Полуакустическая гитара EPIPHONE CASINO

Hello friends! My name is Aleksey
Inshakov, and today in this video we’ll examine
this EPIPHONE CASINO semi-acoustic guitar.
The body of this guitar is made of
laminated maple with
basswood bracing, the neck is mahogany,
the fretboard – rosewood, 22 frets.
The guitar is equipped with two P-90 pickups.
They are the same size as humbuckers,
but in fact they are powered singles,
so you can hear a little feedback playing with overdrive.
Therefore they create more interesting…
blues or rockabilly sound.
I think this is like cherry on the cake.
The guitar is equipped with
traditional electronics: 3-way pickup switch,
two volume knobs, one for each pickup, and
two tone knobs, to control sound
of each pickup separately.
Let’s listen to the pickups.
The neck pickup – first, then – pair,
and then – the bridge one.
The body of is instrument is very similar
to Gibson ES 335 body,
but, unlike Gibson, it doesn’t have
a central part, which protects
the sound from feedbacks
with high volume instruments. And due to this,
it has a hollow and more volume body.
More deep. At the same time it has
thinner body, not the same as the most
of jazz guitars have, that’s why it is
quite convenient… but has volume sound.
This instrument was released in 61st year,
and became a hit between
many popular musicians at the same time.
Beatles played it, Rolling Stones and
many others. It is quite comfortable,
if has thin body
that’s why, jazzmen didn’t like it.
But rock-musicians did.
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