of the
Tennessee Titans, is doing an
excellent job putting his
quarterback in positions to make
Here’s the bootleg.
You have to respect the run.
Now you get him outside.
You’re never supposed to throw
back across the formation, but
McCareins does such a nice job
of working into the hole and the
void of the Raven defense and
picking up a lot of yards.
>>They’ve been able to seal
that edge whenever they want to
and get McNair outside.
Now third and a yard.
They started first and 20.
McNair to throw, under pressure.
Gregg can’t get him.
Throws on the run.
Knocked away by McAlister at the
Finally, some pressure on
>>Kelly Gregg again.
This guy comes up.
They ran a play-action again,
and McNair is the kind of guy
that you better block him at the
line of scrimmage.
And Steve McNair, first of all,
he’s got to avoid.
He’s got to avoid right there,
And now he gets to the outside,
and he’s just throwing the ball
He’s not throwing it at anybody.
>>And that’s what you saw, a
rookie mistake from Chris Brown.
He went the wrong way on the
play-action, which messed up the
blocking up front, which made
McNair get rid of the football.
>>Two-time Pro Bowler
Craig Hentrich is in to punt.
He loves to kick knuckleballs in
this situation.
Spirals this one instead.
And the fair catch bobbled!
[ Whistle blows ]
Brightful dives on it and got it
>>…turning that franchise
>>The Ravens have done nothing
on offense, and yet they’re in a
7-7 ballgame.
>>Jamal Lewis stacked up at the
line again, and Tennessee is
just doing everything they can
to take away the run.
>>That’s 3 rushing times for
3 yards, period.
>>Jamal Lewis went over the
2,000-yard mark and advanced all
the way to number two a week
ago, when we were here in
2,066 yards for the season.
In that game, he passed
O.J. Simpson, Terrell Davis,
and Barry Sanders.
Only Eric Dickerson had a better
single-season mark in NFL
>>This is no small back, folks.
This is a big guy.
[ Whistle blows ]
>>He can run like a small back,
but he’s 240 and runs right over
top of you.
>>Prior to the snap, false
start, 66, on the offense.
5-yard penalty — it’s still
second down.
>>Bennie Anderson.
>>All right, this is their
third possession, and you know.
It’s not strangers.
I mean, Tennessee is saying,
“Okay, Anthony Wright, if you
want to beat us, you’re gonna
have to.
You’re the only guy, ’cause
we’re gonna shut Jamal Lewis
When I say “shut him down,” I’m
talking about keeping him under
100 yards.
>>When you see total yards of 9
in 3 possessions, that tells you
you’re doing a pretty good job.
>>After the penalty, second and
Wright to throw from his end
Under pressure.
Lewis on the screen, and right
there was Samari Rolle, who read
it perfectly from his corner and
came up to make the tackle.
>>Do you know what one of the
problems with this screen is
that the Ravens are running?
When they run it to the one
side, the receiver on that side,
Joe, goes down about 6 yards and
just turns himself in and faces
the safety like he’s gonna block
So, he’s already determining
that there’s a screen coming.
He’s telling everybody in the
secondary, “Screen is here.”
>>Third and 17 for an offense
not known for its big plays.
Wright, quarterback draw.
And dives out to the 12.
Art Modell hoping to catch
lightning in a bottle one more
time, as he completes his 43rd
year as an NFL owner, with the
Browns and Ravens franchises.
Won one NFL championship in
Cleveland, won a Super Bowl in
2000 with the Ravens, his final
season as the owner.
Zastudil punting.
Derrick Mason.
35, still on his feet.
Finally down there.
Great field position for
Tennessee after a 15-yard punt
Look at the numbers.
The Ravens have 15 yards in this
Count them — 15.
>>And Anthony Wright has 8 of
the rushing yards of the 11 that
are up there.
Jamal Lewis has done nothing.
>>Really interesting to see
what field position was so far
in this game.
We’ve only been through one
quarter, but it can’t be good
for the Ravens.
>>And both coaches knew this
would be a field-position game.
Eddie George stacked up by
Ed Hartwell, number 56, who
along with Ray Lewis, the inside
linebackers in this 3-4 scheme.
>>Just like Tennessee knows
that Jamal’s not gonna be able
to run against them, you know
that Tennessee has got to
believe that they’re not gonna
be able to run effectively
against the Ravens.
And look at the way they
They’re gonna have to take
advantage of this good starting
position and get some points on
the board, or else, as we’ve
seen happen so often, games
turn, and this thing starts to
balance itself out.
Tennessee’s got to get something
out of this drive.
>>You don’t let a defensive
team as good as the Ravens stay
in the ballgame.
>>Second and 9, Eddie George.
This time trying to get up the
left side.
They seal the corner, and
Eddie George with another nice
gain near the 25-yard line.
He picked up 9 yards.
>>He hasn’t lost speed.
>>No, he hasn’t, and you know
where they’re running?
They’re running to
Terrell Suggs, number 55, the
right defensive end.
Now he’s playing for
Peter Boulware.
He’s not as big, and he just
can’t quite make the plays.
And that’s also a rookie,
Jarret Johnson, at that end.
So, they’ve got two young guys
playing outside on the left
side of Tennessee’s offense,
and that’s where they want to
>>Eddie George has already
picked up 36 yards on 9 carries.
Now they face third and 1.
>>Sneak it.
>>And McNair does just that.
Had his legs cut out from under
This spot will be close.
>>Marques Douglas dove at his
legs and cut him down.
>>If they put it on the line,
he’s got a first down.
And it is a first down.
By the no-o-o-se of the ball —
just by the nose.
>>You okay?
>>Yeah, I just wanted…
>>You all right?
>>No-o-se of the ball.
>>What was that coming out?
>>Well, I want to let them know
it’s a little foggy in here.
Ships are coming in.
>>They’ll bring out the chains.
>>This better be by the nose of
the ball.
By the nose.
>>I think he’s short.
>>Out of here.
>>Talk about my eyes, not
>>Wow, don’t let them stretch
that chain again.
>>[ Laughs ]
Just made it.
>>Well, before the game, I went
down and added an extra link.
[ Laughs ]
>>Well, that’s all that they
made it by was that link.
First and 10 at the 25.
Tennessee has been impressive on
Eddie George.
Nice cutback.
Dives into the 20, to about the
18-yard line.
Gary Baxter, the safety, had to
make the tackle.
He splits his time between
safety and corner.
>>Boy, I’ll tell you what.
These running plays, when you’re
putting your team, and
especially against this defense,
into a second-and-4,
second-and-3 situation, that
whole playbook opens up to you.
And I don’t care that you’re
inside the 20-yard line.
[ Crowd cheers ]
>>You don’t think that
offensive line is pumped up to
get Eddie George some yards?
And he has run beautifully in
the first half.
George again.
This time hit at the line.
Can’t go anywhere.
Marques Douglas with the tackle.
Has Ray Lewis affected
Eddie George physically and
>>What can you say?
When you’ve been beaten five
times in a row, you can say
pretty much anything, and you
can’t argue the fact.
“Well, no he’s not…”
Oh, well, you just wait for the
opportunity to play again, and
you get up, and you play as hard
as you can, and you hope for a
victory and say, “Well, he’s not
in my head.”
[ Laughs ]
>>And he’s got a smile on his
face right now, facing third and
about 3.
McNair with time.
[ Crowd cheers ]
Ed Reed.
The second pick by that
Reed, who had 7 during the
regular season, returns it for
22 yards.
Eddie George hurting on the
sideline after trying to make
the tackle on the interception
return, the frustration evident.
He has had a brilliant first
half, 11 carries, 44 yards.
Slammed to the ground on the
tackle against Ed Reed.
They are looking at his left
He came off holding his hand.
We’ll get an update as soon as
we can.
Baltimore, after the second
turnover, starts from its own
Jamal Lewis.
Against the number-one rush
defense in the NFL has done
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Mike, going back to that
turnover, Steve McNair told us
last night how aware he was of
safety Ed Reed, the way he reads
Reminds him of Rod Woodson —
always in the right place at the
right time.
And, in fact, of course, he’s
matched Rod Woodson’s team
record of 7 interceptions in
the regular season.
Steve said they wanted to take
advantage of his aggressiveness,
but it’s burned him twice.
In the first quarter, he tried
to audible, and of course that
tipped pass.
>>And Reed is still a work in
progress, only his second year,
but he’s already in the
Pro Bowl.
And Jamal Lewis stuffed at the
line of scrimmage again.
The 31-yard line, by the way, is
the best field position the
Ravens have had yet in this
game, their own 31.
>>Well, you can’t say it’s all
the Tennessee defense.
The Ravens have generated
nothing on offense.
They had a chance to convert a
first down.
Todd Heap dropped a pass two
drives ago.
But that’s as close as they’ve
come to converting anything.
You cannot ask Anthony Wright to
convert third and 9 against the
best defense in football.
>>And they are still looking
for their first first down of
the ballgame.
Chester Taylor, number 29, comes
[ Whistle blows ]
And they’ll whistle the play
dead on third and 9.
And the news is horrible for
>>Prior to the snap, false
start, number 86 of the offense.
That’s a 5-yard penalty.
It’s still third down.
>>Dislocated left shoulder is
the preliminary report on
Eddie George.
He’s going to the locker room
for X-rays.
>>Let me tell you.
The thing that you lose with
Eddie George, and you put a
Chris Brown in to play, is you
lose the veteran experience.
But, more importantly, it’s the
pass blocking and it’s the
chipping and it’s the helping
out of Steve McNair that gets
lost, not necessarily just the
running ability of the back.
>>Third and 14.
The Ravens unable to generate
anything offensively.
Dumps it off, and that one is
complete on the short toss to
Chester Taylor.
Keith Bulluck covers him easily.
They’ll have to punt it away.
>>I’ll tell you what the
problem that Anthony Wright is
having, and that’s reading
And what the
Tennessee Titans are doing —
you hear about eight men in the
Well, they’re bringing safeties
and corners up, and they’re not
necessarily there to blitz.
But as soon as they see him take
that short drop, bang, they’re
>>The other problem is third
and 14, Paul.
>>Well, yeah.
>>[ Laughs ]
>>There aren’t many plays for
third and 14.
>>I was just gonna say.
I think the yardage might have a
little bit to do with it, too.
>>Here’s one for third and 14.
Just punt.
>>Mason is deep.
Zastudil, another good punt.
Mason from the 24.
Slips one tackler.
Demps takes him down at the 33.
There’s also a flag.
A wicked-hitting game so far.
And Steve McNair, the co-MVP of
the league, has already turned
it over twice to that
opportunistic Ravens defense.
>>During the return, illegal
block in the back, number 23 of
the return team.
That’s a 10-yard penalty —
first down.
>>Chris Brown, big hole off the
right side, and Brown up across
the 30 to the 34-yard line.
>>What you lose with
Eddie George is experience and
overall play at the
running back position.
What you gain with Chris Brown
is an explosiveness and some
speed that this offense doesn’t
Now, Eddie George can make that
cut and probably only get about
7, 8 yards.
Chris Brown can take stuff a lot
>>Eddie George in the locker
room being X-rayed for a
possible separated shoulder.
It may be on the back of
Chris Brown.
Back in Baltimore, 7-7,
Tennessee against the Ravens.
>>Now, the other thing — the
Tennessee Titans don’t need to
change anything that they’ve
done on offense.
It still moves Steve McNair
Have him be a little more
careful, a little more cautious
with the football, but that
would be the only emphasis that
you could make.
>>And get back to the big
tight end, Kinney, number 88.
>>Steve McNair, who had been so
protective with the ball in his
last 74 throws.
He’s been picked off twice in
8 tries in this game.
Now McNair wants to run.
And he’s drilled by Lewis at the
[ Crowd cheers ]
All-Pro against All-Pro.
>>I’ll tell you.
Now, you talk about Ray Lewis
and how he’s gonna hit you and
all the things that happen, but
I’m gonna tell you the guy with
a lot of guts, and that’s
Steve McNair.
Now, Ray Lewis is dropping back.
He sees him running.
You think he’s gonna back down?
Look at Steve McNair.
He popped him with a shoulder.
Now, I know Ray Lewis got the
better end of that deal, but
Steve McNair will not, will not
back away from anybody.
>>Six first-half tackles for
Ray Lewis.
Lowers his head.
Gets to the 40.
>>Ray Lewis is now playing in a
3-4 defense.
He played in a 4-3 for years up
until this year.
Career highs in interceptions,
as well as tackles.
What the 3-4 allows him to do is
he doesn’t have to just stay in
behind two big guys in the
He can move around.
He has a lot more liberty to be
able to freelance within this
Mike Nolan does a good job of
giving him a chance to
pattern-read, as well as read
the offensive linemen.
He has that ability ’cause he
has people to back him up in the
>>Third and 4, approaching 7:00
to go, first half.
[ Crowd cheers ]
Four-man rush.
McNair throws on the run.
That’s going to be short of a
first down.
Up at the 43-yard line as
Wycheck made the catch, and
Chad Williams made the solid
>>Yeah, it’s good to go to your
go-to guy, but Wycheck is not
far enough down the field.
>>I want to tell you something.
If I’m the Baltimore Ravens,
Pittsburgh ran a fake punt
against them for 81 yards and a
It’s only fourth and 1.
Jeff Fisher is a pretty darn
good gambling kind of coach.
And you can see that the Ravens
basically have their defense on
the field still.
>>Hentrich is in to punt.
Brightful from the 18.
Nowhere to go.
Buried at the 20.
39-yard kick.
Back to M&T Bank Stadium.
Ravens take over at the 20.
They have not gotten out of
their own territory.
Just came in and leveled
Anthony Wright.
He had a free run at him.
>>Somebody forgot to block this
I mean, Carter’s pretty big.
Look at 93. He’s dancing.
Kevin Carter — nobody touched
And you’ve got to block a
Before you block anybody else,
block a lineman.
Look at this.
Nobody — absolutely nobody —
even looked at him.
Now, number 39, Ricard in the
backfield, he was there, but he
never looked.
I’ll tell you what.
I really wouldn’t look over
there, either.
>>He didn’t want him.
He’s looking for a smaller guy,
a guy with a smaller number.
>>290 with a full head of
Draw play, Lewis.
First time tonight he’s had a
chance to run at all.
Takes it across the 20, to the
Good, solid tackle by
Andre Dyson.
>>Basically, the
Tennessee Titans have dominated
this football game, on offense
in particular in the first half.
And, Paul, you made the point.
Sooner or later, you have to
expect the Ravens are gonna come
up with some kind of a play.
But Tennessee cannot continue to
keep this game close, and you
see the job that their defense
has done rushing.
Only 18 yards rushing for
That’s fine, but that could
swing in the second half.
Tennessee’s got to start taking
advantage of the great field
positions that they’ve had.
>>And they’re facing a
Tennessee defense best in the
NFL on third down in the last
five years.
They just don’t convert third
Except now.
Taylor across midfield for the
first time in the ballgame.
A gain of 30.
>>The credit for that play goes
to the offensive line.
Tennessee brought more than the
normal four rushers, and the
offensive line did an excellent
Of course, it’s the biggest
offensive line in football.
Here, they’re bringing eight.
Look at the big clog up in the
What a nice job by Mike Flynn
and Mulitalo and
Bennie Anderson.
The center and the two guards
did an excellent job giving
Anthony Wright a chance to step
up and throw the ball.
>>Boy, that’s so correct
because you had two guys in the
middle block three people.
When you can put two guys to
take out three, you got time.
>>First first down of the
ballgame for the Ravens.
Nice catch and a perfect throw
to the 35.
>>Oh, he got behind
Tank Williams, and Tank didn’t
have a chance.
You talk about the perfect
This throw by Anthony Wright to
Todd Heap was right on target.
It’s to the outside.
Tank Williams is number 25.
Here comes the ball up over the
Bulluck the linebacker can’t get
Look where Tank Williams is.
He’s sitting inside.
Heap is to the outside.
That’s the perfect throw.
>>Do not discount
Anthony Wright.
He is a very athletic
He has a big arm.
He has produced some big games,
especially in the
come-from-behind variety.
Wright on the roll.
He wants to run.
25 and out of bounds.
[ Crowd cheers ]
>>The thing about
Anthony Wright is he provides
something that Kyle Boller
doesn’t, the other quarterback
on the roster, and that’s
athletic ability to get outside.
Orlando Brown, his right tackle,
caved in the entire side.
Kevin Carter was looking for
another big shot.
And he got outside of him.
>>He is a free agent out of
South Carolina.
He was with Dallas.
Had to replace the injured
Troy Aikman.
Went 1-4.
He has bounced around the NFL.
Started with Pittsburgh.
Now he ends up with Baltimore.
He’s been 5-2 as a starter.
Lumbers for a couple down to the
There’s a flag down at the end
of the play.
>>This the stupidity of “Zeus,”
the right tackle, Orlando Brown,
number 78.
You know that — now he’s
pushing his own players around.
Orlando Brown’s temper has
gotten him in more problems.
>>And he levels Jevon Kearse,
This is absolutely stupid.
You’re downfield.
Look at this.
This is after the play.
Now watch.
He just takes Jevon Kearse and
throws him on the ground.
Well, Jevon, come on.
>>After the play is over,
personal foul, unnecessary
roughness, number 78 of the
That’s a 15-yard penalty, and it
will be second down.
>>And you can see how upset he
Now Kearse did a flop, but he
was still pushed.
>>But he was pushing his own
teammates around, and give
Brian Billick a lot of credit.
This is like calling a 20-second
time-out in basketball.
Bring him over to the sideline.
It’s Brian’s job to calm him
down a little bit and try and do
>>We said Jevon Kearse was just
rolling around on the ground.
I’ll tell you what.
He limped off the field.
Jevon Kearse got hurt, and Brown
is a big man.
He threw him on the ground.
>>And he is nasty.
>>And this is not like a
20-second time-out in
There aren’t any 360-pound guys
playing that game.
Wright throws in rhythm.
Inside the 30.
Terry Jones Jr., the backup
tight end.
And here comes Orlando back
in the game.
>>The reason they took him off
the field — just tell him
exactly what he did wrong, and,
of course, the league will fine
him for that, I would think.
And calm him down a little bit.
They’ve got two of the best
tackles in the game.
Jonathan Ogden, they talk about
him, number 75.
They say they never worry about
the left side of their offensive
line because nobody is gonna
beat Jonathan Ogden.
>>I don’t think they have to
worry about the right side,
>>[ Laughs ]
>>6’8″, 360.
Heap out in the flat, submarined
there at the 25 by Dyson.
And we’ll give you the AFC
Pro Bowl starters.
Matt Stover, his season’s
Will try a 43-yard field goal.
In the playoffs, Stover 2 out of
4 career from 40 to 49.
The holder is Zastudil.
Stover won last week’s game
against Pittsburgh with a long
field goal in overtime.
And drills this one.
And the Ravens, with their first
show of offense in the entire
ballgame, move into Tennessee
territory and take the lead.
>>The other thing that was
impressive is they overcame the
big 15-yard personal foul that
was called on Zeus,
Orlando Brown, their right
Now it’s up to Tennessee to
start mounting some more
And I would say if Eddie George
comes in and plays, he’s not
gonna be anywhere near as
effective as he was in the first
quarter of this football game.
>>Orlando Brown is the guy you
may remember who was hit in the
eye by Jeff Triplette with the
penalty flag, which is weighted
on the bottom.
Lost his vision, was out of
football for three years.
He had such a temper in
Cleveland that they sent him to
a psychiatrist, who told him he
wanted to have him put a fish
bowl in his locker because it
would calm him down.
That’s why I quit majoring in
>>His mom in high school taught
mythology, and she’s the one
that decided he should be Zeus.
>>Tell you one other thing that
happened in this last drive.
This last drive has now made
Tennessee aware of
Anthony Wright.
They were ignoring
Anthony Wright for about a
quarter and a half, and now they
better not ignore him anymore.
>>And that should help
Jamal Lewis.
>>10-7, Baltimore.
Wade Richey, second in the NFL
in touchbacks, booms one to
McCareins, who will bring it out
of the end zone.
Can’t get past the 20.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Well, Mike, when Jeff Fisher
announced to the team that
Steve McNair was the MVP, he
also presented game balls to the
training staff because they have
so much to do with it.
We know the injuries McNair has
played through.
This year he has a cracked bone
spur in his left ankle.
Playing with a strained right
Earlier this season, a
dislocated finger.
Last year, he was so injured, he
couldn’t even practice for the
last month of the season.
And talk about tough.
How about Eddie George?
He’ll return soon, as well.
>>And they’ll need him, Suzy.
And McNair and George the heart
of this offense.
Draw play, Brown.
Gets 5.
>>You just see Chris Brown
running differently toward the
line of scrimmage than an
Eddie George would.
As soon as he starts to feel and
sense contact, you see him sort
of cringe in a little bit.
He runs upright, and if he’s
running upright, and Ray Lewis
is on the other side, he will
not be upright very long.
>>Clock is running.
Tennessee has 2 time-outs left
at its disposal.
Another draw play, Brown.
Ray Lewis is in on the stop
along with Riddick Parker.
>>They ran two draws and what
When you run draws, all you do
is give the defense time to get
prepared for it.
Here comes the draw.
Now look at how much time it
takes to run that draw.
When you do that, you’ve got
linemen, Parker, downfield.
Ray Lewis upfield.
>>Jeff Fisher is doing this
because they’re not trying to
What they’re doing is they’re
trying to go into halftime at
10-7 in this ballgame.
>>And Baltimore’s not trying to
stop the clock, either.
>>Baltimore has 3 time-outs,
and Tennessee has 2.
>>McNair drops it off to Brown,
and Brown dragged down by Lewis.
[ Crowd cheers ]
8 tackles in the first half for
Ray Lewis.
>>Now the Ravens take one of
their time-outs.
>>Now they’re gonna try and
block the punt.
That’s the only reason why they
would do it at this time.
>>Ray Lewis is all over the
We know that, but he’s covering
Brown, the back coming out
of the backfield.
But the thing about Ray Lewis —
you see where he is all the
You see all the things that he
does, and he’s always in a
But when he tackles you, you go
You don’t need two people.
>>And the reason why I think
he’s the best to ever play the
game is because he combines the
speed, the power, the hands in
pass coverage, the athletic
ability to be able to go
sideline to sideline.
There have been some great
linebackers, but I don’t think
there hasn’t been one that has
that rare combination that he
>>What he said, though, is the
best linebacker?
I don’t think there’s any
He wants to be the best player
that’s ever played the game of
And we’re talking about all
>>Keep an eye on number 20 for
Baltimore, Ed Reed.
He is the punt-blocking
specialist, from the right side.
Can’t get in there, and they
kick it away.
Fair catch made at the 29 with
only 22 seconds to go after a
42-yard kick.
Ray Lewis miked up in week 10
against the Rams.
>>They think they ready!
They don’t know nothing about us
Walk with that swagger, boy.
Walk with that swagger.
Let’s make them play football
They’re gonna have to play
football soon!
We got to believe in this, man!
We got to believe in this!
Shh! Here we come!
Here we come!
It’s a man’s game now.
It might not be pretty, but they
got to come see about us.
>>On the field, off the field,
it doesn’t matter.
You wonder if he could possibly
have any adrenaline left when
it’s over.
Chester Taylor.
One of the defenders went for
the strip, didn’t make a tackle,
and Taylor was able to get
10 more yards.
>>That was Jevon Kearse.
Jevon Kearse, it was almost like
a punch to try to knock the ball
And now they’re in position.
Watch number 90, Jevon Kearse.
He’s gonna read the play.
Jonathan Ogden — first of all,
Jevon Kearse can’t see around
Jonathan Ogden.
He’s seeing nothing but purple.
Now watch Jevon.
He sees the play.
And what he tries to do now is
just knock the ball out.
Look at this punch.
And the worst part about it?
He didn’t even hit the arm with
the ball in it.
>>Well, Chester Taylor moved it
to the other hand just as Jevon
started to load it.
If you’re the Baltimore Ravens
right now, what you want to do
is you want to try and hit a
pass 15, 18 yards.
Give Wade Richey, who has a very
good leg, and he handles the
long stuff.
Zastudil handles the shorter
I’d say within 55 yards,
Wade Richey has a chance to be
able to make a field goal.
>>And don’t be afraid to throw
it in the middle, ’cause you
have time.
>>And a time-out.
>>Anybody can take a time-out.
>>Anthony Wright has hit his
last 7 passes.
Pressured by Carter.
using a lot of time.
Now he throws it away with
1 second on the clock.
>>Take a knee.
>>I think that’s exactly what’s
gonna happen.
>>Anthony Wright —
Kevin Carter is after him.
You think he would have had him.
Anthony Wright just shows
Here’s Steve McNair.
>>He looked good.
>>I like the way he moves
>>Anthony Wright, Steve McNair,
both of them getting outside the
pocket, challenging the
And I think that’s gonna be a
big thing in the second half is
containing these quarterbacks.
>>They’re gonna throw the big
>>Three Tennessee Titans are
back at the goal line.
Wright unloads deep, tipped,
almost caught.
Still loose.
And may have been intercepted,
and it is.
Picked off by Dyson.
That’s the half.
Welcome back to Baltimore,
everybody, in a 10-7 Baltimore
halftime lead.
Joe, you talked about the
defense against Jamal Lewis at
the beginning of the broadcast.
They have done a great job
against Jamal.
>>Through most of the first
half, that’s exactly what the
Titans have done defensively.
They’ve held him to only
12 yards.
But at the end of the half, we
saw Anthony Wright throw a
little bit more.
If Anthony Wright can have
success, it looks like Jamal
will get a chance to run a bit
>>McCareins on the return.
Cut down at the 17-yard line.
Well, with Jamal Lewis held in
check, they’re trying to put
pressure on the quarterback.
What about the other side of the
>>Well, we talked about
Ray Lewis, and we talked about
Eddie George.
Now, Eddie George had a few
pretty good runs, but when you
look at Ray Lewis, you know that
he’s going to be all over the
And, what, 8 tackles in the
first half alone?
>>I would imagine he’ll have at
least that many in this second
>>Oh, yeah, I think Ray Lewis
is gonna have to control
Steve McNair more than the
running game now.
>>And Eddie George, with a
dislocated shoulder, back in the
lineup at tailback.
>>This is one of those games,
Michael, where you’re never
It’s a playoff game.
You’re not hurt.
I don’t care what your injury
You’re not hurt.
>>You may not be hurt, but your
effectiveness is gonna be
questioned, I think, and that’s
gonna be the big thing with
Eddie George.
How effective can he be?
>>There will be no review since
it is not a reviewable
>>There you go.
>>Jeff Triplette making the
call, and Tennessee will start
from its own 18-yard line.
George ran very effectively,
very hard in the first half
until he hurt his shoulder.
Steve McNair needs to go back to
play-action and throw the short
>>Eddie George.
Anybody who has ever had a
dislocated joint of any kind
knows the pain involved.
This guy had a dislocated
shoulder in the first half.
He’s back in there.
>>Well, you see he’s wearing a
The black thing that’s hanging
outside of his shirt is a
harness that goes around the
shoulder, around the torso of
his body to basically hold the
shoulder in place.
What amazes me is on that play,
he held the ball in his left
When they helped him up off the
ground, they pulled him up with
his left arm.
>>Second and 7.
McNair, a short throw, and he
skips it incomplete.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Well, I spoke to both coaches
at halftime.
Brian Billick said, obviously
very impressed with the way the
Titans defense was shutting down
But he said once they committed
to stop the run, they knew they
had to make the plays outside.
Then it became a matter of
trying to get into a rhythm —
too many dropped balls.
But you saw at the end of that
first half, they finally started
to get it going.
Now, Jeff Fisher said he is
really just concerned that time
of possession — keep that ball
away from the Ravens.
He knew his defense could shut
down Jamal.
>>Boy, and they have done a
beautiful job of it, too, Suzy.
Tyrone Calico, a receiver with
great speed, is in for
Tennessee on third and long.
McNair throws on the run.
Almost picked again.
Will Demps had a shot at it and
couldn’t get it.
>>I think Steve McNair is hurt.
I think he hurt his right calf
or right foot on the throw prior
to this one.
He was moving it around on the
previous play to this one.
He makes the throw.
You’ll see the throw.
The throw goes into the ground.
He really gets nothing on it,
and it’s his right leg, that
right calf.
See where he looked down?
And he’s sort of playing with
Remember, the calf was a problem
to him before?
And he looked very ineffective
and not able to move on the last
>>Right calf and left ankle.
Hentrich off the side of his
Gets a great bounce.
And will roll all the way inside
the 20, to the 15-yard line.
Ravens’ football with a 3-point
lead and 13:50 to go, third
Jamal Lewis, the NFL rushing
champion, held to 12 yards in
the first half — his worst
first-half performance since the
last time he played the Titans,
in 2002.
>>What do you think the odds
were at halftime Anthony Wright
would have 19 yards rushing and
Jamal Lewis 12?
>>Not very good.
Play-action by Wright.
Heap — what a catch!
>>Oh, what a throw, too.
>>Lance Schulters was right
there, but that ball was
perfectly thrown.
>>Anthony Wright’s ability to
throw the football is really the
wild card for the
Baltimore Ravens.
You know what you get in the
running game.
You know what you get on
But can Anthony Wright make
plays with his arm?
Does a nice job of firing this
rocket, and that’s why this
man’s going to the Pro Bowl,
Todd Heap.
And he really hasn’t been a
part of the offense.
Only caught one ball last week
against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
>>Second and short.
Wright throws again.
Taylor makes the catch.
First down up to the 32.
The tackle by Samari Rolle.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Well, to answer Joe’s
question, I asked Todd Heap
before the game, “Where have you
And he said, “Really, it’s all
about Jamal.”
As long as Jamal is killing the
opponent, they’re not gonna
throw a lot of passes.
And, again, it’s about rhythm.
If you’re not throwing a lot of
passes, it’s tough to get into
that rhythm.
And he says, “Yes, it has been
frustrating because we do have
the talent to be a good passing
You see him starting to get off
a little bit tonight.
>>And he’s going to his second
Pro Bowl, Suzy, in three years
is Todd Heap.
Jamal Lewis.
Boy, there was a hold at the
corner, and they caught it, too.
This one will come back.
And it was Terry Jones Jr., the
tight end, with a big handful of
what looked like Rocky Boiman’s
>>You’re not allowed to grab
them by the jersey and pull
They finally get Jamal Lewis on
the outside, where they get him
on a corner.
>>Holding, number 82 of the
That’s a 10-yard penalty.
It’s still first down.
>>Terry Jones Jr. — they’re
starting to move the ball, and
when you struggle on offense,
like they did in the first
quarter and halfway through the
second, when you start to
struggle, you can’t afford to
make these kind of stupid
On the right of your screen,
you’ll see number 82.
Now, that’s holding.
[ Laughs ]
When you throw him to the ground
that’s holding.
>>There are the penalty numbers
for the game.
They have not been a huge
Four-man rush.
Wright almost picked off.
Dyson made a break on the ball.
Got a hand on it.
>>Back to your point about
running the football, Paul.
When you’re able to throw like
Anthony Wright did at the end of
the second quarter and here
coming out in the beginning of
the third, Jamal Lewis will get
an opportunity to have some
bigger runs.
Everybody knows that this
offense is built on Jamal Lewis.
But Anthony Wright — you see,
Doing a nice job of managing
this football game.
>>If you’re wondering,
Kyle Boller is healthy.
Has been for a couple of weeks.
Brian Billick said it would not
be fair to either Boller or
Anthony Wright or this ballclub
to make a change in quarterback
right now.
Got a block on the corner this
time and takes it to the 34.
>>You give Jamal Lewis a little
bit of running room, and he’s
going to pick up 6 yards or
7 yards on a play.
Take a look at Jamal Lewis, 31.
When he gets to the outside —
watch him turn now and get
himself square up, and his
shoulders are square.
He gets in the hole, and now
it’s difficult to bring him
And it took two.
>>Boy, there’s a real battle
going on between Orlando Brown,
the right tackle of the Ravens,
and Kevin Carter.
You’re talking about two men
going at it.
>>Wright, plenty of time from
the shotgun.
This is tipped and incomplete.
Crowd wants a flag, but
Samari Rolle did a great job on
>>You know, we haven’t really
had time to talk about
Samari Rolle tonight, but this
guy is an outstanding corner.
I mean, Samari Rolle can play
that position.
>>Six interceptions, and
normally when you play a lot of
man-to-man coverage, like the
Tennessee Titans do, you don’t
see the corners with a lot
Defensive guys get interceptions
when you play a lot of zones
because you’re locked up on
Tells you how good his hands
>>Mason back waiting on the
punt from Zastudil.
Another good kick.
Mason a very late fair-catch
signal at the 20.
46-yard punt, no return.
>>You know something, Michael?
The last time these two teams
met, in 2000, in the divisional
game, the Titans scored the
first touchdown, went up 7-0,
and they did not score another
touchdown in that ballgame.
>>That was the last time in the
playoffs, right?
[ Crowd cheers ]
>>McNair, short set.
Calico up to the 33.
They think this kid has a
tremendous future.
Been bothered by a knee injury
this year.
>>He’s faster than anybody.
>>And those are the kind of
throws you make to try and get
Gary Baxter to come up and bite
a little bit and then run Calico
by him.
You see Baxter bail on him.
Calico a big guy.
He’s nursing a little bit of a
knee problem, as well.
[ Crowd cheers ]
>>Eddie George.
Across the 35, to about the 36.
The Titans dominating this game
Their average start, their own
30-yard line.
It was even more impressive
earlier in the game.
And time of possession — a
5-minute edge over the Ravens.
>>Means nothing.
>>No, it doesn’t.
>>Well, they were 12-4, and
they were the second-best team
in football with time of
As long as their offense is on
the field, Jamal Lewis is
sitting and watching.
>>Mason lines up in the slot
this time.
>>He’s been quiet in this game.
McNair throwing underneath to
Erron Kinney, the tight end, to
the 41-yard line.
Pinned there.
>>As long as they have
possession, Anthony Wright’s on
the bench.
>>I think that’s your biggest
Yeah, you’re right.
You know, I remember you talked
so much about Jamal Lewis, and
they’ve shut him down.
But you got to like what
Anthony Wright has done.
And I like now what
Steve McNair is doing.
Throw the short passes.
Those are the guys that are
>>Don’t let it get tipped up
again because the Ravens are
very opportunistic when the ball
is tipping around.
>>Third and a yard.
[ Crowd cheers ]
Eddie George.
Fights for the yardage.
He is taken down right at the
>>You know who missed him?
Ray Lewis in the backfield.
He’s mad at himself.
He’s looking over at the bench.
He’s on one knee.
He’s not hurt.
He’s just mad.
Eddie George does one thing he
shouldn’t do, and that’s try to
break this thing to the outside.
Watch Ray Lewis, 52.
Boom, he’s got a piece of him.
He doesn’t get all of him, and
he’s not happy with it.
Eddie George feels him on the
inside, gets rid of him.
And Ray Lewis — look at this.
“I don’t miss tackles.
I do not miss tackles.”
Don’t ever come back here again.
>>You know what was impressive,
too, is Eddie George used his
left arm to shield off
Ray Lewis.
>>And that’s the one with the
dislocated shoulder.
[ Crowd chanting, “Defense” ]
>>Eddie’s been putting up some
pretty good numbers in this
>>Joe, he really has.
51 yards — it doesn’t sound
like a whole lot, but you’re
playing against a brilliant
defense, and they knew they had
to run him at least some to open
up the passing game.
[ Crowd cheers ]
First and 10.
George again.
Eddie George across midfield
into Baltimore territory.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Mike, he is truly one of the
NFL’s workhorse backs — in
fact, the only back in NFL
history to carry the ball at
least 300 times in each of the
last 8 seasons.
Next longest — Walter Payton at
6 seasons.
And what makes it so impressive
is Eddie’s style — that
no-nonsense north/south, and
he’s big guy.
So, he takes all those blows.
>>Four-time Pro Bowler.
We asked him earlier in the
week, “Where are you at this
stage of your career?”
He says, “I’m in my prime,” and
he is showing it to Baltimore
right now.
McNair with time.
Wants it all.
>>Oh, did he do a nice job of
playing the ball.
Gary Baxter just basically ran
himself right out of the route
and coverage.
Well, you talk about adjusting
to the football.
McCareins with his eighth
touchdown, 7 in the regular.
Look at him come underneath.
He just does a terrific job.
He gets on top.
Now he looks back for the ball.
Baxter loses it up in the lights
or somewhere, and McCareins just
slides right underneath him.
>>You got Baxter.
He’s running full speed, Joe,
and when he finally turns to
locate the ball, he’s still
running full speed.
He can’t stop.
>>We saw him run the hitch
against him with Calico.
They come back with McCareins
for the big one.
>>McCareins has set career
highs this year with 47 catches
for 813 yards.
Eddie George and the Titans
trying to break a 5-game losing
streak to the
Baltimore Ravens.
They just helped their cause
with a 79-yard drive that took
6 plays and 3:16 off the clock.
McNair to McCareins for the
And it’s 14-10, Tennessee.
Chester Taylor and
Lamont Brightful are deep for
the kick.
Taylor from the 11.
Taken down shy of the 30.
Tennessee came in with the best
record among the wild-card
teams, 12-4 — actually better
than the Ravens, 10-6.
But because Baltimore was the
division winner, Tennessee is on
the road.
And Jamal Lewis, who’s been held
in check by the Tennessee run
defense, hoping to get something
started from his own 29.
Anthony Wright with time, and he
airs it out for
Marcus Robinson.
Caught it, but I think he was
out of bounds.
>>Way out of bounds.
>>Anthony Wright talked last
Friday, talked about throwing
deep balls.
He said, “You throw it 40 and
That means you throw it 40 yards
down the field and 5 yards in
from the sidelines.
That time he threw it 40 yards
downfield, and it winds up
landing almost out of bounds.
He’s got to throw this ball
inside more and give
Marcus Robinson a chance to go
up against Andre Dyson.
>>And Robinson, who was
virtually invisible until
Anthony Wright came into the
lineup, has had a huge second
half of the season.
He’s been the big-play guy.
Wright out in the flat to Lewis.
Nice, quick move to get some
running room, and then he is
belted down.
I mean, he was drilled by
Robaire Smith, the defensive
tackle chasing the play.
>>You know, when you come back,
and you’re chasing the play —
Robaire Smith, number 98, is the
Jamal Lewis gets the ball on the
Good move inside, but then
Robaire Smith.
Watch — left side.
Left side, left side.
>>He’s already set up for you.
>>And that’s a hallmark of both
these defenses — their
defensive linemen hustling
>>Third and 4 — big play for
the Ravens.
They would love to keep the
drive alive.
And Wright, intended for Heap.
They wanted a flag on
Lamont Thompson.
They won’t get it.
>>When you’re on the sideline
like that, just keep your mouth
You already stopped the guy.
There’s no flag.
You covered him.
Everybody else get away and shut
This was supposed to be a quick
pass out to the right, and he
throws this.
And they’re talking about pass
Well, there isn’t.
Lamont Thompson is there.
Okay, now the play is over.
Nothing happened.
Then all the big mouths on the
sideline that aren’t playing
jump in.
>>Mason has to backpedal for
this one.
Back to the 11.
Trying to get to the outside.
Turns the corner at the 25.
There’s a flag down after a
return of 16.
Another beautiful punt by
That was 54 yards.
And Mason’s slow to get up.
>>I’ll tell you.
Demps is slow to get up, who is
the starting free safety.
>>Now, the officials, led by
Jeff Triplette.
>>During the return, illegal
block to the back, number 80 of
the return team.
That’s a 10-yard penalty.
It’ll be a first down.
>>That foul called on
Darrell Hill.
>>I’ll tell you.
This is a game that is really
played on the line of scrimmage
We see enough of them.
When you see a score like this,
14-10, you know that the
defensive lines and the
offensive lines are really going
at each other.
>>Eddie George, playing with a
dislocated left shoulder, is the
Runs into a wall at the 20.
Jamal Lewis gained over
2,000 yards.
Eddie George this year 1,031.
But it’s been Eddie George’s
advantage in this playoff game
so far.
George with 61 yards rushing,
almost 4 yards a carry.
Jamal Lewis has been held to
23 yards.
>>This Tennessee team, they’ve
lost five straight times to the
In those losses, Eddie George
was only averaging 55 yards a
>>George, this time off the
right side for a couple.
>>But the thing about
Eddie George having only a
55-yard average in previous
games is Steve McNair did not
have the offensive weapons and
receivers that he has outside.
It was all about Frank Wycheck
and Eddie George in the previous
Now he has the outside receivers
to help.
>>Third and 6.
Chris Brown the tailback for
Steve McNair.
Brown will get the call.
Fighting for yardage.
Reaches the 29.
That will be a first down.
Boy, what a nice call.
That’s the second time they’ve
crossed them up.
>>I’ll tell you what is amazing
about Chris Brown.
Joe, he runs straight up, but
when he sees a tackler, watch
him dip and unload.
He’s gonna come up into the
Now watch — zoom!
He dips.
He unloads on Ray Lewis and
picks up the first down right
here, Joe.
Boom, that little dip and that
picked him up the next 3 yards.
>>A little bit similar to
Eddie George with the way that
he runs.
>>Brown has had 47 yards
running the ball today.
>>McNair, short set.
Won’t get much out of this, as
Hartwell makes the tackle after
a gain of about 3.
>>The one thing about the
Tennessee Titans, when they have
the ball, Joe, and they need to
move the clock, they can move
the clock by throwing it.
>>Yeah, that’s a very important
thing, because if you throw the
football, the big thing is, the
receivers hold onto it.
It’s fine.
If not, you come up second and
And you’re right, Paul.
When you look at the time of
possession that they’ve had, and
yet they haven’t had a lot of
Eddie George has only had two
games of 100 yards or more this
You know it’s getting done by
the wide receivers.
>>Second and 6.
Hit in the backfield by
Ray Lewis, the second time he
has made a tackle for a loss.
>>Well, how about five minutes
ago he missed one on
Eddie George?
Well, this one he didn’t miss.
It’s Chris Brown coming to the
This guy, he’s gonna miss you
But, again, I said, don’t come
back here again.
Here he comes.
He’s going right for Brown.
He hits him right at the knees,
and down.
Look at his eyes.
And the one thing he told us a
few days ago was, “I always
tackle with my eyes open because
I want to see the pain in their
face when I hit him.”
>>11 tackles for the All-Pro
Third and 7.
Draw play, Brown.
And Lewis will help hold him up
just shy of the sticks.
The first hit made by
Tom Knight.
He saved the first down, and
Lewis cleaned up.
>>I like the calls that
Mike Heimerdinger, the offensive
coordinator of the
Tennessee Titans, is making.
He’s running when the Ravens
expect him to throw, and he’s
play-actioning when they expect
him to run.
I think he really has this Raven
defense, and Mike Nolan, the
Raven defensive coordinator,
guessing just a little bit.
>>He has called an exceptional
game so far and has a 14-10 lead
in this one as time wears away
in the third quarter.
Hentrich will punt to Brightful.
Sky-high, and Brightful will
make the fair catch, but all the
way back at his 16-yard line.
>>…earlier this year.
>>One of the players said, “Do
you mean in Houston?”
And he says, “It better be.
That’s where they’re playing the
Lewis on the toss, a little
Trying to get him outside.
Samari Rolle wasn’t buying any
of it.
>>That really isn’t
Jamal Lewis’ strong suit.
Jamal Lewis has to bounce up
inside and then work himself to
the next level.
Jut to get him to try to turn
the corner against the Tennessee
defense doesn’t work.
They get Keith Bulluck,
number 53, inside, but you still
have to deal with Samari Rolle.
And I think this is the one area
that he has really, really
He’s always been a good pass
coverer, but now as a run
tackler, he’s doing a good job.
>>Lewis totally held in check
by this number-one rushing
defense in the NFL.
More pressure on
Anthony Wright.
He’s back to throw for Taylor.
Incomplete, overthrown by a
>>Jonathan Ogden was the first
player taken when this franchise
moved to Baltimore.
It was between
Jonathan Ogden and
Lawrence Phillips, and I think
they made the right choice.
>>Ravens facing third long.
Wright stumbles coming out.
Under pressure.
Throws it away.
And that time, Kearse was the
guy applying the pressure.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Mike, I talked to him before
the game.
He’s an unrestricted free agent.
He’s looking for a new contract,
and he said playing against
Jonathan Ogden is the best way
to prove yourself.
But he knows he’s the best in
the business.
And he said, just like you guys
were talking about, the key is
that Ogden stays so calm.
He said he wants to try to put
some stress on him tonight, but
Ogden has certainly had the best
of him.
He said he doesn’t see Kearse as
being quite as explosive as he
used to be.
>>I think Ogden is
stress-proof at 6’9″, 340.
Mason retreats for the punt.
Across the 40.
Still on his feet at the 45.
Gary Jones Jr. takes him out.
It’s a return of 12 after a punt
of 52.
>>No flags.
>>Tennessee continues their
theme from the first half, and
that’s having better field
position than the
Baltimore Ravens.
But remember — this half looks
exactly like the first half.
Tennessee went down, scored a
Then the Raven defense came
back, got them back into the
The score at the end of the half
was Ravens 10, Tennessee 7.
I’m sure the Tennessee Titans
don’t want to see that repeated.
>>The only thing different has
been the mistake Steve McNair
made with those two
interceptions, one of which cost
them the 7 points.
>>Stay out of throwing the ball
in the middle of the field,
’cause once you throw it in
there, there are too many hands
in there.
>>They start from the 45.
Eddie George.
Hit in the backfield.
Gets back to the line of
We can’t tell you the level of
admiration that you’ve got to
have for a guy like
Eddie George, playing in pain
like he is, against a great run
defense to start with.
He’s just giving it everything
he’s got.
>>Well, you remember when we
talked to Eddie yesterday, and
we talked about all the games
that he’s played consecutively.
And I said, “Okay, how many of
them were you hurt, and you
didn’t think you could have
And he started to laugh, ’cause
there were a lot of games that
he really shouldn’t have played
in, and he did.
>>It wasn’t games.
It was years.
>>[ Laughs ]
>>Second and 10.
Nice hole off the left side, and
Eddie George picks up a couple
of more with a stiff-arm.
First down.
>>This guy’s hurt, folks.
They put a brace on his left
shoulder ’cause he got hurt.
And watch him come through the
Now the blocking is absolutely
But once he gets through the
hole, now watch his face.
His head’s up. Boom.
He takes Reed.
He tries to push him out of the
way, which he does, then picks
up the first down.
>>He said the only way he can
stop people from asking him, “Is
Ray Lewis in your head?” to come
out and have a big game.
19 carries, 74 yards through
three quarters.
Jeff Fisher’s club, 29 straight
games on the road they have won
when they held the lead going
into the fourth quarter.
It’s the longest streak in the
NFL since 1984.
The next-longest right now is
>>They need 7 here if they want
to win it.
>>McNair to throw, first down
from the 44.
Under pressure and throws it
After three quarters of play,
here in the playoff game, the
rushing yards overwhelmingly in
favor of the Titans.
Eddie George and Chris Brown
have outdueled Jamal Lewis.
Time of possession — the
advantage almost 12 minutes.
>>And on that play,
Steve McNair hurt his left
ankle a little bit.
You see him limping to the
line of scrimmage.
>>Eddie George.
For a couple.
>>Flag down.
There’s gonna be holding by the
offensive line.
>>And it’s tough to limp when
your left leg hurts and your
right leg hurts, as well.
>>You take turns.
>>Well, if they both hurt, he
should be walking straight.
>>[ Laughs ]
>>He is slowly.
>>Holding, number 77 of the
It’s a 10-yard penalty.
It’s second down.
>>Justin Hartwig, the starting
>>When you look back at the
past Titan teams that
Steve McNair was on, the last
three years, he averaged about
415 yards a year running the
He only has 138 in this entire
So, he hasn’t run very much, and
it hurts their running game.
>>And there is veteran
Neil O’Donnell, who played a
week ago after missing the whole
He was cut just before the start
of the campaign.
Played like he’d never been out.
Stuffed at midfield.
Kelly Gregg in on another
>>You know, you look at him.
You say, “Okay, you got second
down and 20.
And you’re gonna run the ball up
into the middle again?”
>>You see Steve McNair,
number 9, in white.
He gets caught in that wash in
the middle, and that ankle of
his just sort of gives way on
And now he’s really moving
around gingerly.
If you’re the Ravens, I think
you have to go after him.
You can’t leave him back there
just to move around and try and
pick up 17 yards.
>>Third and a mile.
McNair trying to get away.
Throws on the run.
Riddick Parker putting on the
pressure, and McNair barely able
to get out of there.
>>That time they didn’t need to
bring pressure.
They just rushed four guys.
Here come the big four.
Now there’s Parker.
Relentless in his pursuit.
Makes him get rid of the
He’s trying.
What he’s doing is just getting
his feet out of the way so it
doesn’t get stepped on.
He’s hurt.
>>Yes, he is.
>>He’s probably at about 70%
right now on that ankle.
>>Hentrich to kick.
Lamont Brightful waits at the
High and short.
Brightful will let it go, and
the Tennessee Titans will be
able to down it inside the 5.
The Ravens now have to start at
their own 2.
>>I’d throw it up.
I’d throw it up.
>>And he’s back to throw from
the end zone.
And the crowd wants a flag, and
they get it.
[ Crowd cheers ]
As Heap was kept from the ball
by Peter Sirmon.
It’s not face-guarding, but you
can’t run into the receiver and
prevent him from catching it.
>>Well, I’ll tell you.
Wait a minute.
They’re talking this thing over
But it’s Peter Sirmon.
>>They’re gonna call offensive
pass interference.
They’re thinking about making
this offensive pass
>>No, here they go.
>>The pass was touched by the
defender before the contact
Therefore, there is no pass
It is second down — incomplete
>>Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Peter Sirmon is number 59.
He’s on Todd Heap.
This ball is thrown right down
the middle.
Sirmon’s got him man-to-man.
First of all, he’s holding him
there, but here comes the ball,
and Sirmon hits the ball.
Well, actually, there is —
>>No, he doesn’t.
Sirmon’s pushing him with his
left hand before he hits the
That ball was not tipped.
That ball was not tipped at all.
>>It got through to Heap.
>>It got all the way through.
Heap got his hand on it.
No, that’s a bad — whatever the
explanation is, it’s gonna be
insufficient for Brian.
>>And what a huge play it would
have been for the Ravens.
As it is, they’re still backed
up at their own 2, and Lewis,
trying to get them a little
breathing room, pounds it out
near the 10.
>>I think they can still take a
shot in the middle of the
football field with Todd Heap.
I think Todd Heap against the
linebackers of the
Tennessee Titans, whether it’s
Kassell, Sirmon, or Bulluck,
is your best matchup in throwing
the football.
>>That 8-yard run was the
longest of the game for
Jamal Lewis — only 29 yards
rushing on 11 carries.
>>And I think they ought to run
the ball here, also.
It’s third down and 2.
And there’s no reason not to run
>>Wright on a little half roll
throws to the sideline.
Taylor makes the catch, and it’s
enough for a first down.
>>Whoa, whoa.
>>I believe that Travis Taylor
is the key for the
Baltimore Ravens to be
You know what you get out of
Marcus Robinson.
He’s come on.
Travis Taylor is the guy that’s
got to make plays like this to
keep drives alive.
The left knee hits the ground.
One knee equals a foot.
This should be a catch.
>>Equals two feet.
>>Well, a foot and a half.
And he gets the right foot down,
anyway, before he hits the
ground and maintains control of
the ball, which is key when
you’re going out of bounds.
But he’s got to come up with
plays like that to keep this
offense on the field.
They may only have three
possessions in this quarter.
They’re gonna have to make
something out of this one.
>>Ravens get out of the shadow
of their own goal line.
Marcus Robinson taken down by
Samari Rolle.
He gets to the 26.
His first catch, and this has
been Anthony Wright’s go-to guy,
the former college teammate at
South Carolina.
>>All right, take a look at the
blocking up front.
Here it is.
They have a blitz on, but
Samari Rolle is playing off of
Marcus Robinson.
And when you play off, and as
big as he is, he’s got it.
He’s already gotten you beat.
If you’re gonna blitz, you got
to get up on this guy.
>>Consecutive first downs for
the Ravens.
Anthony Wright again.
That one’s intercepted!
>>Samari Rolle.
He picked this one off, and it’s
Titans’ ball at the 30.
>>I’ll tell you what.
Samari Rolle — this is just
very good defense.
He gets Marcus Robinson, and
he’s in front of him.
And he times this thing
Look to the left of your screen.
You’re gonna see Samari Rolle,
21, comes around the front of
Marcus Robinson and makes the
Here it comes.
Boom, he reads it.
He’s quick getting up inside.
That ball was late getting
>>I think it was just great
defense — great anticipation
and a break on the ball.
And you’re right, Paul.
If you’re gonna be a hair late,
you’re gonna wind up having to
make a tackle somewhere down the
>>During the regular season,
Samari Rolle led this club in
interceptions with a half-dozen.
Eddie George.
And now the Ravens defense has
to dig in.
They are already down by 4.
They can ill-afford to give up
another touchdown.
>>If Tennessee scores a
touchdown, this is over.
>>Might be.
>>Because that defense of
Tennessee — you talk about
these guys sticking in the
entire ballgame.
They have been sensational, and
there’s been such great line
play on both sides of this ball.
>>Second down, 8 yards to go.
[ Whistle blows ]
And movement on the right side
of the Titans line.
Fred Miller looked like he was
the first to jump.
>>False start, 71 of the
That’s a 5-yard penalty —
second down.
>>And it is the veteran,
Fred Miller.
>>Yeah, but once you do that,
don’t just stand around, ’cause
someone’s gonna knock you down.
>>Yeah, but he rolled nice.
He looked like a little top
rolling around.
>>[ Laughing ] Yeah!
Yeah, he rolled nice.
>>If you’re gonna go to the
ground, put a little lock in it,
make it look a little bit
Just don’t fall down like you’re
a load hitting the ground.
He looked athletic rolling
>>Second and 13.
[ Crowd cheers ]
Eddie George.
Guess who?
>>Boy, they’re in each other’s
face, too.
Eddie George — you got to
understand something here.
Eddie George said, “We are the
best of friends.
Away from football, we are the
best of friends.”
But Eddie George knows he’s
gonna be there every time he
runs the football.
Ray Lewis is gonna be there
looking at him.
Here comes Ray Lewis, back to
the outside.
He takes Eddie George down in a
Eddie’s back in his face,
saying, “Keep coming.”
>>Boy, and Eddie’s got a right
to look today.
[ Crowd cheers ]
Now third and 12.
Brown on the draw.
Reached about the 27-yard line,
so it would set up perhaps a
field goal of 44.
>>Well, Paul, you talked about
before if they score a touchdown
here, it could be over.
If they score a field goal, it’s
still a 7-point game.
And even though Baltimore’s
offense has really not been able
to generate much, it only takes
one big play.
He had Todd Heap coming out of
the end zone on top of
Peter Sirmon down the middle of
the field.
So, there are plays in the
passing game.
The Ravens just haven’t made
>>The oldest kicker in the
league will go for the longest
field goal of the year,
45 yards.
And he got it.
>>Whoa, whoa.
>>The inspirational leaders of
these respective clubs at work.
Eddie George on the sideline.
He’s rushed for 77 yards today.
Ray Lewis for Baltimore has done
his job — 15 tackles.
Taylor on the return for
Out near the 30-yard line.
>>Somebody needs an air force
right now — the
Baltimore Ravens.
They need to get the ball up in
the air, and they need to make
some plays.
Anthony Wright can’t throw the
ball close.
He had one go out of bounds to
Marcus Robinson.
He underthrew Todd Heap before.
He’s got to start hitting some
throws down the field.
>>Wright straight back to
Under pressure, and down he
Albert Haynesworth, who was
inactive a week ago because he
got into a fight on the practice
field and mouthed off to
Jeff Fisher.
>>I’ll tell you what.
This guy here is big and strong.
Albert Haynesworth, number 92.
Just straight up the middle.
Look at this.
Look at the push, and he pushes
the lineman all the way back to
the quarterback and makes the
That’s a big man.
>>And also Anthony Wright looks
like he might have hurt his
ankle a little bit.
>>And once Haynesworth had him,
he was not going any further.
Wright straight back, good
protection this time, sideline.
Taylor makes the catch.
He’ll be about a yard shy of a
first down.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Anthony Wright may not have
the résumé, but he plays with a
quiet confidence, and he has his
teammates’ respect.
After all, it was him who fueled
the turning point in the Ravens’
It was November.
They were playing Seattle.
They were down by 17 with just
7:00 to go.
He threw four second-half
touchdowns to
Marcus Robinson.
Instead of losing three
straight, they won five out of
their last six.
Now we’ll see if he can do it
with the season on the line.
>>Suzy, you’re right, and what
a great mark they got on that
last pass play.
It looked like it was at least a
yard shy.
And they got a first down out of
And Jamal Lewis is stuffed in
the backfield.
This Tennessee defense has been
brilliant against the run.
Keith Bulluck led that charge.
He’s going to the Pro Bowl.
>>What Fisher said about
Keith Bulluck yesterday.
He said, “Hey, Keith Bulluck?
He’s gonna have to put on his
big-boy pads for this game.”
And Keith Bulluck just hits
Jamal Lewis in the backfield.
Do you know that the Ravens have
11 drives, and they’ve only
crossed the 50 once?
>>and Jamal Lewis has been held
100 yards under his season’s
[ Whistle blows ]
They’ll whistle this one dead.
>>That’s now for the 5-yard
>>False start, 87, of the
It’s a 5-yard penalty, and it’s
still second down.
>>That’s the wide receiver
Marcus Robinson.
>>It seems like the
Baltimore Ravens offensively
just aren’t comfortable unless
it’s first and 20,
second and 17, second and 15,
and Anthony Wright can go back
deep and throw it.
If you’re Matt Cavanaugh, the
offensive coordinator for the
Baltimore Ravens, you can
basically take and throw
everything you have out on first
and 10 because it’s never gonna
be first and 10.
>>And keep an eye on the clock.
We’re approaching 7:00.
How many more times will the
Ravens get the ball?
Wright throws to Heap, and the
Pro Bowl tight end to the 43.
It’ll bring up third and about
>>I can tell you this.
If they have to punt the ball
away, Tennessee winds up with
the ball again.
Baltimore may not see it.
>>You’re right.
>>So, depending upon what
Brian Billick wants to do, this
could be two-down territory for
his offense with the clock
running down to about 6:40 right
Not with this defense.
>>They have converted only two
out of ten third downs in this
Wright throws a bullet.
Heap with another catch.
First down at the Tennessee
47-yard line.
I’ll tell you what Todd Heap
does and why he’s a Pro Bowler.
The positioning that he gets —
there’s only one person that can
catch the ball when Todd Heap
goes down and makes a turn.
The safety, Lamont Thompson, has
no chance.
Look at where he is.
His whole body is in front of
the ball.
Thompson has no chance to get to
>>And Anthony Wright put the
ball in the perfect spot.
You have to throw the ball away
from where the defender starts
to take the position.
Did a good job.
>>Heap, who caught only one
pass in the season finale in
Pittsburgh, has had a much
better game today.
Jamal Lewis running hard, picks
up about 3.
Keith Bulluck makes another
And the clock continues to wind
as we approach 5:30.
The longer the Ravens take on
this drive, and the clock not
stopping, this might be their
final possession.
>>Would you say they’re in
4-down territory, Paul?
>>Now? Yes.
Absolutely. There’s no question.
Once they cross that 50, they
>>Blitz against
Anthony Wright.
And that’s Terry Jones Jr., and
where they mark it, that’s going
to be another first down.
>>What you’re seeing
Anthony Wright do is get into a
rhythm, but he’s getting into a
rhythm with his tight ends.
This is where the Ravens feel
like they have the matchup.
They have their matchup with
their tight ends against the
There’s a nice job by
Terry Jones Jr.
>>Samari Rolle is the injured
We have a time-out.
Under 5:00 left.
Here’s the way the AFC stacks
We got Tennessee and
Baltimore right now, the 4 and 5
And tomorrow the
Denver Broncos in a rematch
against the Indianapolis Colts
at Indy.
New England will play the
lowest-seeded winner.
Kansas City, the other team with
the bye, will play the
highest-seeded winner.
Right now this game hangs very
much in the balance.
>>We saw that first meeting
between Denver and Indianapolis
just a few weeks ago, when the
Denver Broncos controlled the
ball, much like the
Tennessee Titans are doing here,
for 45 minutes, and kept
Peyton Manning on the sideline.
>>I couldn’t believe this, the
end of that game, that Indy had
the ball for 15:02.
>>I know.
>>It’s gonna be pretty close
here with the Titans, the way
they’ve controlled this game.
>>Another first down for the
Ravens on what could be their
last shot at tying this game.
Good protection for Wright.
Goes for the end zone.
Double coverage.
Taylor was there, but he was
beautifully covered.
Samari Rolle and Dyson were both
>>Travis Taylor looks like he
launches himself up to knock the
ball away.
He can’t quite get to it.
And Lance Schulters and
Andre Dyson are the two guys
that have a shot at this thing,
and he just reaches up and tips
it away.
Look at this play.
Look at him get elevated.
Just enough of a distraction so
that Schulters can’t quite get
his eyes and the bead on it.
Watch the hand come in front.
Whether he gets it or not, he
just upsets Schulters’ vision.
>>Tremendous coverage.
>>He touched it.
>>Second and 10.
Wright launches it again.
This time for Todd Heap!
[ Crowd cheers ]
You’ve got to hand it to
Anthony Wright.
35 yards — he doesn’t back off.
He’s got good receivers, and he
throws it up where they can get
>>What a great call by
Matt Cavanaugh, the offensive
They got the matchup they
wanted — Tank Williams on
Todd Heap.
They’d take that matchup against
a corner, but when you get a
young strong safety, who’s
225 pounds that’s gonna have to
run down the field, shoeless
Todd Heap making the touchdown
>>Stover to tie the game.
[ Crowd cheers ]
They’re on their feet in
The Ravens, behind
Anthony Wright, have come back
to tie this ballgame.
Guys, he has done it time after
time when this team needed him.
>>You know the thing about this
is where has Todd Heap been for
a while?
And then here he is tonight.
Look at this ball.
This ball was thrown
absolutely — you couldn’t throw
it any better.
Todd Heap is the only one really
that’s gonna get it.
Watch him go back through
Tank Williams and take the ball
Now, Williams had his hand up
That was excellent coverage.
>>Actually, you got to thank
Tank Williams because if he
doesn’t hit that ball, it may go
right through.
That call told me that
Matt Cavanaugh was gonna go for
it on fourth down.
>>Because you take one shot to
Travis Taylor.
Then you come right back with
another shot.
You’re up to third and 10 after
that if you don’t hit it.
>>Anthony Wright was brilliant
on the drive — 5 out of 6 for
80 yards.
4:43 off the clock.
His numbers on the day.
They have tied the ballgame.
>>Sometimes you look at a young
quarterback, and you say, “Is
the game too big for him?”
You say that in the regular
season and on into the playoffs.
When you look at
Anthony Wright’s demeanor on
the sidelines, he is cherishing
and relishing this moment to
play with this kind of
>>McCareins is deep.
>>McCareins on the run at the
To the 26.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Mike, the day after the
regular season ended,
Brian Billick presented the team
with a schedule that takes them
all the way, day by day, to the
Super Bowl — practice, travel,
media commitments.
Brian told us that he did this
back in 2000, as well, because
he wanted the team to know this
is for real.
The ultimate goal is the
Super Bowl.
It’s right there in front of
There’s a plan.
There’s a structure.
No surprises.
>>Suzy, he is as good a
psychologist as there is in
professional football.
And now the crowd cheering
defense, on their feet with the
>>And this is where the
Tennessee Titan offense really
has to focus on the movement of
the ball.
>>Eddie George.
5 yards.
>>Eddie George will take 5.
>>Oh, yeah.
>>Mike Heimerdinger, the
offensive coordinator with the
Tennessee Titans — “Hey, you
give me 5.”
>>Look at Ray Lewis again.
Boom, he goes left.
He sees Eddie George.
Goes back.
They’re trying to block him.
And he’s there.
These two guys — we talked
about two warriors we talked
about going at it today.
Eddie George has not backed down
one time in this ballgame, and
Ray Lewis has challenged every
>>And he has a very significant
82 yards on the ground.
[ Whistle blows ]
>>There it is.
Fred Miller, the right tackle,
The crowd now —
>>Wait a minute.
This may be against the defense
for pulling him offside.
>>How can you hear anything?
>>All you have to do is watch.
Did the defense pull him
>>Delay of game, defense,
number 98.
[ Crowd boos ]
That’s a 5-yard penalty, and
it’s still second down.
>>Anthony Weaver.
Eddie George and Ray Lewis
with that warrior mentality.
They have both done the job
82 yards for Eddie.
Ray has been in on 16 tackles.
And that makes it second and 1
after the penalty.
We said whoever won this battle
may win the game.
And it’s still up in the air.
[ Crowd cheers ]
Blitz coming.
[ Crowd cheers ]
Chris McAlister.
The third pick for that Ravens
>>Well, I don’t understand the
I really don’t understand the
You shut down their offense all
day long.
If nothing else, you punt them
back deep, you put your defense,
which has played tremendously,
on the field out there, and play
the game in a percentage manner.
That call I just didn’t think
made a whole lot of sense.
>>Well, you got second and a
half a yard, and you want to
take a shot.
I don’t want to take a shot at
>>Pick up the first down, run
some more time off the clock.
If you want to take your shot,
take it in the next series of
>>His first 3-pick game since
the last time they played the
Ravens in November of 2002.
>>Another thing — Tennessee
better start sending some
linebackers because what they’re
doing is they’re trying to get
to Anthony Wright with just four
down linemen, and they’re not
getting close.
>>Jamal Lewis.
To the 30.
Let’s go to Suzy.
>>Well, we talked to
Chris McAlister about what
earned him his first trip to the
Pro Bowl this year, and he said,
“It’s all about maturity.”
He grew up a lot after suffering
the aftermath of a DUI in
training camp.
Missed a meeting in September.
He shamed his family, he said,
and then facing the team was
even more painful.
His goal?
Change his image to the best
corner in the league.
Mission accomplished.
He has shut down the opponent’s
top receivers all season.
>>Done a great job on Mason
Anthony Wright, short set.
Taylor lunges at the sideline.
Makes the catch at the 35.
They’ll still need 3 yards.
>>And I can assure you that
this is not 4-down territory.
>>[ Chuckles ]
>>Travis Taylor is the one that
they’re going against.
Samari Rolle has gone over and
played Marcus Robinson.
So they figure, “All right, you
want to put your better corner
over there?
We’ll let Travis Taylor work on
Andre Dyson.
We feel like we have the
I’m telling you.
If the Ravens can move on — if
they happen to move on, this is
the guy everybody better look
out for because he has the
ability to make plays.
Just hasn’t been given a lot of
opportunities with only
39 catches throughout the
>>Third and 3.
>>Todd Heap is in the slot.
>>Wright under pressure.
Intended for Heap, but short.
He was double-covered — a
linebacker and a safety.
There is a flag down at the end
of the play.
>>Boy, if this is another
personal foul against the
Ravens, it just changes field
position so much in the favor of
the Tennessee Titans.
>>They punt it, anyway.
Orlando Brown, maybe.
>>He was certainly upset after
the play.
>>It’s Orlando Brown again.
>>After the play is over,
personal foul, unnecessary
roughness, number 78 of the
>>Orlando Brown.
>>It is a 15-yard penalty.
It will still be fourth down.
>>What is in his mind?
He’s going over to defend his
player, Orlando Brown.
The tight end is thrown on the
ground by Jevon Kearse.
And he throws him on the ground
>>That is so silly.
>>You got to wonder, what is
the value of a football player
if he isn’t smart enough to be
able to play this game?
I don’t care how physically
talented anybody is, they have
to understand the rules of the
game of football and not hurt
their team.
Two critical mistakes by
Orlando Brown.
>>Backs them up all the way to
the 20.
Zastudil, low, line-drive kick.
Mason lets it bounce.
And it will roll down to the
37-yard line.
We would love to thank our crew.
They have done such hard work —
five games in the last three
Our producer, Jay Rothman, our
director, Chip Dean,
Dick Buffington,
Andy Reichwald,
Jonathan Labovich,
Previn Martin, Brian Yarrow,
Eric Mosely, Mark Herklotz,
Steve Carter and Bob Brownlee.
Steve Raymond, Alex Sturm,
Mark Frederickson,
Dave Dare, Nancy Voelker, and
our executive producer of
today’s telecast, Jed Drake.
The executive producer of
ABC Sports is Mike Pearl.
I cannot tell you the level of
respect in which we hold the
people who have worked for us so
hard all year long.
>>Hear, hear, hear.
>>We are very lucky to have
them and have them allow us to
be a part of their team.
>>Three wide receivers for
McNair on two bad legs.
Throws underneath.
They’ll get a couple.
>>And the checkdowns that we
just saw Eddie George make the
catch on, that’s what really
Neil O’Donnell, who started last
week’s game in place of
Steve McNair, against
Tampa Bay, wound up hitting a
And this is the way you want to
work the ball down the field
against this Raven defense.
>>They’re gonna let this thing
down and go to the 2:00 warning.
>>And why not?
If you are only going to have
one possession left, make it
You got a chance to win.
The other team will never get
the ball back.
Both clubs have 3 time-outs
>>I still think you had time to
run one play.
>>Well, they had plenty of time
to run a play, but they didn’t
want to.
>>We have reached the 2:00
In his career,
Steve McNair has 16 game-winning
drives in the fourth quarter or
Can the NFL’s co-MVP do it
>>The most recent was in
Week 15 against the
Houston Texans, just a few weeks
ago, when he hit a touchdown
pass on fourth and 10 and gave
the Titans a 27-24 win over the
Houston Texans.
>>Second and 7 from their own
McNair throws back to
Eddie George, fighting for extra
He’s within a yard of the first
Ray Lewis saved it, at least
>>You know that Eddie George
got racked.
I mean, he got hit and still
held onto the football, one, and
then turned and tried to get the
first down.
Here he comes in the middle.
McNair has no place to go.
He pops it to Eddie George.
Look at the hit he takes.
He’s gonna get hit by
Ray Lewis, bang, and number 56,
Ed Hartwell, and he still picks
up an extra yard.
>>Third and 1.
Blitz coming.
Eddie George, first down and
Demps saved a huge gain.
>>Taking a time-out.
Tennessee will take a time-out
They have three, and this is a
good one.
It just takes too long to get
all these guys back in line
>>Eddie George — watch the
saving tackle that Will Demps,
number 47, actually makes.
It’s just a hit to knock him off
He’s got a lot of room.
Eddie George caught 22 balls
through the entire season.
Four of them came last week,
with Neil O’Donnell as the
quarterback, against Tampa Bay.
And two critical ones here in
checkdown situations.
That’s the way they can move the
ball down the field.
I believe they’re gonna have to
try and hit one of the receivers
somewhere down the field with a
big play.
Maybe it’s time for
Frank Wycheck to step up and
make a play for them.
>>And he has rushed for
89 yards in this game.
>>Wouldn’t it be ironic to see
him get 100 yards against this
>>And if he does, they’re
probably going to win.
11 yards would put them close to
field-goal territory.
McNair from the shotgun.
And out of bounds at about the
33-yard line.
>>Boy, I’ll tell you one thing
When you send four, and your
offensive line gives you that
much time, it’s just nice and
easy to look over the entire
field and then find Mason coming
Look at the blocking up front,
This is easy.
He just steps up into that lane.
Nobody is on Mason.
There’s nobody around
Steve McNair, either, and Mason
does the smart thing out of
Get as much as you can.
>>One of the reasons this is
the fifth-ranked passing offense
in the league is that offensive
Eddie George, room to run left
Tries to cut it back.
He’ll lose 2!
Ed Hartwell, who is overshadowed
by the brilliant Ray Lewis, but
shouldn’t be for a long time.
He’s a heck of a player.
>>Gary Anderson, 44 years old,
22 years in the league.
You see his career long — 55.
He couldn’t do that.
45 we saw earlier.
The thing was, when we had a
chance to talk to Jeff Fisher
last night, I said, “Why did you
want Gary Anderson?”
He said, “For this reason — for
the playoffs.
This is the reason I wanted him
Now, Craig Hentrich has done a
terrific job stepping in.
He’s 4 out of 5 and only 0-for-1
over 50 yards.
>>And they had a great kicker
to start the year, Joe Nedney.
We did the opening game.
He injured his knee.
Had to go on IR.
They picked up Gary Anderson.
Between the two, they’ve had
great field-goal kickers.
>>Hentrich came into that
opener and nailed a couple of
long ones.
>>Yes, he did.
>>Well, if they go long, it
will be Hentrich that they’ll
take a shot at.
>>Now, Hentrich is usually the
holder, too.
>>He’ll have to hold for
himself and then kick.
>>Drop-kick, which Jim Thorpe
used to do extremely well.
>>You played with him.
>>I played two years with
>>Second and 12.
McNair underneath to
Erron Kinney, the tight end, to
the 29.
Clock runs.
40 seconds to go.
>>If they don’t pick up the
first down here, you’re looking
at about a 45-yard field-goal
attempt, and Gary Anderson’s
already hit one of those.
>>And it was by plenty.
>>The Ravens took a time-out.
>>What do you do here on third
and 6?
Run and try to pick something
up, or do you take a chance and
>>Run and try to pick up
>>I’ve got a co-MVP in
Steve McNair.
I put the ball in his hands.
Give him a chance to make a
[ Crowd cheers ]
>>Eddie George.
>>That time…
that was Gary Baxter that came
up and made the play.
>>They were guessing run,
’cause they had the line of
scrimmage loaded.
And this is Hentrich, the
long-distance field-goal kicker
coming out.
He can either kick it or be the
holder, and now here comes
Gary Anderson.
>>Go back to a Gary Anderson
kick in an AFC Championship game
by the Minnesota Vikings and the
Atlanta Falcons, I believe.
He wound up missing that kick.
It got pulled a little bit left
when he tried to kick it, I
think, a little bit hard.
>>All these time-outs were
taken by the
Baltimore Ravens and not the
Tennessee Titans.
So, if they do kick a field goal
and make it, the Ravens are
gonna have about 30 seconds, and
that’s about it.
>>They’re gonna have
30 seconds to kneel down and get
ready for overtime.
>>You don’t think he’s gonna
make this?
>>I don’t know.
>>Well, that’s what they’re
playing for right now.
Hoping for overtime.
Otherwise, you don’t use three
>>The way things have gone for
Jeff Fisher — remember
Al Del Greco in one of the games
in this series missed an
extra point and allowed the
Ravens to come back.
[ Crowd cheers ]
This whole series is about
>>Gary Anderson from 46 yards.
It’s good!
It never looked like it had a
>>The 44-year-old kicker, the
legend out of Syracuse, makes a
huge 46-yard kick right at the
very edge of his range.
>>Oh, man, that ball looked
like it wasn’t gonna clear the
line of scrimmage, let alone
make it.
Here it comes.
Boy, they get this thing out
And he had plenty of room.
>>Normally, he runs off the
field when he kicks it.
That had about 6 inches to
spare, it looked like.
See, normally, he starts running
off the field when he hits it.
>>The worst part about it?
Here’s the problem now.
The Ravens get the ball back.
There’s 29 seconds left to go.
They don’t have any time-outs,
and you know Tennessee, they’re
gonna put the ball on the
So, it’s gonna eat up about 6 or
7 seconds.
>>And you got Wade Richey, who
can probably kick a 60-yarder.
>>Gary Anderson usually leaves
the practice — after a game,
he heads home until Wednesday
and comes back.
They called him up on a fishing
They found Neil O’Donnell on a
golf course.
I figured out I was in the wrong
place to be called out of
I went home.
>>Don’t worry about it, Joe.
They weren’t gonna call you
>>Many years ago.
>>Yeah, I know. You were done.
>>They’ll kick it away, and
Lamont Brightful back to the 2.
They need a big return, and
they’re not gonna get it.
Brightful lost the ball as he
went down.
They’re gonna say he was down —
no fumble.
From the 28.
>>21 seconds left.
Look at this.
Want to see how close this thing
was to the crossbar?
>>Watch this ball, folks.
Joe, you’re absolutely right.
It was about 6 inches.
[ Laughs ]
>>You know what?
It looked like it almost hit the
back end of it.
>>No, it didn’t, but that was
about as close as you’re gonna
Jevon Kearse is very happy.
>>Tennessee trying to exorcise
the demons.
They have lost 5 straight to the
And if they win, hats off to
Eddie George for a magnificent
and courageous performance.
Taylor tackled in bounds.
They cannot stop the clock.
>>That’s a first down.
They got to move the chains.
[ Whistle blows ]
>>Wright will kill the clock.
Only 5 seconds to go.
>>Okay, I have to do it.
I want to say happy birthday to
my wife.
Can I do that?
>>Beverly, happy birthday.
>>Today is her birthday.
>>It’s also Bud Adams’
birthday, the owner of the
Tennessee Titans.
He’s 81, and I know Beverly is
Beverly is very young.
>>Brian Billick, when he looks
back at this football game,
there’s two plays in this game,
the two personal fouls that
Orlando Brown got, that really
cost field position, and the
last one was on this last drive.
>>That’s right.
>>The one he got before put
them in a hole, also.
>>15 yards — you take that
away, they don’t get to
field-goal territory.
>>This is it.
This is the last play.
>>Wright down the middle,
intended for Heap.
He was covered by Peter Sirmon.
>>Game over.
>>And that is it.
The Tennessee Titans have gone
on the road behind
Eddie George and co-MVP
Steve McNair and that great run
Gary Anderson’s dramatic
field goal from 46 yards out
gives Tennessee a 20-17 win over

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