15 Most Unusual Hotels In The World

Saxe verse presents 15 most unusual hotels in the world number 1 Bereshit hotel mitzvah and Ramon Israel the Ramon crater is the world’s largest natural crater in the world it’s 25 miles long 6.2 miles wide and 1640 feet deep and shaped like an elongated heart the crater is located in the Negev desert and the Bereshit hotel is set right on a cliff at the edge of the crater the hotel contains 34 luxurious suites with private pools a restaurant a spa the whole hotel has stone walls it is the only hotel located on the edge of a natural crater number 2 cash Lehtonen igloo West Village Resort in Lapland Finland it being outdoors in the freezing Arctic weather is your idea of a good time then you should consider visiting this resort each room is a glass igloo made of thermal glass which keeps the heat inside each igloo also has a luxury bed and its own private toilet the resort has the world’s largest smoke sauna and four restaurants two other restaurants are located in traditional Laplander huts the hotels restaurants serve a variety of l’atlantique specialties including char grilled salmon and reindeer number 3 featherbed railroad bed-and-breakfast resort California United States this is the perfect resort for train lovers this resort actually won an award for being Northern California’s most unique rural bed-and-breakfast the resort consists of nine themed decorated vintage railroad cabooses and they’re all located in a park-like setting the bed-and-breakfast has its own Beach Pier and boat launch right on the shore of Clear Lake each caboose is uniquely and elegantly decorated you will find another veteran breakfast like this anywhere else in the world number four 7:27 fuselage Hotel Manuel Antonio Costa Rica this is an absolutely amazing hotel that was made out of a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airplane when it was still in the air if it was used by Avianca airlines Columbia and South Africa air this is a very small hotel and contains only two bedrooms if you’re lucky enough to stay in the fuselage suite it’ll give you views of the jungle to make it look like you are actually flying number five glassy eyes Hotel Quebec City Canada this hotel is located just 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City if you’re planning to stay at the hotel you would need to do so in the winter because when the weather heats up the hotel disappears it’s because the entire hotel is made of ice it contains 44 rooms and suites around the hotel you’ll find huge snow vaults and crystalline ice sculptures since the hotel first opened in 2001 over a million people around the world have visited number six assure cliff Switzerland this is an amazing hotel that’s built right into the side of a mountain it’s a very private and peaceful place and the views are amazing what’s best is that the only way anybody can get to the hotel is by cable car with no direct access by vehicle you can be sure that your stay will be a relaxing and quiet one number 7 at reprieve as I’m Lucia France this hotel is not like your ordinary hotel and I know I just butchered the pronunciation but hey I don’t speak French anyway the rooms are transparent bubbles and each one has its own theme the hotel is set deep in the middle of the woods so you’ll have an amazing view of the forest and the star-filled sky at night best of all it’s not uncommon for the wildlife in the area to come right up to your bubble you don’t need to worry though the bubbles are strong enough to keep the most dangerous wildlife out number 8 sala silvermine sweden this is a very unique one because it’s located in historic sala silvermine one of the world’s best and most famous preserved mines to get to this hotel you would need to go down an elevator 508 feet underground the hotel itself is both rustic and elegant people from all over the world travel to sweden just to stay at this hotel number 9 giraffe manor roba Kenya of the 15 most unusual hotels in the world this is probably the most unique when many people think of Africa they think of the lions leopards elephants rhinoceroses and the cape buffalo one animal that’s often forgotten is the giraffe therefore the giraffe Manor was created to give these amazing creatures some recognition the hotel consists of 10 luxury suites where giraffes wander the grounds the highlight of the day at the hotel is lunch and dinner the windows in the dining room are opened and the giraffes will come right in and eat from your table number 10 hobbit motel Woodland Park New Zealand if you’re a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy this is a hotel you definitely want to visit the hotel consists of just two replica hobbit homes fortunately the ceilings are higher than the ceilings in the movie that’s so the taller guests can visit the hotel if it is a relaxing stay at a five-star hotel that you’re looking for this is not the hotel for you the hobbits from the Lord of the Rings they didn’t live the high life don’t worry though the rooms are still very comfortable very cozy and very clean number 11 the Magic Mountain Hotel in Chile this hotel looks like something right out of a fairy tale it’s located deep in Chile’s Julio Julio reserve the outside of the hotel looks like a gnarled wooden cone and it has a large waterfall cascading from the pinnacle located high in the sky all over the hotel are porthole windows peeking out all around the hotel there’s a wooden drawbridge that brings you to the hotel and it’s completely surrounded by an unbelievable biological preserve number 12 Sky Lodge the Sky Lodge is one of these scariest hotels on the face of the earth it’s located on a cliff in Peru and travelers sleep 400 feet in the air the pods you sleep in are transparent so you have a 360-degree view of the area around the mountain if you want to relax outside of your room there are mattresses and hammocks on the side of the mountain if you need some fresh air if you want to visit this hotel well you’d have to climb the face of the mountain to get down you would need to take a zip wire you have a really strong stomach to stay at this hotel number three utter in Sweden if you’re taking a vacation and you just want to get away from it all this hotel would be perfect it’s located in the middle of Lake mälar in’ in sweden the hotel is very small it consists of a cabin and a deck on a floating platform the sleeping area is accessible by a steep ladder and it’s located close to ten feet under the water while you’re laying in bed you can watch the marine life swimming by when you first arrive at the hotel you’ll be taken out by boat when you arrive you’ll be given an inflatable canoe and then you’re on your own you will find a more private place to stay anywhere else in the world number fourteen free spirit spheres Canada there are plenty of hotels in the world that claim to be treehouse hotels none of these hotels however can hold a candle to the free spirit spheres Hotel in Canada the hotel consists of three wooden capsules called spirit spheres they’re suspended by ropes high up in the trees of a private forest on Vancouver Island if you’re planning a stay at the free spirit spheres you might have to make your reservation well in advance it’s because there are only three spheres available the eve the Aran and the melody each of the spheres is surprisingly cozy and they all have a small electric heater purified water dispenser and everything you need to make coffee or tea the spheres are also wired so you can plug in your media devices and fill your sphere with music each of the spheres is different sizes and they each have different amenities the most expensive sphere contains a sink refrigerator and a microwave the only way to get to the spheres is on a suspension bridge that links to a spiral staircase that winds all around the trunk of the tree number 15 dog park in cottonwood idaho if you love dogs this is certainly the bed and breakfast for you the hotel is an enormous beagle it’s 32 feet high and 16 feet wide the beagles name is sweet Willy and you sleep right inside him there’s a double room for larger families located in his stomach and there’s a loft room located in his muzzle even better you can bring your dog the actual shape of the hotel was designed and created by the owners who are experts with the chainsaw many of the furnishings and the decorations located inside were also made by the owner and his chainsaw each of the rooms has a comfortable bed air conditioning and all the major amenities that you’d expect to find in a typical hotel after a stay at this place you can tell your friends that you slept in a dog subscribe for more [Music] member


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