20 POSSIBLE Signs You Are POOR!

20 EPIC Signs You Are POOR!
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Lotto Fever
Lottery tickets are sold on the dream of hitting
it big.
Most of these tickets are purchased by people
hoping to strike it rich.
Casino halls and similar gaming establishments
are thrive on the same people.
Those who hope to hit the big time.
Wealthy people rather spend their time and
money on investments rather than games of
Posers Be Stylin’
How many times have you seen someone or a
group of people cruising down the street in
a flashy, expensive car, dressed in designer
clothes and fancy jewelry, and wonder how
they can afford any of that stuff?
Often times, they can’t!
There are many people that are one paycheck
away from being homeless on a regular basis,
but spend money they don’t have, on things
they don’t need.
Some people like pretending they live a life
they think will impress others.
Or, maybe it just makes them feel better temporarily.
Water, Please
Let’s face it, water is vital to survival.
And, frankly, it’s a healthier beverage
choice than most anything else.
But, when you don’t have the money for flavorful,
expensive drinks, you order water.
Asking for a water cup at fast food restaurants
is common practice, and most places will happily
give you a small cup for free water.
Also, ordering water at a nicer place saves
a bundle off the tap.
One common thing that poor people do is rent
household essentials, as well as luxury items,
instead of buying them.
Furniture, televisions, jewelry, appliances,
electronics and more, are common rental items
that many people rent, which basically keeps
those kinds of stores in business.
The rich usually buy these types of items
outright, or use short term credit with low
The advantage of buying reasonably expensive
products rather than renting them can be seen
in the long run, of course.
The insanely high interest rates for these
rentals often adds up to someone spending
several times what the items are worth.
Sadly, in some cases, the outstanding debt
is still due long after the merchandise is
in use.
Craigslist Cruiser
Many people can relate to this.
Ever needed, aka wanted, that new hoverboard
to show off to your friends, or the latest
headphones or gadget, but couldn’t because
it’s too expensive?
Well, one common habit is buying used stuff
from websites like Craigslist.
Buyer beware, though.
The downside is that sometimes you end up
buying nothing but junk.
On the bright side, sometimes you can find
pretty decent deals on used shopping websites.
Ramen Noodles
Ramen noodles are cheap, quick and easy, and
did I mention cheap?!
That’s why people who are poorer tend to
eat a lot of ramen noodles.
Hey, nothing against them, of course.
People all over the world love them, and they
get many college students through school.
But, there is a drawback to eating them too
They’re not exactly a nutritious part of
a healthy diet.
Unless you add a lot of veggies and eggs to
them, can they be considered a better quality
But, well, if people had the funds for good
food, they would be buying that instead of
cheap noodles.
Rich people usually care a lot about their
diet, and they can afford to eat much more
nutritious foods.
Junkyard Shopping
Have you ever gone to a junkyard to look for
spare car parts?
They can be fun places to roam.
They also provide a good service for people
that need parts and don’t want to, or cannot
afford, new parts to repair their vehicle.
Finding ways out of costly situations is a
creative skill.
Avoiding the heavy costs of car maintenance
is a great reason to visit a junkyard.
While a rich person is more inclined to get
their car fixed with genuine parts (and pay
a fortune for those parts), other people often
scour for junkyard deals.
“Weekly” Living
People struggling to get by tend to stay in
weekly rental complexes, but for extended
periods of time.
Renting an apartment costs a lot of scratch,
and requires a lot of documentation, as well
as good credit.
To avoid such hassles, or if they just don’t
have the means, some people are more likely
to stay in cheaper weekly rentals as their
main residences.
Dollar Store Deals
The dollar stores tend to have everything
from dinner necessities to cleaning materials
– all for the mere cost of $1 each.
The dollar store is like a poor man’s heaven.
These places exist to help anyone in need,
or just looking to save a few bucks on everyday
Wastin’ Time
One of the major things that differentiate
between the lifestyles of rich people and
poor people is how the rich utilize their
The rich don’t waste time on very many unproductive
things and activities.
This is because they are usually fully focused
on their goals.
They have their eyes and minds fixated on
their long and short term goals.
They often wake up early, and spend their
time on being productive.
They read a lot, and gain knowledge and skills
whenever they can.
The poor, on the other hand, tend to waste
much more of their time.
Usually, that time is spent on unproductive
things like watching several hours of television,
and posting every small detail on social media.
They tend to be more focused on their immediate
activities than their life goals.
Work-Life In-balance
Making rest and free time a priority does
not lead to a prosperous bank account.
One of the things some poor people do is make
a work-life balance their priority.
They might complain about how working some
9 to 5 job is messing up their work-life balance,
and go on about how they will soon quit that
job or this job.
It goes without saying that quitting a job
is a bad idea if you want to have more money.
Successful people often sacrifice a notion
of a work-life balance, and divert their focus
to just work for awhile.
They often forego vacations and other time
off to push for their goals.
The end game desire, usually, is that the
extra effort now will create more balance
long term.
Prepaid Cards
The rich use a wide variety of credit cards
to their advantage for things like low interest
rates and free airline miles, and they have
a fair amount of great credit established.
The poor tend to use prepaid credit cards,
which can cost more to use.
Although they can misused on useless purchases,
prepaid cards, if used wisely, could help
establish a better credit rating and with
general needs.
Housekeeping Cart
One of the funniest things, only because many
people have probably done it at one point,
is that poor people will sometimes swipe toiletries
from the housekeeping trolley cart.
Okay, we probably won’t see a rich person
stealing soap from the cart, but sometimes
an extra bottle of shampoo or some T.P. just
comes in handy.
Late to Rise
Poorer people tend to be less productive,
and less focused on their life goals.
Many people allow the bad habit of waking
up late every morning.
Whereas the rich and successful ones are more
focused, so they wake up early.
They also tend to make great use of the extra
time by doing exercise or reading.
They build a routine for themselves, which
leads them to be more active and productive
each day.
Gossip vs. Concepts
Gossipping about other people, living in tabloid
mags and trolling on social media all the
time are often things that many poor people
do more than rich people.
Have you noticed how tabloid magazines and
reality shows are more popular with people
with less money?
Rich people often talk about things, concepts
and ideas instead of other people.
This type of thinking lends itself to growth
and working moving forward in life.
Spending a lot of time talking about other
people means spending time talking about things
that have already happened.
If it already happened, slim chances you’ll
be moving forward if you’re always looking
Clearance Groceries
What most rich people might not know is that
there is a clearance section in most grocery
stores, bakeries and other eateries, where
the food is about to expire and tends to be
very cheap.
People who are poor, or maybe even just very
frugal, are most likely to buy these items
from the clearance section for deep discounts.
Blame Game
How often do you hear people blame their parents,
their boss, their fill-in-the-blank, about
their situations?
Changing a person’s mindset, current work
or living situation, education level, attitude,
past atrocities, etc., takes time and genuine
work and effort to move forward.
Going to the library, reading anything that
helps learn a new skill, seeking counseling
or financial assistance, forgiving others
for their negative influences, whatever the
case may be; these are things that many rich
people do to move their lives in a positive
Many poor people, unfortunately, are stuck
in a holding pattern and buried in debt or
life’s daily situations, that it is difficult
to pull back or away far enough to see beyond
Support is often right around the corner for
anyone willing or able to take steps toward
a new path.
It’s known, though, that blaming others
keeps people stuck.
Rich people waste less time blaming others,
and more time finding solutions to their misfortunes.
Weekly Loans
Vehicle title loans, payday loans, and check-cashing
businesses are making ba-zillions of dollars
on the backs of ordinary people.
They provide a service, which is helpful in
a short-term emergency situation.
But, for people with poor credit or itching
to have something now, these places charge
extorsion-worthy interest rates and fees for
that convenience.
When people spend their paychecks before they
get them, these loans can cost several more
paychecks to pay them off.
Kids-Early Arrival
Let’s be straight, kids are expensive.
Often times, people in poor situations have
kids early.
Kids are great, except if there isn’t enough
money to support them.
In addition to having kids early, some people
have more kids, overall, than rich people.
Lack of Action
Many poor people have amazingly innovative
ideas, but they may never act upon them.
This is one of those things that can define
their fate.
The ones that do act upon their ideas and
take the risk are the ones that might achieve
Everyone is strongly urged to go out of their
comfort zone and take risks.
Do the work needed to achieve their goals
and chase dreams.
So many people are afraid to take those risks.
They don’t want to fail, but even just reaching
for goals leads to other successes.
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