$10,000 World Series Of Poker MAIN EVENT Satellite!

join us in San Jose Costa Rica to play
the live cage event three eight thousand
dollar packages are guaranteed each week
on America’s card room
it’s Sunday you know what that means
Church time no I’m just kidding I’m not
going to church usually I’d be playing a
full schedule on America’s card room
including their 1 million in one dollar
tournament but I got some insider info
on an underground Green Valley Ranch 200
dollar rebuy first place is a 10k World
Series of Poker seat hosted by the
Kiwanis charity Club something I don’t
apparently somes going to charity and
the field is supersoft not many pros
know about this maybe 50 people will be
entering this tournament $250 buy-in
with hundred dollar rebuy ‘s for the
first hour I am ready to fire I foresee
getting heads up offering the other guy
$1,000 cash in order for me to win the
seat let’s see if this prediction comes
true at Green Valley Ranch a local
casino part of the station’s group let’s
get it
we made it to Green Valley Ranch poker
room is packed looks like there’s gonna
be a big turnout I might be the youngest
person in the casino that’s good that’s
good news for my profitability today
$250 buy-in $100 rebus for the first
level which is 15 minutes so we’re gonna
have to gamble I guess but I like the
fast structure I like putting the
pressure around people that are over
folding and it’s a lot more exciting so
let’s run up a stack it’s the final
table and really abuse all the scared
right now 50 mils lines county
productivity all right good luck players
here to show up India good luck
with blinds at 100 200 and at 25 aunty
under the gun 11 handed makes it 400 to
go under the gun plus one calls we’re in
the middle position with ace 8 of clubs
14,000 chips so we call three ways to a
flop the flop comes Queen eight six two
clubs can’t ask for much more than that
original RAZR checks first caller bets
he has 15,000 we raise it to 3400 under
the gun folds and 1,100 better snap jams
all in not the best situation but we’re
here to gamble so we put in the call
with middle pair and nut flush draw
he shows pocket eights nice flop the
turn is the nine of Hearts and the river
is the five of Hearts we do not improve
and we’re slightly covered so we have to
rebuy I elect four to $100 rebuy for a
total of 10k chips you can rebuy as much
as you want $100 equals five cage ships
very unique structure let’s run it up
with 15-minute levels and the blinds
pretty much doubling every level the
pressures on
at least for now 10 handed instead of 11
handed I elected to double rebuy again
for 10,000 more chips putting us at
23,000 chips going to fourth 400 800
on the first break one hour in turbo
that’s an understatement
in for a total of 850 dollars we got our
eye on that 10k WSOP Main Event seed for
first less than 60 people remain most
people have been rebind
a lot of this is going to charity so
let’s do good for the charity and do
good for ourselves Sunday at Green
Valley Ranch
the blinds at 1000-2000 the cutoff
raises to 4,000 were in the small blind
with 35,000 and looked out at an east
jack of spades you know we’re all in yes
for a count and makes the call he has
discovered the same opponent that had
pocket eights versus our ace eight he
shows pocket tens the flop comes ace six
seven two spades the turn is a 10
and the river is a eight of Spades I
believe we make the flush his trips are
no good
we now have 70 thousand chips it’s turbo
15-minute levels
with blinds at 1500 3000
we’re under the gun ace-king offsuit he
raised it up 6,000 to go middle position
flats off of a 20 mm stack everyone
folds and the flop comes Queen Jack ten
and two hearts bingo bango Bungo Vince
we bet four thousand to induce a shove
he does just that and shoves all in we
call and he shows us King nine of hearts
what a rigged flop the turn is a four
and the river is a five neither our
hearts and we now have a hundred
thousand going on second break lines are
about to be two thousand four thousand
we might be a chip leader with about
thirty people left
we have reached the final table of ten
two hundred thousand ships probably chip
leader blinds are about to be is seventy
five hundred fifteen thousand oh it’s a
turbo but I don’t how to show as long as
I don’t wake up with premiums I said
chip up really put the pressure on the
top five getting paid first place is the
10k WSOP seat second through fifth get
some random WSOP a circuit event tickets
not sure I can also buy out of the 10k
main event seed for $7000 other people
have already expressed that’s their plan
so I’m hoping to abuse that knowledge
and lock up that seat might have to pay
a little bit for a heads up chopped as
predicted let’s keep the pressure on and
dodged some coolers let’s get those
folds it’s a turbo let’s get some mains
with blinds at 7,500 15,000 were 9
handed at the final table I folded every
hand so far action folds to us under the
gun plus 2 and we have King Jack offsuit
only one person covers us so we shove
all in for 200,000 middle position calls
off his remaining three blinds 45,000
chips with ace Queen we’re heads up the
board bricks out and we now have 140,000
chips on break going to 10,000 20,000
let’s pick up some hands let’s get some
shoves through not much else we can do a
lot of luck at this point got a run good
those blinds at 10,000 20,000 I had to
fold through the blinds so we now have
105 thousand in the small blind the
cut-off calls all in for 8,000 we’re in
the small blind with King deuce off so
we shove all in the big blind has
120,000 and snap calls the big blind
shows King Queen off the all in 8,000
player shows Queen Jack off the flop
comes East 10 6 the turn is a 6 a lot of
chop outs but the river is a 4 we’re
barely covered and we’re out in 7th
top 5 pay for a total loss of 850
0% swap or action sold


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