20 Years of Spinnin’ Records – Bingo Players

We are celebrating 20 Years Of Spinnin’! An era full of great artists, consecutive highlights and memorable music.
Because of this huge milestone, we’ve asked our DJs to share their Spinnin’ Story.
In this episode: Bingo Players!
Our first encounter with Spinnin’ Records was when I was browsing through vinyl records, because I collected vinyl records back in the days.
And then I saw this ‘S’ logo and it was a record from Bini & Martini – Happiness.
The ‘S’ logo stood out for me. And I was like: “Which record company is this?” So it turned out to be Spinnin’ Records and I still have it in my collection.
Actually, it was more of Sneakers Music, which was a sublabel of Spinnin’ Records.
And then we were like looking into the Sneakers catalogue and we found so many great tracks.
And then we were like: “We want to release on this label!”
Eventually we had a track and we signed it to Sneakers Music and we were so happy with that.
This first release on Sneakers Music was just the very beginning.
Their first worldwide hit, which is a golden oldie nowadays, was just a few songs away.
We’re talking about ‘Cry Just A Little’.
Actually, I was just one day at home, watching MTV, and there was like this marathon of this more obscure R&B tracks.
So, I saw that sample and I was like: “Wow, that’s a cool hook!”
So I sampled it, made a track out of it. I didn’t want to release it. It was just for fun.
So I uploaded it to YouTube under the name Yves Angello – as like a parody of Steve Angello
A few years later, Paul was at my place and he was like: “I remembered you doing something with a high pitched vocal thing..”
And he looked it up on YouTube and he was like: “Dude! This video has so many views! Why didn’t we release this?!”
We were looking on YouTube to videos – Fedde for instance playing at Ultra Miami – and we saw him play ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ and the crowd went nuts!
And we were like: “Wow, a Dutch DJ playing in the US. That’s amazing!”
We immediately were like: “This sound is something fresh, something new. We want to get into that.”
That was our goal: to make music that people outside of Holland would love as well.
Their minds were set. Bingo Players wanted to conquer the stages in the US as well. They have developed a musical weapon for this: ‘The Rattle’!
But this masterpiece wasn’t so well received in the beginning.
‘The Rattle’ was a bigger song, so the first time we produced it, we played it out in some clubs in Europe.. And nobody responded to it.
And we were like: “Ah, this song is not going to make it.” And so we sent it to Spinnin’ and they were like: “We love it! We love it”
They put a preview on YouTube and we got thumbs down, and they were like: “What is this shit…”
Paul and I were like: “Okay, let’s cancel this record. Don’t release it.”
So, we were saying to Jorn from A&R: “Listen, this song. People hate it. Please don’t release it.”
And he was like: “No no no, trust me. This song is going to be big!”
They put it out and suddenly we were getting texts from people like: “Shit, the Rattle song is going big in Australia, the US.”
So when we came back, like a few months later, and we played that song and we saw people going nuts, it was for us like. Our mind was blown.
One of the highlights of course was when we became #1 in the UK. I was actually on a holiday with my girlfriend. And we were at the beach at Saint Martin.
And there was a rivalry between Britney Spears and Will.I.Am. and ‘Rattle’. So, I was at the beach and got texts like: “We’re #1!”
And I couldn’t believe it. It was very surreal, because, of course you should be like super happy, and I was happy, no doubt of course, but it’s weird when you’re on a holiday on a beach, just relaxing.
And then you know you have a #1 hit in the UK.
Which is big of course!
And we had all these interviews lined up, because we were the first Dutch act since 2 Unlimited in 15/20 years that became #1 in the UK.
One of the tracks that is really memorable for me is the Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji ‘Pressure’ track in the Alesso remix.
Because at that time we were just touring in the US. Everywhere you played it, people went nuts.
It’s for me the pinnacle of the EDM back-in 2012-2013, when we were getting into the scene and playing US shows.
I think nowadays the genres are more segmented. So, you have like a really hard EDM, you have more techie stuff.
What I personally love is that the groovy house is coming back a bit more. I’m producing a bit more disco-y, funky stuff.
So yeah, I’m really excited about what the future is going to bring.
I’m always going to do what I feel is being good for myself or like something I feel inside that has to come out.
Hey, this is Bingo Players and I want to congratulate Spinnin’ Records with their 20 Years Anniversary! Thank you so much for your support and to another 20 years.


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