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hello friends welcome to a new tutorial
about how to win a lead from Busan
Adrian the founder and CEO roulette how
to win calm now as you can see here I
want to show you something which it
might help but I don’t think that this
is much important how much money you can
make or how much money do I have in my
account fault of gambling at Roulette
now in this tutorial I would like to
show in you and explaining you the power
of using Skrill Neteller PayPal bank
account or credit card for cashing out
money from casinos in our screen and
Neteller these two services works with
most of all casinos online so what is
very important for you is to use this
server this services because when you
will gonna dealing to cashing out money
from casinos is very important for you
to have more ways in which you cash out
money from casinos and I’m telling you
that because you need in particular
cases you need to have more ways in
which you can cash out
I will not suggesting you to use only
one service to cash out as you can see
when you’re dealing and playing in one
casino for example and you’re cashing
out money from a casino you need to know
that that has you know have a history so
in the moment you’re cashing out money
from let’s say William Hill calm casino
if they having an history paid on one
service like your bank account for
example in that case they will have the
giving you your history monetary
winnings to IRS so it’s very important
for you to not give Commission’s from
your payments from your winnings now
because I’m in Romania in my country I
didn’t pay it till now commissions from
my earnings from casinos but there is
some laws in which if you cash out much
more money you need to pay the taxes for
this money so it’s very important for
you to divide these winnings when you’re
cashing out money from casino so use
Neteller use trill use paypal credit
card so try to not cash it out always
from one service because in the moment
you cash out only from one service they
will have a history and they will send
you or send to your law enforcement your
winnings so let’s not do that so avoid
that for making money now in this
account which you can see here I have
75,000 run at least means or $30,000 in
mine so $30,000 which I’m not cashing
out one time as I have explaining you in
previous tutorials to not cash out from
casinos and not get shot more than 3000
euros or 3,000 unites but on screen you
can let your money there because it’s
not a problem it’s a bank it’s an online
service bank so it’s not a problem but
try to cash out from different services
money when you cash off from casinos
in the moment you possess this money
cash out the same way as you cash out
from casinos so you cash out ten
thousand five thousand six thousand when
you go to the bank and you’re cashing
the up the money
if you cash out an amount which is
bigger than ten twenty thousand they
were gonna ask you where this money come
so it’s important for you to not cash
out ten thousand twenty thousand I don’t
know how the regulary system is in your
country because might be something else
in your country it’s not surely that is
the same way as you have in different
countries so it’s possible that your
country have different legacies legal
issues but try to cashing out less money
than your government ask you for paying
taxes now for many years I didn’t pay my
taxes because I was cashing out I didn’t
have the possibility to give my
Commission’s to my taxes okay so I
didn’t pay taxes for many years because
it was a mountain small amounts of money
but now because I’m selling and renting
luxury apartments of course I become
illegal so what I mean legal when you
win money on roulette it’s not fair that
when you lose money at Roulette nobody
gives you nothing so when you cash your
money from roulette they want
Commission’s they want that you pay
taxes so in my idea was not fair that
that thing okay so for many years I
didn’t pay taxes from my earnings
because why should I pay taxes when they
didn’t give me money when I lose money
at Roulette all right so
fault of that I discovered that when you
have a legal business you don’t have to
make anymore problem with Commission’s
because you pay your taxes and that’s it
now in my case because I sell renting
and buying luxury apartments only then
when I was buying the luxury apartments
I started to pay my taxes so because
nothing no one told me that you need to
pay taxes I didn’t pay taxes so what I
mean that when you use crille when use
PayPal when you use bank account try to
cash out withdraw money less than your
government asked you for Commission’s
because I don’t know what by in my in my
country if I cash out 3000 4000 until
ten thousand euros I can cash on without
paying taxes so all the transaction more
than ten thousand euros it’s asking me
for paying the taxes now this is
something which I don’t know exactly in
your country how it is but remember that
this is something which you need to find
on your own now as you know I teaching
you how to beat roulette I am very good
I’m a roulette professional gambler for
11 years now so I’m very good in
understanding roulette and beating the
casinos but now as taxes and commissions
you need to pay this is your problem and
you need to see to study to search a
little bit
what is your requirement in your country
all right this is something very
important now let’s talk about the
roulette I told you that I am NOT a
promoter of casinos as you can know I
will never telling you play via this
on this casino because I am NOT an
affiliate with casinos my goal is that
you make money from casinos this is my
goal so I want you that you make money
from casinos winning at roulette but you
need to understand that first of all you
need to buy one of my programs now these
programs as you can see is in three
parts the first one is 550 euros the
second one is two thousand and five
hundred euros and the third one which is
most important is five thousand euro now
you see this information is basic on the
algorithm of roulette there is no more
mechanical roulette any who let you are
playing but online or life it’s
electronic which with Sansa now if you
have studied my YouTube channels you’ve
learned about this algorithm about these
sensors and I’ve learned you tons of
ways in which lead is working now the
most important program is the 5000 euro
the third one DVD anatomy of roulette
now here there are two parts so as you
can see you have the possibility not
right now to pay two thousand and five
hundred euros for the DVD first part and
you can after you pay me the rest of two
thousand and five hundred euros I giving
you the second part of the DVD now the
first part is the theory and the secret
you will gonna learn the secret of
psychology you need to have and you will
gonna learn exactly what I’ve discovered
in 16 years I started roulette what I
have discovered about the mistake
roulette are making so in the first part
you will learn that one which is the
most important the defect of let the
mistake roulette are making so one of
your study that you see that then we go
to the next level now the last level is
after you send me the 2500 euros which
until five thousand I will giving you
sessions created and made it with my
students so like that you will gonna see
my students in real-time how they are
playing and we need on the left on real
money now in the past I’ve shown you
tons of strategies and plays games which
I’ve made in real money on my own but
what I’ve discovered is that there are
messages who I received at yes Adrian
you are making money but I don’t make
money I don’t understand how to make
money so they have asked me to see
students how they play to understand so
because I’ve become very good in this
training giving you the training I
realized that there are many of you who
love to see how not I am winning how
others students winning so this is why I
create the second part of the DVD where
is only real sessions live sessions with
my students you feel without my students
and how they are playing and making
money in the second part of the DVD you
will gonna see something which is
unbelievable from 300 euros winning in
one session to 4,000 euro winning in one
session now of course this depends on
you how faster you will gonna learn and
you will become but I have a student
which is one year now my student and
right now he is winning 4,000 euro per
session is something unbelievable
because I I didn’t make when I was
starting to play a roulette
professionally I was playing with 10
my earnings was maximum 3000 euro per
month imagine that this guy this student
he’s making 4,000 euro per session which
is totally different and it’s better all
right so it’s better than me
is easy
much good than me right now this student
so this is what you will gonna see
inside the DVD now if you wanna say that
Adrienne I am NOT able right now to pay
5000 euro I’m not sure that I’m
confidence I don’t trust you anymore or
I don’t trust you let’s start with the
550 euros now what I suggesting you if
you want to start with the 550 euro a
program is that you will gonna make 50
euro per day with a balance of 550 euros
now I tell you that for one month but of
course for me this program is only to
showing you that I play something
different so in my cases maximum one
month you can play with this program the
first one now the second one which is
two thousand and five hundred euros is
eight formulas basic on the DNA formula
which with 150 euros you were gonna make
in the first month 1000 euro in the
second 3000 euro from 1000 to 3000 and
after that I don’t suggest you to play
all three months because if you make
some mistakes it’s something bad for you
because you don’t understand you don’t
have my training so what I’m suggesting
you with these two first two programs is
to start a little bit to play to see
that I’m playing something else so I’m
not talking about martini la bouche and
Fibonacci DS these all strategies this
stupid strategy who doesn’t work I’m
talking about real professional
strategies formulas so your goal must be
to have at least the the first step 2500
euros and to take the DVD because the
DVD will giving you all the possibility
to understand everything about red now
in the DVD 5
you know I have the secret above
roulette so this is the most important
secret because like that you will learn
and know how what roulette mistake
making alright so remember if I can make
it with my help you can make it soon
remember to use creel Neteller PayPal
and different services to cash out money
from casinos don’t cash out only money
from one service because like that if
you cash out from one service only you
risk that you will gonna be advised by
law enforcement’s IRS that you need to
pay taxes they are very smart because
they want that we pay taxes but when we
lose money at left nobody gives us
nothing so it’s not very evil for you to
making money and quickly to pay taxes so
make money once you are inside members
area were explaining you how it works
and how you will gonna do it and I will
explain you everything good luck my

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