#11 Pumba is back – Tokio Hotel TV 2017 Official

The second Outfit my whole butt
burst open.
Yes, I didn’t see it, but I heard it.
Did you see these already?
The new confetti guns?
But those really thrill.
Three and a half kilogram.
There will be a big boom tonight.
Come to daddy please!
Hello my baby dog.
Yo, Pumba you old boy!
Pumba stinks out of his ass!
That’s exactly the kind of dog I love.
Thank you sweety!
He is so attentive-
and I like that they are couch potatoes-
and a little slow
although he is very active
for an English bulldog.
He really just sits there
the whole day
looking at me.
I let him go
without leash
and he just follows me.
It’s so easy.
And they are so full of love.
and got so much expression
in their faces.
Like littles humans.
You little baby.
Exactly, we always fly with them.
They always come with us from America.
Come on. Get in!
We only got eight shows left.
Important media gig!
Easy sit back and relax
with these suits
These suits are very comfortable.
How are you?
Everything ok?
What about you back there?
All good?
And you over there?
You know,
somehow today is a very special show.
A lot of friends are here tonight.
Family is also here again.
I´m so  happy they are all here.
And Berlin is very special anyway.
I really love this city so much.
Ey! Two of my outfits broke.
Did you see that?
The second Outfit my whole ass
burst open.
Yes, I didn’t see it, but I heard it.
That was a good show, right?
Yes, it was all good. Was fun.
You don’t get a thank you today.


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