#182: Supermarkt Bingo [OPDRACHT]

Yo, my name is Giel!
“Thomas”, “Stefan”
And today we’re going to play bingo
in a supermarket!
Number 32!
I was first!
-No, I was!
In order to play bingo,
we’re going to need a lot of people
And bingo is often played by elderly people
And Stefan, I heard you’re good at
arranging elderly people
Yes, I arranged a coach filled
with elderly people
Look, there it is
Is everyone ready to play bingo?
Guys, everyone cancelled
You’re kidding?
– No, really
So now we’re going to an
old people’s home
to arrange some old people
But how many people are in here?
One person
One person?
Everybody wins a prize!
Are you also helping, or?
Of course, I’m closing the flap
There, we’re ready to go
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!
Hello! Please take a seat
This coach is very crowded
A warm welcome to everyone!
My name is Stefan
and I’m your host today
And I’m glad to see
that everyone came today!
Today, we’re going to play Bingo
in a supermarket
Very convival
But before we do that
Let’s go to the nearby old people’s home
to fill the two empty seats in the back
Thank you everyone
If there are any questions,
I’m sitting here,
because of the lack of seats
Thank you everyone!
How many elderly people do we need?
I think there’s still room for five more people
I think so, yes
I’m curious if we’re going to manage
to get some elderly people in the coach
To play Bingo in a supermarket
Small chance
But we should try at least
All right, we are in Ijsselstein
at a random eldery people’s home
And Thomas is going in
to see if we can gather any elderly people
– Thanks
And don’t give them French kisses!
– Dude..
Hard, right?
Hello there
– Hello!
We’re trying to organise a Bingo
for the elderly here
And, I was wondering
Could I ask those people to join us?
We’re going to a nice location
and we’re going to play Bingo there
Oh, but you want to
bring the people with you? – Yes
Well, I don’t think it’s a good plan to do that
– No, there’s going to be a problem
If they come back, they’ll be confused
– Oh, okay
I guess we’ll have to find another
elderly people’s home then
All right, success
– Bye
That was a huge success
Good news?
– Yes..
How many?
Everyone is coming
– You’re kidding
Those people are really demented
Is everyone demented?
She said: You can bring them,
but they’ll be totally confused
when we’re coming back
Well, that’s pathethic
We could do the Bingo right here
But that’s not really the plan
We can try it
– We can practice here
I’d say, get the Bingo set!
– So we’re just going to do it here?
I’m laughing because I’m afraid
I really can’t go in there
that really won’t go well
Are you feeling like playing Bingo with us?
Are you nuts?
– No? No bingo with us?
I’d rather play jass
– Play jass..
They don’t want to play Bingo
Come on, two games
Don’t be such a bore
Come on
I’m not standing here for my fun
Can you go get some pens?
– I’ll get some pens
Should I sit in between?
– We can do it together
Is that okay?
– I’ll just go and sit here
Are you joining us, or not?
No, I’m not joining in game
– You’re not joining?
– Oh
Ah, you should join too
– Here, you see?
Yeah, go ahead and join us
Bingo cards
Mister, have a look
You have a card too, all right?
Yes, I know
So if you see the number, you shout:
Yes, I know
That’s number..
Do you have 36?
– No, I only have 38 and 39
I don’t want to interrupt the bingo, but..
They’re not really cool with
us filming here
36! – Okay.
I’m getting the next ball
Maybe it’s better to leave now
– Then we have to go
Number 56! – That’s a pity..
we wanted to play a nice game
and that’s not allowed
That was the shortest Bingo ever
– Yes, it’s also a pity
that nobody was joining us
So now, the solution is that we drive to
a nearby supermarket
There trying to get people to play with us
Now we’re going to a supermarket, and try
to gather some people at the entrance
And then, we are going to play
some good games of Bingo – Yes
We have arrived
Let’s just walk straight in, okay?
– No, first we need to ask some people
This is heavy
Do you want to play Bingo?
We need to catch our tram
Catch our tram? Fuck the tram!
Good day, madam
Can I ask you a question?
We’re organising a Bingo,
in the supermarket
…but I’m not doing it
You’re not joining us?
– No
But you do like it?
– Okay, bye
My charms don’t work with that old lady.
Are you joining us? – No
Come on!
Playing Bingo with three nice guys
Please leave a comment,
telling us what we’re doing wrong
I really don’t know it
Hopeless, this
Make a sign up-table, and nobody is
allowed to pass, unless they join us
Yes mister, you’re coming for the Bingo?
– That’s only for old people!
Ladies and gentlemen! We’re beginning the
Bingo in half an hour!
And we still need some participants
You can win nice prizes
For free, in collaboration with
Albert Heijn! (Dutch supermarket)
Who’s joining us?
You’re also playing Bingo?
– Yes
Gathering elderly people didn’t work,
but now we have an audience
that wants to play Bingo with us
So, we’re grabbing our stuff and
we’re ready to enter the supermarket
Time for a game of Bingo!
Here, have a seat everyone
The bingo is about to start!
I need to get some pens
Yes, the first prize!
The first prize, ladies and gentlemen
a bag of potatoes!
And.. the first number is…
Number 63!
– I repeat, number 63!
Number 36!
There we go..
Number 5!
The next number is 47!
You’re doing well
So exciting!
Yes! We have a Bingo!
A real bag of potatoes! Congratulations!
Congratulations, a real bag of potatoes
And what do you think of
this beautiful prize? – Very nice
Very nice! So, let us continue
with the next round!
We’re playing for a pack of
Italian lasagna!
There we go, ladies and gentlemen!
Number 21!
Number 21
Yes! We have another prize!
We’re giving you a pack of lasagna!
Here you go! – Thank you
Round number 3!
And we’re still not kicked out!
Pastry with garlic, that’s delicious
Number 88!
Number 53!
– You also want to play Bingo?
They also want to Bingo with us
..unfortunately, you have to leave
Can’t we just do one game?
No, we’re not doing that
The last round has begun!
I wish you all the best of luck!
Ladies and gentlemen
The last round has begun!
You shouldn’t be doing this
I understand that this is funny, but..
Why isn’t this funny?
People can’t reach that spot,
customers are disturbed…
This is not meant to be
Okay, Stefan! (Stefan): Number 85!
And you’re holding our products…
This isn’t the way we want it
Okay, then we’re quitting
(I want to ask if..)
Half mince beef and half mince pork!
– Guys! Stefan,
Here you go!
Here you go, here
everyone gets a consolation prize!
Everybody gets a consolation prize
Here you go, have some beef
Well, this is kinda getting out of hand
Stefan! We have to round up
We have to quit?
– Yes
Really? Ladies and gentlemen, the end of
the Bingo! Thank you!
Everyone, get out!
You can pay for your prize
at the checkout
Thomas said “Everybody wins a prize!”
So we have to give it actually
Yes, but we’re getting kicked out of the
shop, we have to grab our stuff
They’re not really happy that we did this
I understand,
we did cause a lot of inconvenience
But let’s get out of here
I have to say: Bingo successful!
Until next week!
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