10 Great games for 6 players

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great games for 6 players now like all
the lists I do this is about my personal
opinion so the games not on here it
could because I hadn’t played it it
could because I don’t like it the only
thing you need to know is that this is
mine and my opinion alone now 6 players
is a weird play account it’s usually way
too many for any heavyweight euro game
it’s slightly too many for most dungeon
crawlers and it’s not quite enough for
most party games so games like secret
hitler you really want 8 people or so and
playing something like caverna six
players sounds like torture to me so the
games have picked the ones I think that
really shy at that 6 player mark either
because it’s a critical mass to make the
game work well because they rely on a
lot of player interactions but first up
let’s look at some honorable mentions
the first honorable mentions are seven
wonders and between two cities now I
really like both these games but they
don’t necessarily shine more it’s 6
players than they do it’s a 5 or 7
another honorable mention is Magic the
Gathering now there’s a format in this
game called two-headed giant which I
really enjoyed playing back in the day
and now as we had two teams of three
battling each other back and forth I’d
also like to bring up the Star Wars LCG
at this time because it also worked well
on a two-headed giant format with one
side having a Sith Imperial Navy and
scum and villainy player matching up
against a Jedi Rebel Alliance and
scoundrels player now with those out of
the way let’s move on to my top 10
number 10 is an old game and it’s one
with a legendary playtime and that’s
now civilizations really good at 6 or 7
players but we found 6 gave you just
that little bit of expansion space and
we’ll room in the game it’s a serious
commitment to play a game of
civilization or the latter advanced
civilization both will run you 6 8 10 12
hours pretty easily but there’s
something undeniably majestic about the
game and with six players the trading
element really comes into its own
you see stacks of iron and gold cloth
and grain traded back and forth as well
as of many many disasters as six players
the disaster set all the time so the
game is incredibly chaotic definitely
not one I’d recommend for every
went out there but civilization is
arguably one of the first euro games
ever made and it’s something I recommend
everyone into gaming give us a go at
least once in their life if they can and
if they’ve got time and six or seven
people to play it with and a copy of the
game well though it has been recently
reprinted so that’s not as bad as it
used to be number nine is a game all
about chaos the more players you add to
this game the more chaotic it gets and
that’s Robo rally now a lot of the time
in Robo rally has spent programming your
actions and in revealing them and
carrying them out as your little robots
move around this factory of death
getting smashed into things pushed onto
conveyor belts and otherwise dismantled
and destroyed the more players you add
the less likely your plans are going to
come off and I found it five and
especially six players the game just
gets stupidly chaotic and it’s a lot of
silly fun that many players resolution
of actions can take a bit of time but
each action resolutions likely to cause
some chaos and flow on effects so
everyone will be captivated by what’s
happening on the table this really is a
hilariously fun game that you just can’t
take super seriously because if you do
take it too seriously playing of six
players and having your orders
completely screwed up will drive you up
the wall and onto a conveyor belt and
into a pit number eight is one of the
party games I think actually works best
at six and that’s code names and the
reason I think code names works best at
six is you have two teams of three one
person is giving the clues on each team
and two people are guessing now two is
enough for you to bounce ideas off about
what the clue suggestion is it’s not so
much you end up debating it like a
committee going round and round in
circles for a while with three players
on each team one giving the clue and two
guessing you have more opportunity to
get involved in the game then you do it
hire player counts it’s also a
remarkably affordable game that’s
available practically everywhere
I see this in book stores all up and
down New Zealand so there’s in New
Zealand book stores it’s probably
available at your local game store
number seven is my favorite hidden
movement game and that’s last Friday and
the reason it works well at six is
because one player plays the killer and
there are always five
camp counselors in this game you always
have to play with five so if you’ve only
got three players that means some people
are controlling two counselors the only
to play accounts it works perfectly is
that six and two and I think it’s much
better as a group activity it also means
that there’s an investment from each
person in their camp counselor no one
wants to be the one that gets thrown out
the killer to slow them down
you’ll end up with more arguing more
bickering and more survival horror
elements to the game as the killer
starts moving slowly around trying to
dispose of people you have a cool thing
that last Friday is it changes tempo in
most hidden movement games the hunter
and hunted don’t switch in last Friday’s
which is each chapter so where you’re
running from the killer in Chapter one
you’re actually trying to catch the
killer in Chapter two this means it’s
really for hand movement games in one
game and if anyone is eliminated they
just come back in the next act of the
game so even if you are taking out this
very little downtime and you’re still
involved in the overall tension of the
game in a way this game is quite fun at
any player count but six really is the
magic number for it next up is a game is
really designed for eight players but I
think it works best at six and that’s
captain sonar now the thing in captain
sonar is you’re supposed to have a team
of four people one is the captain who
decides where the submarine goes once
the radio operator who’s listening to
the other team and tracking down their
path so they can figure out where they
are but the other two players are pretty
much bookkeeping roles and if that’s the
only thing you’re doing one of these two
bookkeeping roles is actually not that
great if you can bind the two
bookkeeping roles into one player they
become a lot more busy and that position
becomes quite hectic and quite chaotic
and quite tense for that person because
the speed of the submarine is restricted
by how fast they can do things makes the
engineering responsibilities a lot more
integral and important and that players
role becomes as important to the
submarine as the captain or the radio
operator whereas before they’re very
much the third and fourth most important
roles it’s also a hell of a lot easier
to get six people together that it is to
get eight the captain so nas or
wonderfully unique game it does have a
sense of tension and a sense of wonder
that few games can evoke the real-time
each other aspect of the game is just
it’s just really well done well it’s not
a game I recommend everyone goes out and
buys because it just doesn’t hit the
table that often with that play account
it’s definitely what I recommend trying
out at least once to see if you like it
next up is one of the classic diplomacy
style games from a very very famous IP
and that is a game of Thrones 1st or 2nd
edition it doesn’t really matter I’ve
not played the mother of dragons
expansion for the second edition which
apparently solved some of the problems
this game has it lower player counts but
first edition with the expansion and
second edition really work best at 6
players you need Stark lannister Greyjoy
Baratheon Tyrell and Martell to be in
the game if one of them is taken out the
whole balance of the game just feels off
I mean you can play it by limiting the
map somewhat but it just doesn’t feel
right in a game without Martell for
example house Tyrell and house Baratheon
just have no pressure coming at them
from the bottom so they’re free to pile
on on House Lannister which is already
really exposed and in general as a
diplomacy game and what about alliances
and making deals it really needs that
massive players to work of course
there’s a commitment that it’s going to
take you three four or five hours to
play this depending on your group and it
does have a big problem of being a
complete pain in the ass to teach new
players especially as the gap between
very experienced players and new players
really can throw the game out but if you
have a group of comparable experienced
who know the game well enough and have
the time and commitment to play it to
the end and not walk out on turn 2
because their first attack fails yeah
this happened it can be a really unique
and rewarding experience but it’s
definitely not one to take lightly one
person playing for shits and giggles
while other players are playing to win
can’t completely throw the balance of
the game out so what I’m really saying
is in the perfect scenario
a game of Thrones is a fantastic six
player experience assembling that
scenario is up to you
next up is a game most people consider
one of the great games ever made and
that’s Twilight Imperium for Twilight
Imperium can work at lower play accounts
but six seems to be its magic number
something about the game being based
entirely on hexes probably at six
players the map feels the right size
there’s also a real tension about
getting to Meccatol rex first and
occupying it there’s enough space for
you to have two opponents on either side
II absolutely hate but you’ve made deals
with their three enemies and those
alliances can switch and change it also
means of the eight strategy cards two
aren’t getting picked each turn one of
the problems at four players is all of
them get picked each turning I can make
the game feel a bit off at six players
it feels like the epic galaxy spanning
conquest game it’s supposed to be with
that mix of diplomacy and interaction
that only happens at higher play
accounts and yet again it’s another game
where you need a lot of people but I
find Twilight Imperium is a bit easier
on the experience level then a game of
Thrones because it’s more dynamic in the
areas you occupy and control and a
player on their first game can still do
reasonably well as long as I understand
the basics of occupying planets and
building big ships they can end up with
a massive terrifying fleet by the end of
the game there might be behind in
victory points because they haven’t
focused on that but they can still be a
threat and feel like they’re
contributing or feel like they’re
powerful and that’s one of the cool
things about this game even if you don’t
play it to win super seriously and you
just want to build a big fleet and go
smash things that can still feel
rewarding and as though your time
invested in the game was worth it
speaking of twilight imperium for game 3
on the list is set in the twilight
imperium universe and that is rex only
kidding it’s actually Dune now for those
who don’t know Rex as a reskin of the
original Dune game and the June game is
about to be re-released for the first
time in a very long time Dune works
exceptionally well at 6 players not so
well at the other play accounts and the
reason for that is that there are six
very distinct asymmetric factions within
Dune that bring different things to the
table and each one that you take out
lessons the game somewhat lessens the
experience and lessens the immersion you
need the harkonnen and the Atreides to
have the presence of troops on the
ground you need the Fremen to make the
world feel like June
you need the Emperor for people to be
able to pay them a huge amount of money
to buy all the technology cards so they
can throw their wealth around and flaunt
it you need the guild to make it feel
like someone’s ripping you off to deploy
troops to the planet and you need the
Bene Geserit because simply put
they are one of the most clever factions
ever designed for a game with the most
unique victory conditions in any board
game and that’s that the Bene Geserit is right
at the start of the game can write down
who’s going to win and on what turn and
a Vegas right or more importantly if
they maneuver the game to the point
where that comes true they win the game
alone and that is just one of the most
brilliant pieces of theme and game
design coming together to create
something that feels so appropriate to
the Dune sitting but is also a
fascinatingly unique mechanic in a game
Dune’s core system might feel a little
dated by today’s standards and I’m gonna
guess that a lot of people when they
play it for the first time when the
reboot comes out are going to be
horrified by the combat mechanics but
it’s one of those games it’s a slow
tense burn all the way through of
shifting alliances back stabs betrayals
massive gambits that may or may not pay
off and really big dramatic moments i’m
really glad this game is coming out of
print and and i know i disrespected rex
but it has been good to at least have a
version of the game imprint and
available for people to play over the
last decade or so and while the Twilight
period theme isn’t anywhere near as
compelling for me personally as junus it
meant the game was not out of people’s
hearts and minds the 20 or 30 years
which it would have been otherwise
moving on with the theme of negotiation
we come to my number 2 game and this
game sit in one of my favorite settings
and all the board gaming the Android
Universe and that game is new Angelis
new Angelis is what I call a permission
game nothing really happens without some
form of agreement in this game the core
mechanics are relatively simple there
are regions in the city of New Angeles
that you the six different corporations
contestant each of you wants to be the
most profitable mega corporation in the
city and you might have a rival who you
want to outperform or simply just want
to make more money than everyone else
one person might also sold out the
corporations to the federal government
but but that’s kind of secondary each
turn one player will put up a card which
decides what the collective is going to
do this turn and then other players can
put up another card against that
eventually I’ll have two potential ideas
put on the table and the other players
who weren’t involved in placing those
get to vote with their influence on
which one takes place and this leads to
crazy amounts of wheeling and dealing
backstabbing finger-pointing and general
mayhem and discord amongst the players
because one person might be that traitor
and the traitor wants to sink the city
and cause it to collapse the wrinkle is
the person whose order is approved gets
a substantial bonus in the form of an
asset so while people might put up
really practical ideas you don’t
necessarily want them getting more and
more powerful so sometimes you might
have to vote for a compromise or a
second solution because you don’t want
the person who’s got the best card on
the table getting yet more wealth
because they could be your rival or you
suspect they could be the traitor so the
whole game is as diplomatic back and
forth of rivalries in the face of a
common threat so you can’t let things go
entirely the policy of the traitor but
you really want to be outperforming
everyone else and the way to do that
best is to be contributing for the city
but not contributing so well that you’re
miles ahead of everyone else because
then they’ll gang up on you it’s a
delicate intricately woven game that
with the right group of players will be
a fascinating and rewarding experience
and finally the number-one six player game
on this list which takes a lot of the
themes that I’ve explored in other games
of trading wheeling and dealing and a
lot of busyness going on and that is
siderial confluence now I’ve heard of
people playing this at nine players and
that blows my mind how
chaotic and crazy their game would be
but I think six is about the manageable
level where there’s enough interaction
going on and enough chaos and enough
potential for everyone to be able to
make really good trades during the game
now if you don’t know much about Sidereal
confluence I have done a video on
it but it’s entirely a trading game
between up to nine different alien races
who have completely different strengths
and weaknesses their economies are built
very differently and you’re all trying
to work of each other to gain the
maximum benefit for yourself to become
the power that contributes most to the
galactic society as a whole and you do
that by trading cubes back and forth
resource cubes and you can trade
technologies you can trade anything in
this game and because the races are so
distinct and varied and their economies
work so differently and they have
different needs wants and production
abilities you end up with these
fascinatingly bizarre asymmetric trades
with conditions like I’ll lend me five
resources and I’ll give you two a turn
for the next four turns well I’ve got
these amazing things that would produce
a lot of resources for you but I can’t
run them myself so you have to trade
them off me and give me something so you
can run them and there’s another race
that produces specific resources that
can be used for anything but they
produce very few of them so these
resources are worth substantially more
than a standard resource of the same
size and they have to turn those rare
valuable resources into more plentiful
resources so that they can run their
generators and create more it’s entirely
positive interactions next to nothing in
the game is coerced it’s all trading
wheeling dealing it’s high energy high
chatter a back and forth mess of cubes
flying back and forth and people going
oh I don’t know that don’t know that’s a
good deal you wouldn’t mind giving me an
extra cube for that and then you look at
around desperately for someone else
who’s got the same thing that this
person is trying to stonewall you on
there’s something profoundly unique
about Saudi riyal confluence its
gameplay how it makes you feel and just
sheer madness and scale complexity and
weirdness of the game it’s truly unique
experience if you’ve got six people and
they’ve got the time and inclination to
learn a reasonably complex game that
involves a hell of a lot of horse
trading yelling and begging for cubes I
absolutely recommend giving Saudi riyal
confluence ago all right that’s my top
ten list of games that are great at six
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