– Legoland Hotel Scary Emergency Fire Evacuation! Legoland Hotel and Restaurant Tour
– [ Christina ] Put your shoes on. Don’t worry about your..
– [ Josh ] Did you get the baby?
It’s 2:00 in the morning and the fire alarm is going off.
Hurry, Koi.
– Oh here comes the fire truck, dad.
– [ Christina ] Oh my gosh, look!
– [ Josh ] What?
– We’re going to Legoland!
– Look over there.
– Lego bricks!
– And guys there’s hotel rooms so we may be staying the night here.
– [ Josh ] Are you kidding me?
– Oh gosh, we’re at Legoland.
We’re in Legoland, Roswell.
– We’re in Legoland!
Yay we’re going to Legoland.
We’re going to Legoland!
– [ Josh ] Are you serious?
– Hey!
( Music playing )
– Open the door!
– Oh gosh.
– We had this delivery today it’s from the Lego Batman!
He asked me to give that to you.
Do you know what these papers are? Who is a good reader?
– Oh my gosh!
– You get to go to Legoland?
You guys are super lucky!
– [ Josh ] Hey guys, he hooked us up with a room here.
We get to stay here tonight!
– Have fun!
– Guys I can’t believe we’re staying at Legoland!
– Legoland!
– Woo hoo!
– So we’re gonna go check out our room and check out this hotel.
And then uh, I guess maybe tomorrow we can go to Legoland, huh?
– Wooo!
( Music playing )
– [ Josh ] Oh man we gotta go through the knight and the pirate guy.
Look at that dragon up there.
– [ Josh ] Guys, go stand by Batman.
– [ Christina ] (Laughing ) It says,I love Batman!
– K everybody go stand by him, William.
K. 3, 2, 1 cheese.
Look at me.
William look at me. Cheese.
Look at me.
I think mom’s excited to be here.
– I’m so excited. I love legos!
– Let’s go see our room, let’s go see our room!
– Okay
Welcome to Legoland.
K guys, room 3057, Tayden.
– Yeah.
Look he’s painting that picture, Tayden.
– [ Christina ] Oh my gosh that’s the Legoland Chuck a Rama!
– Yeah.
Ta Da!
Guys. We’re staying in Legoland hotel!
Are you so excited?
– Legoland!
( Laughing ) Christina
It’s a dream come true.
It says they have a pool.
Oh Harley Quinn.
Well we got the Joker already.
I guess we’re gonna be going on some rides so let’s see.
– William!
– [ Josh ] Oh Nikoi can go on everyone too!
– William can go on just about everything.
– [ Christina ] Oh he can’t go on Bionicle.
– Mamma! Mamma! Mamma!
I can go on these!
– [ Christina ] Oh my gosh you can do the driving school!
– [ Josh ] K we’re taking our first Legoland elevator.
– Let’s dance!
( Music playing )
Best elevator ride ever!
– [ Josh ] You kids have been really good at helping us
uh, figure out how to get here.
Can you guys find where room 3057 is?
– Um let’s see.
– [ Christina ] Look behind you.
– [ Josh ] Oh look at that. There’s a key.
– Wait.
– So we’re looking for 3057.
Which way do we go?
– This way!
– 3057.
– Ah.
– Wait.
– 3056.
– We’re on the next one. Right here, right here.
– 3057.
– [ Josh ] What?
That’s us?
K Tayden take the key.
Figure it out Mr. Superhero.
Top secret mission.
– Where do I stick it?
– I don’t, hold it up to it.
Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no.
No, no, no let me. No!
No, no, no.
No close your eyes.
Let’s have them close their eyes.
Mom you’re gonna have to grab the door.
Okay guys come on in!
– Oh my gosh!
– Whoah!
– Oh my gosh!
– This is awesome!
– We have bunk beds!
– There’s bunk beds, with a tv!
There’s a monkey in our room!
– Spiders!
Spiders in the bathroom!
– Oh there’s a spider in the bathroom.
Oh man!
– And there’s a scorpion!
– [ Josh ] Guys, hold on look at me everybody!
– We’re in Legoland!
– Are you serious!?
– Yeah!
– Are you guys freaking out?
– We’re in Legoland!
– [ Christina ] There’s legos!
– [ Josh ] Show me the bunk beds!
– There’s 3!
– There’s a pullout bed?
– Oh one I can sleep on!
– I call the top bunk!
– Tayden come check out the bunkbed though.
– Oh gosh!
– Bunk bed!
– That is awesome!
– Mummies!
– Mummies!
Oh my heck you guys got your own little TV!
Egyptians had TVs. Right Christina?
– Sure, why not?
– Who needs a TV in Legoland anyways?
– We’re, we’re sleeping here!
– Woo Legoland!
– [ Christina ] Is this the coolest hotel you’ve ever seen?
– Oh yeah!
– Guess what?
Guess what?
– What?
– I got some news for ya.
– What?
– What?
– We’re not just staying here tonight.
We’re staying here for 2 nights!
– Woo hooo!
– Nikoi!
Give me high five!
I love you!
Tayden, I love you!
– We’re in Legoland!
– Don’t sleep on the Egyptian’s head though.
Wiliam, I love you, buddy!
– Mummy, mummy!
– No that’s, mommy, mommy is over here.
That’s oh you mean..
– Mummy, mummy!
– Mummy.
Okay so Christina should we see where we’re sleeping?
– Oh I want to sing and jump on my bed.
– Look oh they got this roller.. Oh no there’s cockroaches in here, guys.
– Oh.
– There’s cockroaches.
– Look at that monkey.
– Tayden look.
William, oh are you giving the monkey a hug?
– Oh no there’s a spider.
– Oh there’s a spider in the bathroom .
– That’s the cockroach I was talking about.
– And a scorpion!
– Oh gosh that’s a giant scorpion.
– Hey look this is where we put our hats.
– Where’s the spider at ?
– It’s right there.
– Ahhh!
Oh no they’ve thought of everything.
And then there’s a scorpion on the wall.
This is so cool
This is me and your madre’s casa.
– Oh my gosh look at my bed!
– Jump on your bed, Christina!
– Oh.
– Mommy, mommy look. Look at that guy.
– Oh my heck.
– Look at him.
– [ Christina ] That is awesome.
– [ Josh ] This is where Christina and I will be sleeping and probably Roswell.
– The pharaoh and the pharaohess.
– The baby pharaoh.
– [ Tayden ] William look at this guy he looks mean.
– [ Josh ] William’s not excited at all.
Look, oh look at this.
Dude that kind of looks like Batman of olden age.
– [ Christina ] ( Laughing ) That’s the Egyptian Batman.
– [ Josh ] That’s the Egyptian Batman.
– [ Josh ] We have Indiana Jones sleeping in here and then we got a TV. Sweet.
And a butterfly.
There’s a lot to discover here, guys.
And uh, we better just kinda gander and take a look around and see what we can find here.
At the Legoland hotel in California!
– Woo!
Are you serious?
– [ Josh ] William’s freaking out.
Christina there’s more than 2 pillows on our bed.
– Yes we don’t have to share one tonight like we did last night.
– Yay!
Nikoi is um, Nikoi’s throwing a fit she wants to go home.
( Laughing )
Just kidding!
Oh my heck
( Laughing )
– Tayden.
– What?
– I love you, buddy.
– [ Christina ] Whoah that’s Legoland. Show the map.
– Oh my heck we’re gonna be doing that tomorrow!
– [ Tayden] Hey but this is the hotel?
– Yeah, I don’t know.
– Ninjago world is right behind us, mom!
– [ Christina ] What is it?
– [ Josh ] There’s a Ninjago world.
– [ Tayden ] Right behind us!
– [ Josh ] We’re gonna go see it tomorrow!
( Laughing )
– Yay, yay, yay, yay.
– [ Josh ] William they have a Ninjago land!
– Woo!
– Woo!
– Give me five.
What if we get to meet the Ninjago lego dudes?
– Yeah.
Batman in the morning.
– Hopefully we meet Batman too, huh?
– We literally drived to California.
– Who does that?
( Laughing )
– [ Josh ] I love you.
Hey listen I love all you guys.
Let’s have some fun here at Legoland.
– Yay!
– Woo. Yeah.
– [ Josh ] Come on. Cartwheels.
– Watch this, Koi.
One handed.
– We’re getting back in the party elevator.
– The disco elevator.
Nothing but disco music.
– K go stand by mom.
K here we go.
( Everything is Awesome, playing )
– [ Josh ] Bricks restaurant.
K here we are. Bricks family restaurant.
Recipe book by, kids.
Can you guys say Bricks restaurant?
– Bricks restaurant.
– [ Josh ] We gotta buffet going on in here.
Look guys.
William got meatballs, pizza, carrots, mac and cheese, broccoli and oranges.
Mandarin oranges.
Does that look yummy?
Okay eat it all up.
Nikoi got her food.
What did you get, Nikoi?
I got clams, we’re gonna try clams!
– Clams?
– And um I got some meat.
– You got some turkey and meatballs.
And her favorite.
Honeydew a grape and oranges.
– Tayden ate all his food but that’s what’s left of it.
Here’s my dinner.
Looks delicious doesn’t it?
Oh yeah.
– Um do I eat the inside?
– [ Christina ] Yeah put the whole thing in your mouth.
If you don’t like it you can spit it out.
– [ Josh] William and Nikoi eating mussels for the very first time.
Straight out of the ocean.
You gotta just stick it in and start chewing it.
– [ Christina ] ( Laughing )
– [ Josh ] William.
– [ Tayden ] I’m glad I didn’t try that.
– [ Josh ] William do you like it?
You like it, William?
– Yeah.
– [ Christina ] They’re good.
They’re just kinda chewy, huh?
– [ Josh ] Nikoi.
You didn’t like it, huh Koi?
– [ Tayden ] What do they taste like?
– [ Josh ] What’s wrong with it, sweetheart?
What didn’t you like about it?
– It’s taste.
– Did it taste funny?
Did it feel funny in your mouth?
– It tastes funny and it was chewy!
– You’re so funny.
What did you think, buddy?
You liked it?
Are you still chewing it?
You can chew that for days.
Tayden went and got himself a Root Beer float.
And holy. Mom got two plates of food.
– I didn’t want to have to go back and they’re like closing so I’m like I’ll just hurry and food.
– Oh I know I should go get more if I’m gonna.
– Everything looks really good.
– Why don’t you guys come here real quick?
K so we’re just eating dinner here at the Bricks restaurant and we found some people that actually recognized us.
Tell us your names.
– Jake.
– Jake.
– Emma.
– Jake and Emma?
Where you guys from?
– Arizona
– Arizona?
Well it’s nice to meet you guys.
We appreciate you guys coming up to say hi to us.
Are you guys having any fun here?
– Yeah.
– Have you been to Legoland yet?
– Oh yeah.
– Yeah like many times.
– It’s our third time.
– Oh really?
What’s your favorite thing about Legoland?
– The roller coasters.
– Yeah.
– The roller coaster?
– Yeah I would say the park.
– Well cool we’re gonna g o to the park tomorrow so maybe we’ll see you guys there?
– Yeah.
– Hey do you want to say hi to anybody or..
No just yourselves?
– Yeah pretty much.
– Okay well thanks for saying hi.
– Bye.
– There’s Legoland.
– Wooo!
– [ Josh ] William what do you think?
– [ Christina ] It’s that close. All we have to do is walk out our door and we can go to it.
– [ Josh ] We made it!
How convenient is that?
– I know. Walk out the back door and we’re here.
– Like seriously we can come back to the hotel if we need to go potty.
Or take this baby down for a nappy.
– Or Rossy to nap, huh?
– Oh poor guy.
– He is like so excited he can’t contain himself.
William is just running like a crazy maniac.
I’ve never seen him this wild in my life.
– Or.
– [ Christina ] He’s so excited.
– He’s running like a super excited kid at Legoland is what he’s doing.
I’m excited.
In fact..
– Josh has been running around like a crazy person too.
– When we got to the hotel room and I turned the camera off,
I actually had some uh, water in my eyes.
– Josh was so excited to come to Legoland he decided to shed a few tears.
Look at your son.
– [ Christina ] I have never seen him like this, ever!
He loves it.
– [ Josh ] This is his favorite thing in the world.
– If you guys are gonna come to Legoland, you need to come while your kids are young.
Like William.
That’s when they just love it so much.
– [ Josh ] Like that.
– [ Josh ] Look at the hot air balloon and the uh, blimp up there.
Nikoi are you having fun?
Look there.
William. William.
He won’t even listen.
– [ Christina ] No like he’s incoherent.
He is overstimulated.
It was nice meeting Jake and Emma.
That was so cool. Thanks for coming up and saying hi.
– And if any of you guys ever run into us make sure you say hello so we can say hi back.
– Yeah don’t be scared of us.
Just because I have a beard, don’t be scared of us.
– It is scary.
– Yeah.
Guys what is that?
– Monkey.
– That wasn’t there.
– Yeah it was.
– No, no, no that paper and pencil.
– What the?
– What the heck is that?
What does that say, Tayden?
– Lego Hotel treasure hunt.
Find the answers to the questions below to unlock the treasure chest in your room.
– What?
– Guys.
– Oh it’s in there!
– [ Josh ] Yeah, oh that’s like a little secret treasure box.
Okay so we’re gonna do the little Legoland treasure hunt.
– Yeah.
– Where we going first?
– Um it says down to the castle play area.
– Castle play area, okay.
– Okay what do we have to find there?
– How many torches are on the castle in the castle play area?
– Look guys!
– [ Josh ] This is the coolest elevator ever.
Yeah one.
– Okay here we go.
Get your wiggles out.
– William go over by them.
( Music playing )
– [ Josh ] Disco party every time.
– We’re trying to see how many torches are on this castle.
– [ Josh ] Okay so that’s what the torch looks like.
– [ Tayden ] 1, 2 , 3. That’s three.
4 and 5.
– [ Josh ] 4 and 5 .
What’s the next one we’re looking for?
– How many lego flower pots are located on the reception desk?
– Reception desk.
– What’s that?
– That’s where we came in.
– Let’s go.
– [ Josh ] K so look.
I found a flower pot.
K so what’s the next clue, Tayden?
– Um it says.
How many mini figure magicians are located by the entrance of Skyline Cafe?
So that’s over here.
– Magician.
That’s one.
– Oh we’re looking for magicians.
K so we found one.
That’s a sailor guy.
K those aren’t magicians. Those are cool though.
There’s two of them?
– Yeah.
– Okay, oh we found the other magician.
Right there.
– How many lego palm trees are located on Skyline Cafe’s patio?
– On the patio, oh so that means we gotta go out through here.
We found the, the palm trees in the patio.
– Where did mine go?
– I got it.
– Oh thanks.
– So this is what we were looking for and how many is there, Nikoi?
– It’s 5. 5225. Let’s go!
– That’s it? 5225?
– Yeah.
– K William let’s go, buddy.
Don’t. That guy is looking at you right there and he doesn’t want you to do that.
– Why?
– Look at that guy right there.
That lego guy. He’s watching you.
William is just loving this, guys.
K we gotta get down.
Come on we gotta go.
– K open up.
– Open it up.
– Muscles.
– [ Josh ] We got all the numbers right?
And now Nikoi’s type, put in her number.
– 3, 4,5.
– Nikoi you missed it. It’s on 6.
Go down one.
– [ Christina ] What’s the answer?
– 5225.
– K now I’ll go.
K William, your turn.
– Now do 2.
– No, no, no wrong one.
The third one.
– [ Josh ] You guys are acting like that’s a bomb.
– There. Stop, stop, stop.
– Whoah!
– [ William ] I’ll hold the money.
– [ Josh ] William wants the money.
– Guys I can’t see.
– [ Christina ] Is there money in there?
– I got two.
– [ Christina ] There’s money! Secret treasure!
– [ Josh ] Cool. So this is the treasure that we got. What, what is it, Nikoi?
– So we got legos and some money.
– Let’s take a gander at it.
Oh wow.
Are they all the same?
– Yeah.
– [ Josh ] They’re all the same?
– Maybe.
– Oh guys look it’s actually chocolate.
– [ Josh ] You know what? I think you need this guy for tomorrow.
– Why?
– [ Christina ] There’s a thing called, Mini Figure Trading .
– [ Josh ] Yeah you’re gonna want to take that guy tomorrow, with ya.
– And you go into the park and I think anybody that works there can trade, you can trade mini figures with them.
– K.
– Does that sound fun?
– [ Josh ] Holy, what a day, mom.
I think I’m all treasured…
Ironically I’m stepping on legos.
This reminds me of home.
I think I’m uh
treasure hunt / top secret missioned out.
Officially, Christina. I’m tired!
– I know I’m so tired.
– I’m tired.
Hey are you kids tired at all?
– No.
Oh crap.
Look at his squeezy goodness.
Are you excited to be at the Legoland Hotel?
You are?
Look how squeezy and squishy this little baby is.
Oh no don’t squeeze and tickle me too hard.
This little kid.
He’s like, freedom. I haven’t been out of the car this long for 2 full days.
Roswell’s excited to be here.
We’re all excited to be here, huh?
But now we’re gonna get ready for bed.
It’s bedtime huh?
– Because we are going to have a crazy, awesome, super fun day tomorrow!
Huh, baby Ros?
Are you gonna be a good boy tomorrow too?
He is such a good baby.
We are so blessed.
– [ Josh ] William?
Has this been like one of the best days ever?
– Good. Best days.
Super good.
– Are you excited for tomorrow?
– Yeah.
– I don’t think William’s gonna be able to go to sleep.
– [ Nikoi ] Me neither.
– Tayden.
Tayden this has been so fun.
– Are you excited for tomorrow?
– Yeah.
– Okay . You look tired, bud.
Nikoi there’s a guy behind you.
– There is?
Oh yeah.
Nikoi what do you think about the last day or 2?
– Um it’s like the best day of my whole entire life!
– [ William ] Guys.
Alright guys. That’s gonna be it from the Dyches Fam.
We’ve had an amazing 2 days.
Except we’re worn out.
But tomorrow is gonna be fun so we’ve got to get some sleep.
Or we’re not gonna be able to have fun tomorrow, right guys?
William tell the Dyches Fam, goodnight.
– Goodnight Dyches Fam.
– Give them a peace sign.
Tayden goodnight.
Tell the Dyches Fam goodnight.
– Goodnight.
– Peace out and thumbs up. Good night!
K guys goodnight we love you and we’ll see you guys tomorrow.
Peace out Dyches Fam from Legoland in California.
We love you.
See ya tomorrow.
– [ Christina ] K put your shoes on.
– [ Josh ] Did you get the baby?
It’s 2:00 in the morning and the fire alarm is going off.
Just throw this jacket on.
– [ Christina ] We have to go down the stairs.
– [ Christina ] Tayden go get the door.
– [ Josh ] It’s okay. Stay to the right.
K hurry, Koi.
– [ Josh ] ( Laughing ) This is not they way we were..
– Oh here comes the fire truck, dad.
– What the heck?
– Have I ever told you that William has a life long fear of fire alarms?
– Yeah he hates..
– Well kids you’re never gonna forget this trip.
– That was scary, huh?
It’s okay. It’s just trying to keep us safe.
– [ Josh ] Did somebody pull the fire alarm?
– Hey. Who got up in the middle of the night and pulled the fire alarm?
– I didn’t.
– Not me.
– I was sound asleep.
– [ Josh ] Maybe it was the Joker, Christina.
– Oh that stinker.
Okay apparently it was a false alarm.
We’re headed back in the building.
That is not how you want to get woke up on vacation.
Or ever for that matter.
That was so loud. Like my ears are ringing.
– Yeah Roswell didn’t even cry.
He was braver than you, dad.
– Oh I know.
Was that crazy?
– I know.
– Did that get your heart pumping, Tay?
– Uh huh. I was scared.
– Nikoi.
Was that scary?
– Em hmm.
– Yeah that was, that was a little bit nerve wracking.
Right, mom?
– Yes.
I can’t remember what I was gonna say I’m so tired.
– Like I get up and I’m like, what’s going on?
Christina’s like get your stuff and get out of the room.
– He was like looking at the fire alarm.
I’m like, no we have to get out.
– I was like how do you turn this thing off?
How do you turn this fire alarm off? It’s so loud.
– There’s gonna be a lot of tired people at Legoland tomorrow.
– Holy crap.
– But whatever it was they let us in really quickly which was a surprise.
Cause usually they have to do like a whole sweep of the building.
Before they can let everybody in.
And it was super fast.
– We’re wondering if somebody pulled the fire alarm.
– Yeah they can probably tell that, huh?
– Yeah.
But the fire department, there was a fire truck that pulled up.
A fire truck dude that got out and went and checked stuff out.
– I’m glad the ground didn’t burn up.
– Yeah luckily the ground wasn’t broken and big giant hole.
Cause fire would do that.
– William.
– And water.
– [ Christina ] And water?
– [ Josh ] William. Was that scary, dude?
– Yeah.
– Did that hurt your ears?
– No it’s still ringing, now.
– It’s still ringing now?
Oh my gosh.
– Seriously though, William has a lifelong fear of fire alarms.
And so of course that happens to us.
– Love you Roswell.
– Like if there was a real fire that would be so scary.
But I mean maybe we should just get ready and head over to the park.
– Hey are you guys ready to go?
2:20 in the morning.
– Was that enough sleep?
I’m.. don’t think so.
I’m having a hard time with words right now.
K mamma lets get these kids back to bed.
– Let’s go to bed.
And hopefully that doesn’t happen again.
– Holy crap. No.
– Good job, kids.
Hey that was really smooth though.
Like you wonder like what kind of chaos there would be if there was a fire.
And like it was really smooth.
It went really quickly .
Everyone was nice. I’m glad.
It wasn’t mass hysteria.
Time to hit the hay.
See you guys in..
See you.

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