1 ngày thử ở trong Resort Top 3 Châu Á (Oops Banana)

Hi guys! It’s me, Banana. Today I am standing in one of the best resorts in Da Nang.
It’s InterContinental resort.
Also one of the 5-star resorts here.
It’s located in a quite far place from the center of Da Nang about 20 kilometers.
The scene around here is impressively beautiful.
Let’s come inside now.
Right in the first place, there’s a board above. It’s written “Monkey Bay”.
It means Vinh Khi in Vietnamese.
This resort is ranked among 3 top resorts in Asia and 15 resorts over the world.
Cool, isn’t it?
Let’s see how it makes this place get into those top.
I’m waiting for Google crew. They are having check-in done for me.
We can look through here. It’s a beach.
This is isolated place so you won’t find any houses nearby.
I did run from the center through the mountain pass. It’s full of twists and turns.
While you’re waiting for check-in turn, some cups of drink are served for you.
They’re on the house.
Let’s what’s written in these papers.
My room number is 539.
Two cards included. You can read from here, my name is Pham Van Du, room number 539.
Some first introduction words.
They offer abundance of different services.
Such as, bar, gyms, spa…
also clubs. A lot of them.
This is map of this resort which is similar to one in Hoi An so that you won’t get lost.
Of this place located in nature reserve, please make sure to close balcony doors carefully,…
which avoids the insects or monkeys’ break-in.
The monkeys are still somewhere in this place guys.
In Hoi An, speaking of lizards. In this place, speaking of monkeys.
So you have to lock the door carefully, or else the monkeys will break into your room.
Say hello to your new roommates!!!
Look at this thing!!!
Welcome you to our house, Monkey Mountain!…
My name is Cheeky Monkey and I’m living next to you.
I’d love to visit my neighborhoods but I come in a very unexpected way.
Therefore, remember to close the door when you’re not in the room and don’t leave food outside.
One more thing, my family hesitate to stay in front of camera….
so keep distant to us when you want to take a picture of us.
Enjoy your wonderful day! Cheeky Monkey signed.
Don’t get your camera close to monkey. They’ll steal camera from your hands.
Guys! I’m on the way to my room.
There’s a electronic car here. Maybe it give a drive.
Woossi is sitting in front of me.
And now, it’s driving us to our rooms.
– We’re close to…
– 539
– 539. So I drop first.
– Come upstairs and room is on your left.
Yes, thanks.
Let’s get forward.
539. This is 540.
I’m coming upstairs.
It’s summertime now so the flamboyant are definitely blooming
I see something flying over there. I’m not sure whether they’re dragonflies or not.
539… 539. This room. It’s time for card swiping.

Open the door. What’s staying there?

Oh God! This desk is for a chairman.
Two beds toward the sea and that’s also view looking into the sea.
That’s me in the mirror and my camera.
I take you around here.
There are two double beds in my room.
I don’t know how much it is. I’ll check it later. Based on what’s written on app, it’s more than 10 million VND.
I’m not sure how much exactly it is.
And the outside… Open!
Don’t forget to lock this door, or else the monkeys will come to you.
A tea kettle here.
It’s used to make hot drinks.
We can make some tea or coffee and enjoy them with landscape.
A monkey over there.
It’s right there. Do you see it?
They were right about monkeys around here.
So I have to remember to lock the door so that they can’t come into the room.
Absolutely, I don’t want to get inconvenient by these monkeys.
Let’s switch to other things guys.
I once stayed in Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.
It was great to be there. However, when I came this place…
there’s something greater than hotel in Singapore.
Now I close the door so that the monkey can’t get in.
Even lock the door, or else they can open as simple.
This place has its unique design.
And this side… What’s inside?
A conical hat. It’s also a place for clothes.
Kind of electric socket and much more under.
That cameraman turns to be my boss in his new seat.

Oh!!! A letter of thanks to me.
My name’s here, Pham Van Du. Signature of vice chairman too.
Also there are some cakes for light meal.
Coffee is free to use.
Where is my fridge?
These books are mainly focused on this resort’s activities.
I think there is a fridge here.
Not here.
Ah!! We have an ironing board if we want to iron clothes.
A safe, a clothes iron and a clothes.
This resort absolutely has a pool. I’ll swim when it’s cool outside.
OMG!!! A toilet is the same as a palace.
I can piss or expose things here.
This is a sink.
It’s really… Oh!! The water is so cool.
A towel was prepared to clean hand too.
Hand-washing soap.
It’s toolbox, I guess…. Ah!! It’s a dryer.
They even offer a dryer. How convenient!!!
And on this side, for bathing.
I experienced onsen in Japan too.
But this bathtub has a strange design.
From this place, we can look through the sea.
It’s the sea.
This toilet is amazing. OMG!!!
Here… It’s opening.
It’s a hidden route connecting to the main place.
For example, you can hide yourself in this place and lock it.
– Such an interesting design.
– You can put clothes here and dress after bathing.
It’s an interesting experience to me.
That’s all around my room.
Wonderful, isn’t it? Now I think I’ll come to other services.
Such as swimming or other places. Let’s explore more of them.
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It’s rare chance to live in such a luxurious place.
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And now, let’s come outside and stay tuned. More places are waiting there.
Hey guys! After searching on Internet, I’ve found price of room here.
I’m reading an article about this place.
Price is from 400 USD to 3000 USD. It’s equal to 9 million VND to over 70 million VND.
This resort once welcomed heads of governments of APEC members.
For example, Singapore goverment, Prime Minister of Japan and other famous people for their trip to VN.
And my room is… I’m looking for it. Where is it?
My room has 2 queen bed. It means that two small beds guys.
This is mine and my cameraman is lying on the other bed.
And we have scene of ocean. Price is 16.5 million.
That price is available on traveloka.
And price is normally 22 million.
For 1000 USD. Pretty much.
The breakfast is free.
I’ve been recording video and now I feel tired.
It’s noon now and I close the curtain to get it cool.
Tonight, I think….
I’ll swim later and have dinner in this resort.
I’ll review food tonight and now it’s water time guys!!!
Hey guys!!! I’m on swimming suit. They give me this thing.
Let’s go swimming.
This bag is of the hotel too. It looks useful to store some belongings for swimming.
Let’s come there guys!!!
“Heaven” means thien duong in Vietnamese, it’s where I stay in.
Should we experience this place by walking there? We just don’t know where it is.
To reach the pool, we need to get the main lobby first.
Ah!! Car’s coming.
But it’s reserved.
As you can see, they have some resident sections.
There are 4 rooms in one section as usual.
The price is 22 million.
Approximately 1000 USD.
The price also varies from place to place.
The highest price is 3000 USD, approximately 60-70 million VND.
I have no idea where the highest place is.
It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s worth indeed.
Actually, I can’t afford this place.
I just have this chance by attending Google Adventure event.
In reality, I never think of living such a luxurious place.
After walking for a while, I managed to reach the main lobby. It’s where I stepped on in the morning.
It’s a monkey with a awkward pose of peeing.
How peculiar it looks! Look so funny!!
Let’s find the way to pool.
Oh! Ship-shaped elevator.
This monkey did freak me out.
I’m in an elevator.

It feels like we’re in a ship. Slowly getting down.

Feel like a cable car.
Stairs are on the right. I could walk there but I chose this cable car instead.
This is cable car indeed, not an elevator.

I’m coming.

We’re on the sea level.
I did check the spa service. It’s quite expensive.
Some are up to 4 or even 6 million VND.
The cheapest one I found is 1.4 million VND.
40 minutes of massage.
Hot stone massage service costs 4 million VND.
I joined in many climbing activities with Google crew.
Quite tired of that. But when I see the price, suddenly I’m fine then.
Cinema, really?
A lot of services guys.
We’re on the way to the pool.
Where am I going? It’s sea.
This hammock looks cute.
It’s so sunny now, we can’t swim in this sea.
Keep going nowhere like a maniac.
This place is large indeed.
While walking, I just recognize this bar. They place strange-looking fan system. Do you see that?
Dangling and you feel cool when you’re sitting under.
Now we’re coming to the pool through this staircase.
Let’s see how beautiful the pool is.

Here…. Here we are.
This pool…. Without those trees, it would be pretty like infinity pool in Singapore. Beautiful.
Okay! I think I’ll stop here.
Start recording this place for you.
Let’s swim guys.
It’s sunny now.
Let’s get in this pool guys!!
It’s 4.30 AM but why’s it so sunny?
– It’s 5 AM late.
– 5 AM?
Sunny and water seems warmer than usual.
Maybe we’re in high place, like in a pot.
A hot water pot.

Now Mr. Nam has another challenge for foreign friends.
I’m recording what they’ll be doing.
He has challenge for the other 4 people, including Woossi, my cameraman, one German and one Taiwanese.
5 people of 4 countries. They’ll compete in diving from there to that point.
This competition is to find who is the best in diving.
Who will be the winner? Leave your answer in comment below.
I need to clean the lens.

Okay!! It’s better now. I think I’ll support Mr. Nam.
2, 1!!! Start!!!

Come on!!!
I don’t see anyone’s head.
If one’s head rises, he will fail.
They took one deep breath and keep diving. You see them?
Ah! One failed.
It’s my cameraman.
Woossi failed. Two out of race.
Mr. Nam….
The German guy.
Winner is the German.
Mr. Nam is the second place.
Hey… Not yet.
The Taiwanese guy finished first.
And second place is for German guy.

You’re great guys!!!
I had a trip to Ba Na hill with Google crew this morning.
I’m back to this resort again.
I’m coming for my breakfast.
This is buffet site and I need to grab food by myself.

While in toilet, I ran into Mr. Quang Vinh.
He usually reviews hotels and restaurants.
I need to grab some food first.

Guys! It’s my breakfast here.
A dish of many different food, including sushi, sashimi, Korean beef, Japanese pork and much more.
If you want to eat Pho, Mien or Banh Uot, they will get food warm for you.
This is Korean beef bone stew.

This one is delicious.
Dimsum is also available.
This is sashimi.
Dimsum and dumpling.
They all meet my taste so I don’t need to dip in sauce.
A piece of Asian sea bass.
If you want to eat something, get in there and ask the chef to make it for you.
Cameraman ordered his own food, Omelette egg and they made for him.
You can also book a table out here to enjoy your breakfast.
It’s a place that enables you to witness the scenery. 7 people can sit here at maximum.
Sitting here to enjoy the view.
Some people are eating their meal on my right hand.
Just 5 tables are available.
Time also has its limit. You only sit here for 30 minutes.
Sitting here, you can enjoy food with scene of sea and mountain.
Such an interesting experience!! I just stay here for a couple of minutes and have to get back then.
I let you see around this luxurious place through this video.
I hope that you like this video, don’t forget to click like button to support me.
It’s time for check-out now. See you guys in next videos.
And now… Bye bye!!!!
See ya!!!


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